Rules On Medical Institutions Register

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par ārstniecības iestāžu reģistru

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 170 in Riga, 8 March 2005 (pr. No 13, § 34) the rules on the treatment register issued by the authorities in accordance with article 9 of the law on the treatment of 1. determines the treatment institutions register (hereinafter register), and topping the agenda. 2. The registry is part of the national information system, which contains details of all medical institutions in the country, irrespective of their form of ownership and belonging. 3. the registry administrator, and is the health statistics and medical technologies State Agency (hereinafter the Agency). The Agency provides information and technical resources and information. 4. the registry has the following objectives: 4.1 to provide national statistics statutory requirements in health care by creating, maintaining and updating the medical institutions of the single information database;
4.2. ensure the ability to use information about the registered medical institutions. 5. The registry specifies the following information: 5.1 treatment services;
5.2. the commercial register, the registration number of the registration certificate, date of issue and expiry-company;
5.3. the medical treatment person's first and last name, a self-employed installer or the individual State revenue service's registration certificate number, its date of issue and expiry or period of validity of the certificate – self-employed person or the individual Installer (also a physician practice);
5.4. the details of the medical institution (the State or local authorities who are shareholders in the relevant medical institution) — State and local commercial companies;
5.5. news about the hospital's action shape (such as a joint stock company, limited liability company, a self-employed person, the individual Installer);
5.6. the hospital's legal address, phone and fax numbers, electronic mail address;
5.7. the hospital's own Department, the number of registered and actual address (if different from registered address), telephone and fax numbers, electronic mail address;
5.8. the medical authorities and its own business unit manager's first name and last name;
5.9. the particulars of medical institutions and its own profile in the departments;
5.10. news about the hospital's compliance with laws and regulations concerning minimum requirements for medical institutions and their departments, also issued by the conformity assessment certificate series (number), date of issue, period of validity, the estimated number of the Department or Office. 6. the authority shall be recorded based on specific sample submission (annex 1). The application fills in the hospital's Manager or his authorised person. 7. the hospital's application for registration shall be accompanied by the rules referred to in annex 1 of documents (copies). 8. If all these rules have been submitted in the annex the following documents (copies), the Agency shall inform the medical establishment and the examination of the application, pending receipt of the required documents. 9. Treatment Services Manager is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. 10. the agency within five working days after receipt of the application, it shall consider and take a decision on the hospital's registration or refusal to register the treatment. If a decision on refusal to register the medical establishment, the agency within three working days after the decision to send the relevant medical authority, indicating the reasons for its decision. 11. the decision on refusal to register the treatment the Agency adopted in the following cases: 11.1. treatment of false statements or documents;
11.2. all these provisions have not been submitted in the annex the following documents (copies) or they are not completely and within 30 days after it is submitted requesting additional information;
11.3. the documents submitted do not meet the regulations on data protection or the document presentation requirements. 12. the Agency's decisions can be challenged in the Ministry of health and the judicial review of the administrative procedure law. 13. after the hospital's inclusion in the registry Agency is one of the working days during the hospital's Manager or his authorised person shall issue a certificate (annex 2), showing the assigned medical institutions registry code. 14. Treatment Services register code consists of nine marks: 14.1. hospital's registry number the first four characters indicate the hospital's affiliation with the relevant territorial unit of the Republic of Latvia for the administrative and territorial units;
14.2. the hospital's registry code, the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth sign indicates a hospital's affiliation to the respective territorial unit in a particular area or city. 15. If there have been changes to these terms in the information referred to in paragraph 5, the medical establishment within 10 working days after the change occurred shall inform the Agency by submitting a notification pursuant to the provisions of annex 3. 16. The notification shall be accompanied by changes to the supporting documents (copies), referred to in annex 1 of these rules. 17. the hospital shall be deleted from the register if: 17.1. to fulfill the State Statistics Act requirements and up to 1 March of the current year did not provide the Agency with the statistical report on the hospital's activities for the previous year;
17.2. the medical authorities for registration provided false statements or documents;
17.3. the medical establishment during the year after registration do not start operation to the specified address. 18. the information in the registry agency not less than twice a year, compared with the commercial register, the Latvian Association of doctors physicians practice registry data, as well as with the national compulsory insurance agency. 19. the Agency shall provide the information contained in the public registry. Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister g. Smith annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 8 March 2005, regulations No 170 Health Minister g. Smith annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 March 2005, regulations No 170 Health Minister g. Smith annex 3 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 March 2005, regulations No 170 Health Minister g. Smith