The Procedure For The Grant And Paid On The Birth Of A Child

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir un izmaksā bērna piedzimšanas pabalstu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 166 in Riga, 8 March 2005 (pr. No 13, 20) procedures for granted and paid on the birth of a child Issued pursuant to State social benefits law article 15, first subparagraph, first part of article 16 and article 17, first and second subparagraphs 1. determines the order in which granted and paid on the birth of a child (hereinafter benefit), benefits and its review procedures.
2. the benefit is 100% of 296 late-infantile pūriņ (annex) monetary value.
3. Benefit statement by the Cabinet of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of welfare, according to the State budget, assessing the economic situation in the country, and taking into account the Central Statistical administration determined the average actual consumer price index.
4. to receive the allowance, the claimant or his authorized person in any State social insurance agency chapter: 4.1:4.1.1. written requests for the granting of benefits;
4.1.2. the registration of births, deaths and marriages for the authority of the fact of birth registration or, if the child is born in a foreign country – foreign com petent authorities issued a document on the fact of birth registration;
4.2. presentation of: 4.2.1. identity document;
4.2.2. the child's birth certificate;
4.2.3. term, if the benefits required by the authorized person.
5. A foreign country issued the document certifying the fact of birth registration (hereinafter referred to as the foreign document) shall be issued in Latvia document attesting the fact of registration the child is born, if it meets the following requirements: 5.1 the foreign document contains information about the birth place and time;
5.2. the foreign document is added to the State language law in the third paragraph of article 10 in accordance with the procedure prescribed by a certified translation into the State language, except that according to national law, the language of article 10 quarter foreign document can accept and consider without a translation in the language of the country;
5.3. the person who served the document, foreign laws as have been completed, the legislation and international treaties established procedure, document issued by the relevant foreign country attesting to the authenticity.
6. If the benefit requires the guardian, in addition to the rules listed in paragraph 4.2 below documents presented in the document on the establishment of the custody of the horse.
7. the decision on the grant of benefits adopted in national social insurance agency of Department according to the applicant's declared place of residence.
8. If all the benefits the granting of the necessary documents have been submitted to the State social insurance agency in the section corresponding to the applicant's declared place of residence, the State social insurance agency chapter these documents examine the one working days following their submission. 
9. If required for the granting of benefits in all documents have been submitted in another State social insurance agency Division, rather than according to the applicant's declared place of residence, the State social insurance agency chapter these documents examine the 10 days following their submission.
10. the national social security agency refused to grant the Department benefits: 10.1. If a person does not comply with the State social benefits law laid down in these provisions and in the conditions for the grant of the allowance;
10.2. If the applicant does not submit the benefits and does not display the State social insurance agency these provisions in Chapter 4 and 6 documents listed.
11. the decision on the award of the benefits, or justify the refusal to grant an allowance to the State social insurance agency benefits the Department shall notify the claimant in writing and specify the procedures for appeals and contestation.
12. If the fault of the beneficiaries is unduly received benefits, beneficiaries must repay the amount voluntarily or it is deducted from the national social benefits, payable to the beneficiaries in the coming months, and that are allowed to make deductions.
13. If the beneficiary does not reasonably amount of benefit received shall not be refunded or State voluntary social benefits is interrupted before the debt is extinguished, the amount recovered, to travel to the Court of Justice.
14. If the recipient of the allowance of benefits provided it is not timely received, the State social insurance agency, the Department of the amount paid to the beneficiaries without a time limit.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister d. Staķ is the Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 16 March 2005.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 March 2005, regulations No 166 baby pūriņš (value specified in current prices in January 2003) no PO box
The subject matter of the Same average price (Ls) one child quantity (PCs.)
Value ($) 1.
Cotton Cap 4 2.84 0.71 2.
Flannel Cap 1.19 4.76 3 4.
Knitted skullcap 2.55 2.55 4 1.
Cotton Sweatshirt 4th 5.12 1.28 5.
Flannel Sweatshirt 4th 7.20 6 1.80.
Cardigan 1.99 7.96 4 7.
Rāpulīt a 2.15 8.60 4 8.
Fleece costume 8.36 8.36 1 9.
Wool socks 1.34 2.68 10 2.
Disposable diapers (pak) 6.62 3 packages (56 PCs./package) 19.86 11.
Bedding Kit 10.36 20.72 12 2.
Towel (big) 6.24 6.24 13 1.
Pillow 4.16 4.16 14 1.
Sega 6.73 6.73 15 1.
Mattress 23.35 23.35 16 1.
Baby bath wash 6.69 6.69 17 1.
Baby Crib 53.78 1 53.78 18.
Carts 104.42 1104.42 total ($) 243.72 296.02 Welfare Minister d.-Staķ