The Order In Which The Protected Information Service

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā aizsargājama informācija dienesta vajadzībām

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 280 in Riga in 2005 (April 26. No 23 § 4) the order in which the protected information service Issued under the freedom of information act in the fourth part of article 8.1 i. General questions 1. rules shall determine any protected information the service needs.
2. the information generated in the status "information service" defines the institution's Manager with the written order or the author in accordance with the institutions approved by the supervisor of the limited availability of information list, subject to the freedom of Information Act requirements.
3. From private rights holders get information status "information in the service shall" be granted, if requested by an official of that finding that the information is relevant to national security and the need to protect it. On the status of the "information service" award for the acting authorities information manager. If the decision to grant the status of information "information service", proceedings of the Department in question to obtain the document and use other terms laid down in these rules, as well as writing to the private entities that received assigned the status "information service".
II. Information Service needs protection measures 4. information service needs protection measures (there could — protection measures) in a particular institution is responsible authorities. The head of the institution may appoint an employee or Department (hereinafter referred to as seconded staff), responsible for the protection of information services to the needs of the institution.
5. If, in connection with the work or duties of the service person will need to acquaint themselves with the information needs of the service, the person entering or starting to fulfill their duties, authority or its designated employee declares in writing that he has read the stalk of the information service of protection and assistance arrangements and to determine responsibility for the infringement, as well as undertake to comply with the above procedures (annex).
6. a Person familiar with the information needs of the service only to the extent necessary for employment or service duties or to perform a specific task.
7. If a person carries out work with the information needs of the service, its milk is Kuma: 7.1. follow information service needs, accounting for the use, reproduction, destruction, storage, and shipping and transportation arrangements;
7.2. the managers of the authority or its designated employees to present the request for protective measures;
7.3. stop action with which the information needs of the service may be disclosed to outsiders, and to report to the authorities the driver or it staff assigned on detected infringements of measures.
8. If you work with a document that contains information service, it is established that it directly affected the Republic of Latvia of the other direct or immediate regulatory authorities, foreign authorities, organisations or between the folksy competence and its institutions need the work or the performance of duties, the head of the authority, under the freedom of information act in the second paragraph of article 8.1, you can put those documents or information to the relevant authority , organization or institution, if such document or the information contained therein may not hinder the work of the authority or harm the person provide interest.
9. The premises where the work carried out by the information service must be secured against unauthorised access not allowed. Visitors staying in these rooms in the presence of the person who has the right to take a job with the information needs of the service.
10. Information Service after the completion of work on the Bank of the aizsl kept in locked premises for Office furniture, aizslēdzamo metal cabinets or safes.
11. If the premises in which the service of information processing, you need to make short-term economic jobs, the employee who performs the service of information processing, or the direct Manager personally ensure that information processing is stored not in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10, would not be disclosed to outsiders or come into their possession.
12. the information service shall send by registered post, to the diplomatic post, by courier, or delivered to the recipient in your organization.
13. the packaging does not specify a legend showing off them on the status of the information. Packaging of stamped and timestamp and place sealing ma Pack covered with a transparent adhesive tape or another type of packaging suitable material.
14. the information needs of the service may not be packed, if an employee to whom it was entrusted with the job or professional duties, work will need to take this information outside the institution's premises, provided that the information service will carry it to safeguard the secure protect protection (such as those in the bag). This condition does not apply if the employee leaves the territory of Latvia.
15. a Person who delivers mail, is responsible for the protection of information services needs its transport and delivery, without making it possible for outsiders to become familiar with the content of the information. Post to be delivered so that outsiders could not find that the protected information is transported.
16. the information service employee can take a business trip to a foreign country, if the travel time and place it is possible to ensure its safe storage.
17. the information service abroad can be stored: 17.1. Latvian diplomatic and consular representations;
17.2. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union on the no tion work premises;
17.3. the foreign and international institutions, with which the Republic of Latvia has concluded contracts for information service purposes;
17.4. specifically created the storage facilities at the disposal of the transferred employees storage is protected against unauthorised access (such as a bank safety deposit box, guest Nica wallet);
17.5. other areas where staff can provide information service for personal purposes (for example, a person in possession of the hotel room).
18. the information needs of the service may be processed electronically. Working with the information needs of service permitted by using individual computers as well as PCs that are connected to the computer network (information systems), which is protected against unauthorised access. From the information system inform the information can be obtained by printing the corresponding information through electronic media (such as floppy disks, Kompakt disks) or a public broadcast networks, if you use the constitutional protection Bureau recognized the encryption methods.
19. The Cabinet of Ministers issued instructions that define the security requirements of information systems that connect to the internet or another public network. These information systems accredited by the constitutional protection Office.
20. Information systems that process information service needs, requires no protection against electromagnetic radiation.
21. On the security of information systems that process information service, reply with the driver's written order (order) posted in information system security manager.
22. the head of the authority, subject to the nature of the authority, may provide additional income to the same institution provide information service needs protection.
III. Information Service registration and movement authority 23. Institutions managers determine the unit or official to perform the authority needs information service records and registration (hereinafter referred to as the filing).
24. the information service institution receives and sends only to the filing of the chapter.
25. the record management Department, information service in question have, check the mailing address compliance, packaging and sending a cover letter or sign the registration and dispatch tracking log for the shipment receipt.
26. If a filing Department finds consignment packaging or packaging a timestamp that shows the damage that can be found in the contents of the consignment, he made a mark in the cover letter of dispatch or departure registration and accounting journal or inform the consignor in writing (if shipment is received by registered post).
27. After opening the packaging Department, keeping the number of documents verifying compliance with the covering letter (if any) of the specified number, make sure that it contains the relevant information service needs. If the filing Department finds that the content of the consignment does not correspond, he shall inform the consignor in writing.

