Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 7 March 2000, The Regulations No. 85 "cargo Cranes Technical Supervision Procedures"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2000.gada 7.marta noteikumos Nr.85 "Kravas celtņu tehniskās uzraudzības kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 617 in Riga august 23 2005 (pr. No 47 4) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 2000, in Regulation No 85 ' loading cranes technical supervision order Issued in accordance with the law "on technical supervision of dangerous equipment" 3. the second paragraph of article 1 do Cabinet of 7 March 2000, in Regulation No 85 ' loading cranes technical supervision procedures "(Latvian journal, 2000, 90./ dus amendments: replace the text of rules 1.1 the words" authorized inspection counselling prostitution laws "(fold) with the words" inspection body "(the loc in you); 1.2. to supplement paragraph 3 with the second sentence by the following: "cargo crane consists of load-bearing structures (bridges, bus, pretended, floor, Tower, Buck, Portal), the lifting mechanism (spool, telfer, ropes or chains, Trices), suspension, transfer or satvērējierīc (driving, amend, set-off) mechanisms."; 1.3. to replace the words "in paragraph 4.2 of the track layers" with the words "track layers"; 1.4. Express 5.5. subparagraph by the following: "5.5. gantry-full speed the derricks on the site;" 1.5. the supplement to chapter I 6.1 6.2 6.3 and 6.4, the point as follows: "6.1 the Ministry of economy in cooperation with the relevant technical standards which recommends mitej limited liability company" Latvian standards "in connection with these terms, reliance and designing standard applicable list. 6.2 the limited liability company "Latvian standards" submit for publication in the newspaper "journal" the Latvian National Standard sa article, which can be applied to the requirements of these regulations (hereinafter referred to as the applicable standards for example). 6.3 loading cranes technical inspection is entitled to take an accredited institution, for which the economic Ministry has published a notice in the newspaper "Gazette" (further-the inspection body) if it: 6.31. Latvian National Accreditation Bureau has confirmed compliance with the standard LVSENIS/IEC17020:2005 "the main criteria for the different types of institutions that conduct inspections" and meeting the requirements of this regulation; 6.32. is your insure civil liability to the extent to cover possible losses that may arise in the erroneous or false findings. 6.4 the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau are assessed and regularly inspected by the inspection bodies of compliance with the rules set out in paragraph 6.3 in question required. "; 1.6. make paragraph 9 by the following: "9. Each cargo crane needs a passport in the national language. Passport to Crete a cargo crane Kona in accordance with the Passport sample (annex 1) drawn up and data through the tiesum of the cargo crane possessor. The passport shall contain at least the following information: the information society 9.1. the manufacturer, his authorised representative, or the name and address of the importer; 9.2. loading crane type and model; 9.3. the cargo crane main performance; 9.4. news on the ropes (geometric dimensions, number of wires and materials) and the chains (geometric dimensions and material); 9.5. technical documentation, drawings, electrical equipment and hidroiekārt of the scheme in principle, if they help to understand the instructions provided, or if the possessor intends to extend the service life of the crane loads (resource); 9.6. details of security devices (galaslēdž and signalling equipment); 9.7. the cargo crane service life (resource) years; 9.8. cargo cranes in the year of manufacture and the number assigned by the manufacturer. '; 1.7. delete paragraph 10; 1.8. to express such paragraph 11: "11. cargo crane manufacturer's passport add loading crane response drawn up this Declaration and cargo crane Assembly and operating instructions in the language of the country." 