The Procedure For The Exchange Of Operational Information In The

Original Language Title: Informācijas operatīvas apmaiņas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 431 in Riga on 21 June 2005 (pr. No 36 25) operational procedures for the exchange of Information has been issued in accordance with the national labour inspectorate Act article 10 the third paragraph of rule 1 shall determine the order in which takes place the national labour inspection functions and duties required information operational Exchange. 2. If direct or in direct administrative authority (hereinafter the authority) through the basic functions of the authority collects information on the employment relationship, labour protection, technical supervision of dangerous equipment or equipment, work equipment or the work of an individual or collective personnel protection equipment market surveillance laws and regulatory violations, as well as for illegal employment or illegal work (hereinafter breach), its three working days, inform the State labour inspection. 3. the authority shall provide to the national labour inspection authority informed of all known information concerning the infringement. 4. Information that is not referred to in paragraph 2 of these regulations, but requires a national labour inspection functions and duties, public information requests and inspek gets the rest of the order. 5. to ensure the effective exchange of the operational information, the State Labour Inspectorate and authorities closed interdepartmental cooperation agreements or arrangements. 6. information on the National Labour Inspectorate's designated contacts provide the heads or their designated officers. Contact person and officer in the name, position and contact information indicating the cooperation agreement in the contract or interdepartmental text. 7. the State Labour Inspectorate shall evaluate the information received and arrange for its inspection. 8. If you need additional information about the violation, then, arguing they need, the national labour inspectorate has the right to request information and receive it from the authorities within three working days. 9. the legislative measures to prevent infringement, and prosecution of offenders at the legal or statutory responsibility, the State Labour Inspectorate, if appropriate, inform the other authorities on matters within their competence. 10. If the State Labour Inspectorate detected a violation of the laws, the three working days inform the information provided by the authorities on matters within their competence, in connection with the violation. Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister d.-Staķ