28. The information service (including service information received under this provision 18) recorded information service registration and accounting system, indicating the source of information and the name of the document — required properties according to the filing.
29. Registering a document containing information service, document (cover sheet) on the first page of the document shall check the reg. trācij, specify the name of the requested authority, the date and number of the information in the registry.
30. The information service prepared and recorded the information needs of service registration and accounting system, indicating the source of information and the name of the document — required properties according to the filing.
31. the Technical storage media (such as floppy disks, optical disks, magnetic tapes) containing information service, lietv has recorded in recent years, unit head of institutions in a fixed order.
32. the information service registration and tracking system must not contain erasures or aizkrāsojum. Each of the correction must be made to a reservation, nor filing in the Department's name and confirm the correction with the signature.
33. when the authority registered information service is not necessary for the work to compress, an employee shall be deposited in the registry office. When the employee filing the chapter receives and transmits the information registered service, filing Department about markings make the relevant information service needs of registration and accounting systems.
IV. Information Service needs special notation 34. Information Service needs special notation indicates the specific lag lag status and the need to protect this information. Special signs point to the document or technical information media, in accordance with the freedom of information act in the first part of article 8.1 (1) of the generated information services in Latvia.
35. If the information in the service of the document containing the cover sheet contains only information about the transmission of the document, it is not classified as information services.
36. The document containing the information to the needs of the service, the first page top right (pirmstekst area under the document author the form properties) made "official purposes". This statement specifies the document's overall protection status. "Service" refers also to the floppy disks, tables, maps, drawings, photographs, and other objects that contain information the service needs.
37. On each page of a document containing information service, the top edge and bottom edge of the Middle made "official purposes". If any of the pages of the document are only general information on the page top and bottom edges in the Middle made "NOT classified". If any of the pages of the document content of the freedom of information act article 5, second paragraph, 1., 2., 3., 4., or the information referred to in paragraph 5, on the page top and bottom edges in the Middle made "limited availability".
38. the information service needs of individual parts (for example, chapter points, tables) can be generally available information or the freedom of information act article 5, second paragraph, 1., 2., 3., 4., or information referred to in paragraph 5. The text of the document before these components use a special shorthand description "N" (General information) or "IP" (freedom of Information Act 5 of the second paragraph of article 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the information referred to in paragraph), but before the text that is part of the information needs of the service, use the special search representing mu "DV" (service).
39. The name of the document containing the information in question is the need of the service generally available information.
40. Information Service needs of individual parts, which are the most pārp the go information, you can use the open, separating from the protected information.
41. all information service needs the page number in the document. Bottom edge on each page in the right corner with Arabic numerals indicate the page number and (after the dash) is the total number of pages. The page on which it is not information, not the number.
42. the preparation of the information service, which requires foreign and international organizations and designated as "RESTRICTED", the development of the Republic of Latvia pursuant to binding international agreements or international requirements that the Republic of Latvia is a Member State.
V. information service needs determination of status, extension and cancellation of 43. Latvia created information status "information service" down for a period of one year from the date of the document that the appropriate status. If the head of the institution has adopted a decision on this status before the deadline or the extension of the status, filing Department after receiving the decision from the first page of the document the lower edge of the left side of the mark in question on the status of the cancellation or extension (if the status date is extended, also indicate the new term) and confirm it with a signature.