1.9. Express 12.1. subparagraph by the following: "12.1. train and instruct staff to service the cranes;"; 1.10. replace paragraph 13.3. the word "work" with the words "ju" maintenance; 1.11. replace paragraph 13.6. number and the word "(annex 1)" with a number and the word "(annex 2); 1.12. supplement with 13.1 points by the following: "13.1 if the crane by means of altering the main technical characteristics of the crane, it shall coordinate with relevant changes to the inspection bodies and shall carry out the appropriate record cargo crane technical passport. If the design is significantly changed or basic technical characteristics, the possessor shall ensure compliance with the cargo crane cabinet may 30, 2000 regulations No 186 "rules for machine safety Kuma". "; 1.13. Express 14 the following: "14. Possessor provides cargo crane for a sufficient number of personnel trained and instructed in accordance with the laws and regulations on the protection of health, the use of work equipment, and job training in matters of protection, taking into account the cargo crane design and conditions of use."; 1.14. the deletion of the introductory part of paragraph 17, the words "responsible officer"; 1.15. replace paragraph 17.5., the words "between the cargo crane elements are kind of plane," TI "from floor level to the lowest cargo crane ele ments"; 1.16. Express 22 the following: "22. Inspection bodies shall take the cargo cranes, regular technical inspection service life (resources), as well as the extension of emergency technical inspection this provision 25. in the cases referred to in points." 1.17. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the 23.1.8: "23.1.8. cargo cranes for safety device check;" 1.18. to supplement the provisions under section 23.2.4. by the following: "23.2.4. cargo crane track status check except to raise money, cargo moving through sharing rail."; 1.19. Express 24 as follows: "24. Routine technical inspections to: 24.1. not less frequently than every three years, or annually by service life (resources) under this provision, extension 29-full technical inspection; 24.2. no less than annually-partial technical inspection; 24.3. more often than specified in this provision and 24.1.-in 15.0 cases after inspections of the technical justification for the institution nor the game. " 1.20. replace paragraph 28 in number and the word "Appendix 2" with a number and the word "3."; 1.21. Express 29 the following: "29. Once the request has been made by the possessor of the cargo crane and loading the main metālkonstrukcij grabbing devices with non-destructive control methods according to the applicable standards, the inspection body may extend the cargo crane service life (resources)."; 1.22. the express section 57.3. the following wording: "to build and move 57.3. people, as well as to build and move goods, on which the people;" 1.23. replace paragraph 58 in number and the word "Annex" to the number 3 and the word "4. in the annex"; 1.24. supplement with 60.3. sub point as follows: "If the cargo 60.3. the crane's service life (resources)."; 1.25. supplement with 61.1 points as follows: "the inspection bodies 61.1 accredited until 31 august 2005, in accordance with standard LVSEN45004:1995" the main criteria in different types of bodies performing inspection ", is entitled to carry out cargo cranes technical inspection certificate of accreditation to the specified expiry date."; 1.26. Annex 1:1.26.1. replacing a number and the words "annex 1" with a number and the words "annex 2"; 1.26.2. express note 2 as follows: "2. the works of power lines in direct control of the zone for cargo cranes operating properly responsible supervision. '; 1.27 1.27.1. Appendix 2: replace the number and the word "annex 2" number and the word "annex 3"; 1.27.2. to make paragraph 1 by the following: "1. cargo cranes service life (resources), if it is not specified by the manufacturer, are the following: 1.1 the bridge cranes: 1.1.1. viensij-25 years; 1.1.2. with a load capacity of up to 10 tonnes-20 years; 1.1.3. with a load capacity of 10 tonnes and more-25 years; 1.2. buk cranes-20 years; 1.3. set of cranes with load capacities up to: tonnes-12 years; 1.3.2. with load capacities from 20 up to 60 tonnes and more-20 years; 1.3.3. with load capacity of 60 tonnes and over-25 years; 1.4. tower cranes-20 years; 1.5. gantry: 1.5.1 with a load capacity of up to 10 tonnes-15 years; 1.5.2. with a load capacity of 10 tons and more-25 years; 1.6. suspension cranes-12 years; 1.7. cranes excavator-12 years; 1.8. electric trolley-load 20 years. '; 1.28. Replace annex 3 number and the word "annex 3" with a number and the words "annex 4"; 1.29. to supplement the rules with the new version of annex 1 (annex). 2. the rules shall enter into force on the 1 November 2005.
Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister A.r. Kariņš annex Cabinet of 23 august 2005, regulations no 617 '' annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 2000, in Regulation No 85 economic Minister A.r. Kariņš