The Rules Relating To The Registry Of Paid Services Provided

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Uzņēmumu reģistra sniegtajiem maksas pakalpojumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 360 in Riga, 24 May 2005 (pr. 31 to 37) the rules relating to fees provided by the registry services Issued under the law on budget and financial management of the ninth article 5 part 1. approve the company registry fees provided services price list (annex).
2. Payment of the fee provided by the business register service pre-filing contributions in General, Ministry of Justice, the company register of the Treasury in the General account.
3. the revenue of the company registry receives fees for services rendered, used according to the law on the annual national budget the appropriations approved.
4. the business register provided paid service costs are not calculated in accordance with the provisions of the price list referred to in paragraph 1, if the legislation of the other companies register held by the provision of information to determine otherwise.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister s. Āboltiņ Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions to 17 June 2005.
Annex Cabinet 24 May 2005 a Regulation No 360 business register supplied charge service price list by types of services no PO box
Paid services and other revenues in the unit price (LCY) 18% (VAT) total notes 1.
Information: 1.1.
foreign trade pieces not included in Price of 4.00 0.72 4.72 foreign registry requested payment of 1.2.
for the filing of documents relating to the register of companies or legal entities registered in fact pieces 3.00 0.54 3.54 2.
Certified copies of the document production from the filing things p.
0.35 0.06 0.41 3.
Fill and print application: 3.1.
encountered in the company, association or Foundation pieces for 20.00 3.60 23.60 3.2.
We encountered another entity or legal fact 10.00 1.80 11.80 4 pieces.
Register filling out the documents and print: 4.1.
decision of establishing (one founder) 8.00 1.44 9.44 pieces 4.2.
Treaty (2-3 founders) pieces 10.00 1.80 11.80 4.3.
Treaty (4 to 5 founders) pieces 14.00 2.52 16.52 4.4.
Treaty (6-7 founders) pieces 16.00 2.88 18.88 4.5.
Treaty (8 and more founders) 20.00 3.60 23.60 4.6 pieces.
the Statute cuts 10.00 1.80 11.80 4.7.
opinion on financial contributions to companies with limited liability, which under the law can make the same evaluation of pieces 5.00 0.90 5.90 4.8.
other pieces 1.00 0.18 1.18 5.
The membership fee for participating in the seminars organised by the business register member price 20.00 3.60 23.60 includes one visitor's membership fee for workshop attendance 6.
Document cauršūšan and document numbering pages included in one Price 0.50 0.09 0.59 document cauršūšan and page numbering 7.
Sending notifications through mobile phone text message or e-mail pieces included a fee of 2.00 0.36 2.36 mo Bill phone operator 8.
Printout from the register of enterprises registers translation in English, German and Russian language page.
7.00 1.26 8.26 9.
The issue of regulatory acts in accordance with the register of companies, the proposed list of p.
0.15 0.03 0.18 10.
Registration certificates and other documents of the lamination p.
1.00 0.18 1.18 11.
The Corporation and the cooperative society members, shareholders or members of the tender and of the opening of the meeting: one meeting (also, if the first is not to decide the right) prices do not include administrative and organizational costs 11.1.
society with limited liability of members meeting (2-3 participants) 100.00 18.00 118.00 11.2.
society with limited liability of members meeting (4-5 members) 150.00 27.00 177.00 11.3.
society with limited liability of members meeting (6-8 participants) 200.00 36.00 236.00 11.4.
society with limited liability of members meeting (7 and more participants) 250.00 45.00 295.00 11.5.
the company's shareholders ' meeting 250.00 45.00 295.00 11.6.
General meeting of the members of the cooperative society (meeting authorized) 100.00 18.00 118.00 12.
Company (company) registration of economic operators of the particular day and hour (so, Commision within the paid State fee) pieces 100.00 18.00 118.00 13.
The registration certificate of the legal entity with a specific mandatory number or pledge registration act with certain mandatory service of number pieces 20.00 3.60 23.60 14.
Uncertified information service for the registration entry to tender pieces of Justice Minister 3.00 0.54 3.54 s. of Āboltiņ