Annual Vehicle Mileage Accounting Procedures

Original Language Title: Autotransporta gada nobraukuma uzskaites kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 209, Riga, 29 March 2005 (pr. 16. § 18) annual vehicle mileage tracking order Issued in accordance with the law "on the road" article 23, first subparagraph 1. determines the order in which the annual mileage of road transport accounts for public road and municipal roads outside built-up areas.
2. the annual mileage of vehicle inventory includes: 2.1 traffic records at certain road sections;
UR2.2.vid internal 24-hour traffic intensity determination for each vehicle category;
2.3. the annual mileage calculation.
3. the annual mileage of vehicle records to the public road, take the national road service, but on local roads – the respective municipality.
4. the annual mileage of vehicle records every year, make the following auto transport categories: 4.1. passenger vehicles with less than 10viet;
4.2. lorry laden mass not exceeding three tons;
4.3. goods road transport vehicles;
4.4 goods road transport vehicles with trailers;
4.5. tractors with semi-trailers;
4.6. the buses.
5. Every five years the annual mileage of vehicle records to the public road, this rule 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6 of the vehicles referred to in subparagraph categories in addition to the distinction between the following types of vehicles: 5.1. two-axle trucks; īsas of trucks;
5.3. a four-truck;
5.4. two-axle trucks with full trailers;
5.5. two-axle trucks with a cavity accommodating Triaxial trailers; īsas of trucks with full trailers; īsas of trucks with a cavity accommodating Triaxial trailers;
5.8. other trucks with trailers;
5.9. two-axle tractor with single-axle trailers;
5.10. two-axle tractor units with two-axle semi-trailers; īsas tractor with single-axle semi-trailers; īsas trucks with two-axle semi-trailers;
5.13 other trucks with semi-trailers;
5.14. two-axle buses; īsas buses.
6. traffic accounting, traffic data by autotran port categories obtained: 6.1. using automatic traffic counting equipment;
6.2. using Visual traffic accounting method.
7. annual vehicle mileage for each road category, calculated by multiplying the average traffic intensity (number of cars per day) in a certain period with the stage road length (kilometres) and the number of days in the year.
8. Data regarding road traffic authorities will travel the previous year shall be submitted by the relevant authorities in the national road service until 1 March of the current year.
9. The national road service collects data about road traffic to State and municipal autoceļo his knees last year and the current year to December 1, submitted to the Ministry of transport.
10. the annual mileage of vehicle data collection about this rule referred to in paragraph 4, the vehicle categories shall submit to the Ministry of transport in the European Commission once a year, but for this provision, referred to in paragraph 5, the road every five years.
Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs a. PABRIKS traffic Minister, child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 2 April 2005.