San José Scale To Combat The Spread And Containment Procedures

Original Language Title: Kalifornijas bruņuts izplatības apkarošanas un ierobežošanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 536, Riga, July 19, 2005 (pr. No 42 32) San José scale to combat the spread and containment order Issued under the plant protection act, article 13, paragraph 1. determines the order in which prejudice and combating plant quarantine organisms – San José scale (quadraspidiotus perniciosus comst.). 2. the national plant protection service (hereinafter service): 2.1 the monitor and control of San José scale and the passengers of the bežošan and control measures (hereinafter referred to as the phytosanitary measures);
2.2. laboratory diagnosed San José scale. 3. a Person must not store or replicate San José scale except ga Dee you as laid down in the legislation for trial or scientific purposes and for work on varietal selections of harmful organisms, plants, plant products and contact with them in the introduction into and movement of objects. 4. San José scale host plants are Maple (Acer l.), klinteņ (Cotoneaster Medik.), vilkābeļ (Crataegus l.), quince (Cydonia Mill.), segliņ (Euonymus l.), beech (Fagus l.), Walnut (Juglan l.), Ligustrum (Ligustrum annuum L.), Apple (Malus Mill.), Aspen (Populus l.), Plum (Prunus L.), PEAR (Pyrus l.), redcurrant (Ribes l.), rose (Rosa l.), willow (Salix l.), Rowan tree (Sorbus l.), lilac (Syringa l.), lime (Tilia l.), Elm (Ulmus l.) and vīnkok (Vitis l.) plants of the genera. 5. plants or fruits are infested with San José scale if they found one or more San José scale of life. 6. If the San José scale infestation, service shall decide on the following: phytosanitary measures 6.1. determine that the area infested plants, plants are infested, and infested areas delineates the boundaries of the parcel plan;
6.2. fixed buffer zone around the infested area and marks the boundary of the land plan. The size of the fixed buffer zone, taking into account the biological characteristics of quarantine organisms, in order to protect the surrounding area from the egg of opportunity; inv
6.3. post process the San José scale host plants in the vadēt area and its buffer zone, in order to limit the spread of quarantine organisms;
6.4. instructs infested field owner or holder: 6.4.1. destroy all infested plants nursery;
6.4.2. to process other infested au gus and infested plants plants infested area, so that the moving of plants or the fresh fruit should not be infested with San José scale;
6.5. allow transplanting the infested area or spread outside the infested in the Terri Tory of San José scale host plants apsakņoto and reproduction for a period the plant parts that are obtained in that territory, if the service found that they are not contaminated and is treated so as to destroy all San José scale, which might be located on these plants;
6.6. to destroy infested plants (other than those that are planted in the soil) or fresh fruit or fresh fruit, which found the party's invasion, to treat or process other herbs or fresh fruit to destroy all the ones I have of this San José scale;
6.7. does not apply this provision at the bottom paragraph 6.6 of fresh fruit, which found a small degree of infestation. 7. the service at least once a year check the buffer zone of San José scale host plants to establish a quarantine organism. 8. If a person avoids San José is spreading the risk, the service allows: 8.1 does not apply this provision 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6., if the plants are intended for scientific purposes, tests or selection work;
8.2. not to apply this rule and section If infested fresh fruit for immediate processing.
8.3. does not apply this provision subparagraph 6.4.2 and 6.6, if the fresh fruit infested moves infested area. 9. the service shall take a decision on the abolition of certain phytosanitary measures, where the control of San José scale invasion in the area concerned is no longer detected. Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 8 December 1969 Directive 69/466/EEC on control of San José scale. Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of Agriculture Ministers – Minister of Economic Affairs A.r. Kariņš