Naturalization Rules Of Governance

Original Language Title: Naturalizācijas pārvaldes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 137 in Riga on 22 February 2005 (pr. 10. § 24) naturalization regulations issued by the Administration in accordance with the law of public administration facilities 16. the first paragraph of article i. General question 1. The Naturalization Board (hereinafter the Board) is the Minister of Justice under the supervision of an existing direct regulatory authority implementing State policy in the field of citizenship of Latvia.
II. Administrative functions, tasks and competences 2. Administration take the citizenship law and other Latvian citizenship issues regulations governing certain functions.
3. in order to ensure the performance of the Administration function performs the following tasks: 3.1 examine the submissions of the person of persons belonging to the Latvian citizenship under the Citizenship Act, art. 2, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, as well as to article 3.1, a decision on the membership of Latvian citizenship of the person or of the termination of the application;
3.2. the person on reception of applications for citizenship through naturalization in order and prepare for submission to the Cabinet of Ministers, the draft legislation on the award of the Latvian citizenship through naturalization order or decide on naturalization denial;
3.3. organizing the constitutional framework of the Republic of Latvia, the text of the national anthem, the Latvian history test material and Latvian language proficiency testing materials for persons who wish to claim Latvian citizenship through naturalization in order, and provides the necessary training AIDS and methodological preparation;
3.4. checking for persons who wish to claim citizenship of Latvia natural order of sation, the constitutional framework of the Republic of Latvia, the text of the national anthem and Latvian history knowledge, as well as the Latvian language skills;
3.5. personal appearance waiver applications from Latvian citizenship, shall decide on the acceptance of the person of Latvian citizenship is lost or a refusal to acknowledge the person of Latvian nationality lost;
3.6. appearance test cases for Latvian citizenship deprivation, decides to end the test case or bring a court action for deprivation of citizenship of Latvia;
3.7. the appearance of people of Latvian nationality applications for renewal;
2.4. appropriate competence shall coordinate the integration process of the country;
3.9 according to the competence participates in policy planning documents and draft legislation, as well as provide opinions on the other institutions the law drawn up projects;
3.10. inform the public about government action.
4. The Board has the following rights: 4.1 external law cases to issue administrative acts;
4.2. external legislation in certain cases, to request and receive from private management function required for the implementation of the information and documents.
III. Management structure and the management of officials 5. work led by the Chief of Government.
6. the Chief of administration after the approval of the nomination of the Cabinet of Ministers is appointed by the Minister of Justice. Administration boss released from the post of the Minister of justice based on the Cabinet decision. The Administration Chief in the absence of his duties by the Minister for Justice appointed Administration Chief ad interim.
7. the Commissioner shall Administer public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions.
8. the administrative authority constitutes the Chief internal organisational structure.
IV. Administration of justice activities and reporting the actions of Government 9 rule of law provides the regulatory Chief. The Chief of Government is responsible for the Authority's internal control and management decisions for the creation and operation of the system.
10. the Administration is entitled to cancel the Chief Administrative Officer's decisions or internal regulations issued by the administrative process in the external governing regulations.
11. Government officials issued the administrative act and the officer or employee's actual action of an individual may be challenged by submitting the submission management process manager administrative regulatory outer law prescribed, if external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified.
12. Administrative Chief to succeed administrative provisions and the actual action of an individual may challenge the Ministry of Justice in administrative processes governing external laws and regulations in the order, if the external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified. The Justice Ministry's decision can be appealed in court.
13. The Board, not less frequently than once a year, the Ministry of Justice submitted a report on the regulatory functions and the use of budget resources, as well as laws and regulations be prepared within a public annual report.
V. closing question 14. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 21 November 1995, the provisions of no. 351 "naturalization rules of governance" (Latvian journal, 1995, nr. 185; 1996, 177. no; 1998, 283. no; 1999, no. 25; 2001, 60 no).
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister s. Āboltiņ Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions by 26 February 2005.