The Procedure For The Determination Of Fees For Residential Home Maintenance And Management

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā nosakāma maksa par dzīvojamās mājas uzturēšanu un apsaimniekošanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 135, Riga, 22 February 2005 (pr. 10. § 18) the procedure for the determination of fees for residential home maintenance and management are Issued in accordance with the law "on State and local residential privatization" 50. the second paragraph of article 1. determines the order in which residential home manager determines the apartment, artist workshops and not habitable room owner (hereinafter referred to as the apartment owner) fee for residential home maintenance and management until the apartment owner or with the owner of the housing agreement between the authorized person making the referral and act taking over the management of a private home.
2. the fee for a residential home maintenance and management for each apartment owner, calculated in proportion to the apartment property in joint ownership interest in accordance with the Manager dialed expenditure for the calendar year.
3. If the owner of the apartment used dwelling property business and this causes additional load of the residential home life and the quality of the environment it is approved certified real estate appraiser's opinion, the apartment owner should bear the additional expenses that these steps resulting in a residential home in the maintenance and management.
4. the fee for a residential home maintenance and management of the housing property is calculated the total area of the square. The amount consists of residential home management and the laws or contractual minimum payments. Fees for residential home maintenance and management is calculated using the following formula: I = + Iobl Iap, which — (I) the fee for a residential home maintenance and management;
IAP: residential home management;
Iobl-laws or contractual minimum payments (for example, a special tax on land ma rental fee).
5. Pay for a residential home maintenance and management in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 4, the expenses can include residential home insurance costs (A) and the Manager's profit (P).
I = + Iobl + A + Iap P 6. Residential Home management expenses (Iap) is calculated as follows: Iap = 1 x 12 Iu = Iu Plm Is + It + Ip that Iap-residential home management expenses (lats a month for housing property in total area square metre);
IU — residential home maintenance requires expenditure (LVL);
ISA — a residential home and adjacent areas of health care expenditure, for example, pay for janitors and cleaners work, pest extermination, disinfection, transport costs ($/year);
ITU — residential home maintenance and service expenses, such as district heating and power supply systems, water and sewage system maintenance costs, additional costs of measures for residential homes, which have more than six floors, ensure compliance with the requirements of būvnormatīvo, the savings in residential home repair and emergency prevention (lats);
IP — residential home administration costs, such as administrative buildings (premises) maintenance (repairs, payments for services) or rental costs, stationery, postage and bank charges ($ per year);
PLM-residential home apartment property in total area (m2)-home inventory file in a residential home in an area specified in the light of the Loggia of the applicable coefficient of 0.5 for the area, balcony and covered patio area-factor 0.3.7. If residential home management the right to take over the company or the owner of the apartment by apartment owners in mutual agreement authorised person, residential home manager is responsible to transfer the new residential home manager unused provisions for residential home for repair.
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 26 February 2005.