Rules On The College Start-Up Criteria

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par koledžas darbības uzsākšanas kritērijiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 134 in Riga on 22 February 2005 (pr. No 10 17 §) rules on College activities issued in accordance with the Education Act, article 24, third subparagraph 1. determines the College start-up criteria. 2. apply for registration to the college education from the registry if it meets the following criteria: 2.1. its founder owned or at least five years there you the College premises total area and design provides the ability to implement quality first level professional higher education. At the same time ongoing training during one the student for not less than 4.5 m2 classroom;
2.2. the College founder, owned or held in the movable and immovable property value is not less than LVL and it not 180000 mortgaged or otherwise encumbered with rights in rem;
2.3. not one of the founders of the College is not a tax or Government social security payment of debt, not one of the College's founders have not been declared bankrupt, being wound up, its economic activity is not stopped or interrupted, not initiated proceedings on the College's founder, winding up, insolvency or bankruptcy;
2.4. the premises of the study programme is implemented, are insured against fire for at least risk. The insurance contract is concluded for a period not less than one year;
2.5. the College has the necessary equipment to educators could supplement the learning process with text and image projection, as well as learners could use a computer learning;
2.6. the College's library, which contains the course learning necessary literature and newsletters, is the connection to the global computer network (internet connection) to provide access to Latvian and international periodicals, electronic literature and items required for the independent, scientific and research work. 3. College of education sought for registration in the register, if its staff meets the following criteria: 3.1 College Director has a master's degree or equivalent degree, a minimum of five years teaching experience and at least five years of experience in the executive position;
3.2. the College's academic staff have doctoral or master's degree;
3.3. professional study programme profile subjects occupying the post of Assistant Professor at the person with the higher education with degrees or higher education without degree, if it has the appropriate pasniedzam object for at least seven years seniority in practice;
3.4. the post of Assistant lecturer and occupy the persons with higher education with degrees or higher education without degree, if it has the appropriate pasniedzam object at least five years ' seniority in practice. 4. the application for registration, before the college education register its founder contracts concluded with the planned college academic staff and the College. Prime Minister a. Halloween the Minister of education and science in place cultural Minister h. demakova