44. the information service needs status before the deadline or the extension of the filing Department in writing to all institutions filing Department employees, of which this document is sent. The notification on the information service of the extension of the status dispatched not later than five working days before the predetermined status expires. Authorities concerned record-keeping staff after receipt of that information to the immediate question mark on the document and inform the authority, which is the holder of that information.
45. If by the end of the statutory period not received written information on the need to extend the document status "information service" deadline, filing Department on the first page of the document the lower edge of the left made reference to a certain status.
Vi. Information Service needs of reproduction and destruction of Information 46. needs can reproduce the officer has been transferred, if the reproduction need work or service needs, and made copies of the internal circulation within the institution. When copies of the work are no longer needed, the officer they destroyed. Destruction process is not documented.
47. Information Service Management section of the reproduced works, if you need to send a copy of the other body. Filing Department manpower and the number of copies of the relevant information service needs information in the registry and tracking system do the marks of manufacture copies, indicating the number of copies and recipients.
48. If the information service highlights and not lost in not bad work, it can be destroyed (except the institution prepared and registered information service needs a copy, which saves it to assess and selection state away for storage in the archive).
49. If the authority which prepared the information needs of the service require destroying relevant information, it destroyed.
50. following the written decision of the head of the authority of the receipt for the registered information service needs destruction by filing Department manpower. On the destruction of the records Department shall mark the respective information service needs of registration and accounting system. 
51. The information service destroyed relevant documents or technical media burning, melting, chemical Division, crushing or deleting, using for this purpose Pro grammatūr to lose the chance of getting information from the media, or to restore it.
52. If the document that contains the information for official purposes, destroyed with paper shredders, shredded paper strips the size must not be greater than 20 mm and not wider than 1.5 mm. Vii. Information Services needs transfer foreign representatives in Latvia created 53. information service for information on transferring foreign no Latvian and foreign cooperation under mutually concluded international treaties.
VIII. the investigation into the disclosure of information services needs, or the loss of 54. If the authorities the driver has reason to believe that the information service has disclosed the need hunt down or lost, he one day during the official inquiry Commission set up at least three people. Service Commission of inquiry may include national security personnel.
55. the Commission of inquiry within 10 working days prepare admitted mu, which indicates whether an infringement has been committed and who is responsible for it. With the support of the head of the authority and accept the written decision of the investigation may be extended for a period up to one month. Service not included in the period of investigation the period for which the employee's conduct is carried out by professional investigation is temporary disability or is he on vacation or a business trip.

56. If the investigation of the service was due to reasonable suspicion for the disclosure of information that is transmitted by Latvia foreign, international organisation or institution, and which is classified as "RESTRICTED", as well as the associated with this information disclosure of information created in Latvia, the head of the service of the authority the results of the investigation shall inform the constitutional protection Office.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister s. Āboltiņ Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions by 30 April 2005.
Annex a Cabinet of 26 April 2005, regulations No 280, undertake certificate I, (name) 1) withhold information service, which will be entrusted to me or to become known in the course of their work or duties;
2) without objections and accurately with information service needs of defence-related order (order), the requirements of the rules and instructions, with which I am acquainted;
3) report on unlawful attempts to get information from me, as well as to the needs of the service on my known information service needs safeguards violations.
I've warned that the disclosure of information to the needs of the service, and the loss of other measures of this information make it called infringements to disciplinary action or criminal proceedings.
20. year.

Proof was adopted (the person responsible for the position, name, surname and signature), Minister of Justice of Āboltiņ.