Directorate-General Of The National Archives Regulations

Original Language Title: Valsts arhīvu ģenerāldirekcijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 337 in Riga, 17 May 2005 (pr. No 30 18) national archives of the Directorate-General in accordance with the regulations issued by the State administration of machine article 16 of the law, the first paragraph i. General questions 1. National Archives Directorate (hereinafter DG) is under the supervision of the Minister of culture an existing direct regulatory authority implementing State policy in the field of archives. 2. the Directorate-General is the highest authority of the national archives system. II. General management functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. The Directorate shall have the following functions: 3.1. ensure Latvian National Archive Fund (hereinafter referred to as the National Archive Fund) monitoring and control;
3.2. provide a uniform methodology development archive;
3.3. the State archives administration of the system and to coordinate its improvement;
3.4. provide national archive Fund of the central registry and the accumulated information available to the public free of charge;
3.5. to organize the document evaluation and decision making of the storage time limits and/or destruction. 4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the functions of the Directorate are the following: 4.1 according to the competency to develop instructions, instructions and recommendations by the melting method of the national archives system operation of the authorities;
4.2. to coordinate the national archives to work outside the Republic of Latvia the Latvian heritage awareness, documents or copies of documents for acquisitions;
4.3. monitoring of national archives documents for export (at the time) outside the Republic of Latvia, as well as archives of the order of certification certificate;
4.4. to ensure compliance with national interest, National Archives building, accessibility and preservation, as well as the national archives use the transferred real property management;
4.5. controlling the National Archives building, inventory, conservation, access and use;
4.6. coordinate the national archives national archives of Builder and cooperation documentation and storage issues, sectoral papers and accept information storage time limits;
4.7. in accordance with the competency to participate in policy planning documents and draft legislation, as well as the opinions of the other institutions the law drawn up projects;
4.8. ensuring national archives document records to promote the conservation of the archival material accumulated and available to the public in accordance with the statutory arrangements;
4.9. to monitor compliance with the laws and the National Archive Fund, conservation and use and to take measures to ensure that the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Latvia and the other European Union legislation, as well as the rules of international law in compliance with the principles laid down in the preservation and accessibility of the information, subject to the data protection of individuals;
4.10. to coordinate the national archive system development programmes of the institutions, each year develop and submit for approval to the Minister of culture of the current operation, identify and quantify the key output indicators and priorities;
4.11 prepare the current state budget and investment demand, develop projects and submit in the Cabinet of Ministers a draft regulation on the State archive system provided by the authorities of the archives of paid services and price list;
4.12. to assess the national archives system plans and actions of the authorities of the fist, perform proc bodies internal audits;
4.13. provide a unified personnel management system of the State of the system institutions arch vu, organize officials and the assessment of the qualifications of your employees and continuing archive;
4.14. to make accounting and to draw up the financial statements summary of spending in the State archives in the institutions of the system in accordance with the laws and regulations in the field of accounting and finance;
4.15. determine the national archives document distribution between the State archives, as well as permanently stored documents and information storage deadlines, public archives of legal persons;
4.16. to promote the work of the national archives the archives of science, document administration and arheogrāfij;
4.17. organize and coordinate the activities of the single register of archives information system;
4.18. to ensure a unified national archives service and the availability of information in the Archives building of the system of legal and natural persons;
4.19. manage archive guidance and reference literature library;
4.20. perform other legal tasks. 5. the Directorate-General is entitled: 5.1. to request and receive, free of charge from the National Archive Fund created in local and other public authorities of the Directorate tasks required for the implementation of the information and documents;
5.2. use of the National Archive Fund makers of the information received in the National Archive Fund of the central registry and the database;
5.3. call in experts to form a Commission and working group documents and information for assessment and other archive topical questions;
5.4. to enter into contracts with legal and natural persons ģenerāldirek tion and the operation of the national archives;
5.5. examine the administrative offences and impose administrative penalties administrative violations of Latvia in accordance with the procedure laid down in the code;
5.6. in accordance with the competency to represent the Latvian State archive of international organizations will archive, the European institutions, congresses and konferen, as well as to participate in the Washington Foreign and international institutions cooperation projects. III. structure of the Directorate and officials of the Directorate of competency 6. and the national archives system run by the national archives General Director (hereinafter referred to as the Director-General). The Director-General shall be appointed and removed from Office by a civil law. 7. the Director-General shall make public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions as well: 7.1. responsible for the national archives system work as a whole, ensure its continuity, efficiency and the rule of law;
7.2. national archives system of institutions for funding under the State budget for the current year of system features, as well as units of the State (including civil servants) and wage fund;
7.3. the appointment of the national archives system, the directors of the institutions concerned, the approval of the Ministry of culture of the nomination, confirmed their position descriptions and determine the remuneration;

7.4. coordinate and submit for approval to the Minister of culture of the State Archives of the institutions of the system of the Statute;
7.5. Approves the Directorates-General instructions, instructions, methodological recommendations, as well as the archives of the institutions of the system of work rules and pricing;
7.6. According to competency instructs national archives system institution officials;
7.7. in accordance with the opinion of experts the State dock in the archives the file destruction;
7.8. the laws and carry out other tasks. 8. The Director-General's deputies. Deputy Director-General Director-General competence. 9. General management unit functions and tasks determined by the rules of the Department. The rules of procedure of the Department after coordination with the Director-General shall issue the relevant head of Department. IV. activities of the Directorate of security and justice reporting 10. Directorate-General of justice activities provide the Director-General. The Director-General shall be responsible for the Directorate's decision to create the inspection system and operation. 11. The Director-General has the right to cancel the Directorates-General and the State archives administration of the institutions of the system of executive decisions and succeed in the internal regulations. 12. The Director-General shall decide on individuals not rāldirekcij or contested» national archives system institution officials issued the administrative act, as well as officials of the Directorate-General of the management and staff of the actual action. The decision of the Director may appeal to the Court. 13. The Director-General to succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of culture. The Ministry of culture's decision can be appealed in court. 14. General management at least once a year, submit to the Minister a report on the cultural function of the Directorate-General enforcement and use of budgetary funds, as well as the laws and regulations established shall prepare an annual public report. V. the financial resources of the Directorate 15. financial resources of the Directorate-General: 15.1. grant from the General State budget revenues;
15.2. revenue revenue cost of services rendered judgments;
15.3. gifts and donations;
15.4. foreign financial help. Vi. National Archives system 16. National Archives system consists of the Directorate and the State Archives authorities: 16.1 the Latvian State Historical Archives;
16.2. The State Archives of Latvia;
16.3. The Latvian State archive of archive;
16.4. the staff of the national archives documents;
16.5. Central mikrofotokopēšan and document restoration laborat threshing;
16.6. the State Archives Special library;
10.4. the zonal State Archives Alūksne;
16.8. the zonal State archives in Washington;
16.9. Daugavpils State zonal archive;
16.10. the zonal State archives in Jelgava;
16.11 Jēkabpils zonal State Archives;
16.12. Liepaja zonal State Archives;
16.13. zonal State Archives of Rezekne;
16.14. the zonal State archives in Sigulda;
16.15. Tukums zonal State Archives;
16.16. Valmiera zonal State Archives;
16.17. Ventspils zonal State archives. VII. final question 17. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 November 2001, Regulation No 476 "Statute of the Directorate-General of the State Archives" (Latvian journal, 2001, 166 no). Prime Minister a. Halloween Culture Minister, the Minister of education and science Druviet of I.