Forced Labour Enforcement Coordination Arrangements

Original Language Title: Piespiedu darba izpildes koordinācijas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 417, Riga, 14 June 2005 (pr. No 35 32) forced labour enforcement coordination procedures Issued pursuant to the public service Act, the probation article 11 a 1. determines the order in which the national probation service (hereinafter service) coordinates the forced labor (punishment) the performance of local authorities, which in 2005 is down on forced performance institutions. 2. Coordinating execution, service: providing methodological assistance 2.1 local government execution in the organisation;
2.2. If the Court provides information on employment opportunities in the relevant municipality;
2.3. the execution of penalties administered financial resources allocated. 3. Service execution organization of local authorities provide the following methodological assistance: 3.1 training municipal employees;
3.2. informed about the amendment of the law relating to the execution of the organisation. 4. the municipality administrative territory of execution is carried out, not later than 15 days after the completion of the execution of the municipal administrative territory transmitted due to the territorial unit of service (hereinafter Service Department) registered mail notice of forced labor (annex). Notice of forced labor (hereinafter referred to as the notice) shall be completed and sent to: 4.1 if the person worked all the hours set out in the judgment of the Court;
4.2. If execution stopped in accordance with the decision of the Court of Justice. 5. Service execution financial resources assigned to be administered in the following order: 5.1 by this provision referred to in paragraph 4 of the notification service for forced labor organizing of the municipality pay if convicted 53.80 lat has fulfilled or partially fulfilled the authorities release a court judgment;
5.2. If the convict does not appear in the log on to the local authorities for the execution of the sentence or after the login does not appear within the execution site, the municipality registered letter sent to the Service Department, warning and judgment application district (City) Court (copies), receipts on record shipments and the application for reimbursement of expenditure. Service on the alert for the convicted and the submission of district (City) Court in the municipality pay 0.90 lats and covers expenditure on each court, convicted and sent to the recorded service mailing;
5.3. the service shall be borne by the public trans port expenses that the convicted in connection with the arrival of the log in the carrying out of a sentence and the arrival of the execution site. The municipality collects public transport tickets, which submitted a convict, and together with the notice sent to the Service Department;
5.4. If the place of performance of the fine for the convicted is not possible to get to by public transport, the municipality provides transport to the place of execution. Service of the municipality pays for every lats 0.07 mileage;
5.5. If the local government is unable to provide transport to the place of execution, the convict can use personal vehicle. Expenses related to personal vehicle use, the calculation of this provision at the bottom paragraph 5.4. 6. for the authorities or the personal use of the vehicle been convicted before the use of those vehicles should be harmonised with the Service Department. 7. If the municipality notes that convicted the need to reimburse travel expenses before the notification is sent, it will be borne by the municipality in question. Expenditure supporting documents together with the application for reimbursement of the expenditure referred to the municipality shall forward to the services of the Department. The service covers the expenses incurred, the Government sentenced to pay expenditure on transport before the dispatch of the notice. 8. Expenses related to the execution, service covers two weeks of expenses of formal receipt, transfer the amount to be repaid to the bank account of the municipality. 9. This provision 4. communications referred to in the judgment of the Court of Justice, which is completed by the date of entry into force of the provisions, the Government sends the service unit until 1 august 2005. 10. in paragraph 5 of these regulations, these expenses service compensated for those court judgments whose execution is initiated and completed in 2005. 11. the judgment of the Court of Justice, the execution of which is initiated in 2005, but has not been completed, the municipality in 2005 was released on 1 December for the Service Department. Service to pay the municipality the provisions referred to in paragraph 5 expenses incurred up to the judgment of the Court of Justice for the transfer of service to the Department. Prime Minister a. Halloween S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ annex a Cabinet of 14 June 2005, regulations No 417 S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ the