Export Promotion Council Charter

Original Language Title: Eksporta veicināšanas padomes nolikums

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/105451

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 223, Riga 2005 5 April (pr. 5. § 17) export promotion Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration facilities of article 13 of the law i. General questions 1. Export Promotion Council (hereinafter Council) is collegial, the coordinating and advisory body established to provide export promotion Pro gramm's 2005-2009 (approved by Cabinet of Ministers of 14 October 2004 order No. 755) (hereinafter the program) performance monitoring. 2. the composition of the Council with voting rights are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education and science, the Latvian employers ' Confederation, the Latvian investment and development agency of Latvia Chamber of Commerce and industry, the agrarian economy of Latvia, the Institute of the Ministry of transport and Ministry of agriculture. 3. the composition of the Council in an advisory capacity is a Latvian business consultants Association, Latvian Builders Association, Latvian electrical engineering and electronics industry association, Latvian information technology and Telecommunications Association, the Industry Federation, the Latvian Association of commercial banks of Latvia, Latvian chemical and pharmaceutical business association, Latvian technology park, Center and business incubator Association, Latvian transit business association, logistics and customs brokerage associations, engineering and metal processing industry entrepreneurs Association Small and medium-sized enterprises and Crafts Council, Federation of food enterprises and light industry association representatives. 4. the functions of the Secretariat of the Council is carried out by the Economics Ministry. II. the Council functions, tasks and rights 5. Council function is the export promotion policy coordination between the bodies involved. 6. the Council shall have the following tasks: 6.1. implementation of the plan of the activities of the programme for the monitoring and control;
6.2. the programme's annual action plan approval;
6.3. the necessary amendments to the plan of the activities of the programme;
6.4. the programme for the implementation of the plan in the next year budget required the approval of the request. 7. the Council shall have the following rights: 7.1 according to competence to cooperate with State and local authorities, legal and natural persons, as well as with foreign institutions;
7.2. to request and receive from government institutions, private sector and non-governmental organizations of the Council required to publicly available information;
7.3. invite to participate in the meetings of the Council of State and local government bodies, as well as non-governmental organizations and representatives of the social partners, experts and specialists;
7.4. If necessary, set up a special expert working groups. III. convening of the Council 8. the Council shall exercise their activities sessions of the Council. The Council shall examine and discuss the Council meeting agenda included issues and make decisions. 9. The President of the Council of Economic Ministers. The President of the Council shall convene and chair the Council meeting. Council in the absence of the President or on his behalf the duties of President of the Council made the President of the Council of the authorised officer. 10. the Council shall convene a regular session of the Council every four months. 11. each Member shall have the right to request an emergency meeting convened the Council consent. To meet a Council extraordinary meeting, you need to submit a reasoned application to the Secretariat of the Council (follow that rule referred to in paragraph 16 of the dates of information). The application of this provision is added to paragraph 15 of these documents. 12. the decision to convene an emergency meeting of the President of the Council shall adopt the horse. 13. If a Council member is unable to attend a Council meeting, he authorizes other relevant institutions to participate in the meeting of the representative. IV. preparation of the Council meeting 14. Council Secretariat proposes the Council regular session of the items to be put on the agenda. Council meeting agenda approved by the Council Chairman. 15. The secretariat of the Council prepares (with the exception of those rules specified in paragraph 11 cases): 15.1. draft agenda of the meeting;
15.2. all necessary explanations and documents;
15.3. If necessary, the list of people you want to invite. 16. The secretariat of the Council no later than five working days before the meeting of the Council information on Council meetings convened and the provisions referred to in paragraph 15 of the document to Council members by mail and electronically. 17. each Member of the Council, no later than three working days before the Council meeting can be sent electronically to the Secretariat of the Council on the proposal for a Council meeting agenda, as well as to propose any of the Mission of the Council is the question of the inclusion in the agenda of the Council. To propose the inclusion in the agenda of the meeting, you need to submit to the Secretariat of the Council the following: 17.1. writing explicit question;
17.2. the explanations and documents;

17.3. If necessary, the list of people you want to invite. 18. The secretariat of the Council to be included in the Council meeting agenda questions, prepared and shipped in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions. 19. If a member of the Council changed the postal or electronic address, he shall immediately inform in writing the Council Secretariat. V. the Council progress 20. Council meetings are open to the public. Hearing or its part can be closed, if the proposal by the Council members, the Council adopted the following decision. 21. the Council shall participate in meetings of Council members and invitees. Persons invited to participate in the deliberations only in consultation, they have invited. 22. the Council are valid if they are sitting on more than half of the voting members of the Council. 23. Each voting member meeting of the Council shall have one vote. Council decisions, the open vote. 24. the meeting of the Council shall be opened by the President of the Council. 25. The President of the Council or the Council is found to be valid. 26. If the Council is valid, the Council shall examine and approve the meeting agenda. 27. The Council, on a proposal from the President of the Council may define each in the agenda and record. 28. for each question To make a decision, the President of the Council shall be defined in the views expressed during the discussion of the question. 29. the Council decision shall be taken by the members of the Council present a simple majority. If the vote splits equal, the Chairman of the Board shall have a casting vote. 30. the Council does not participate in the vote if the decision affects or may affect a member of the Council, his relatives (the law "On Prevention of conflict of interest in the activities of public officials") or business partners personal or economic interests. 31. the decisions of the Council shall enter into force with the moment of their adoption, unless the Council decides otherwise. 32. Council decisions are publicly available on the Ministry of Economy website on the internet. The Council can take a decision on one of its decision or the decision on the recognition of the part of the confidential information. About the Council meeting shall be made in the Protocol. Vi. The Council meeting protocol design 33. Council meeting the Council Secretary. 34. the minutes of the sitting of the Council of State: 34.1. meeting time and place;
21.3. the beginning and end of the meeting;
21.3. the persons present at the hearing;
21.4. the Council Secretary's name and last name;
34.5. agenda items;
21.5. the agenda of the consultation process and content. 35. for each Council meeting discussed the agenda for a Council meeting shall state: 35.1. rapporteurs and a short presentation of the report;
35.2. individuals who commented on the matter and the views expressed;
35.3. the decision taken;
35.4. the results of the vote and the vote of each Member of the Council;
22.1. the individual members of the Council of the views of the decision taken, if any of the members of the Council requires it to be recorded in the minutes. 36. The Council meeting the draft minutes shall be drawn up and sent to the members of the Council the coordination of two working days after the Council meeting. The members of the Council shall, within two working days after the receipt of the draft Protocol on it can submit proposals to the Council Secretariat. 37. The agreed minutes of the proceedings of the Council signed: 37.1. the President of the Council;
37.2. the Secretary of the Board. 38. the Council meeting shall be drawn up in a single original, unless the Council decides otherwise. The Council copies of the minutes shall be sent electronically to each Member of the Council. 39. The Council supports the storage Protocol the Council Secretariat. Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister A.r. Kariņš