The Rules On Not Redeemed In Rural Area Ground Lease And Rent Of The Conclusion Of The Procedure For Calculating The

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par neizpirktās lauku apvidus zemes nomas līguma noslēgšanas un nomas maksas aprēķināšanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 644 in Riga in 2005 (30 august. No 49 41. §) rules on not redeemed in rural area ground lease for the conclusion of the contract and the rental fee is calculated in accordance with the order issued by the State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 25 of the law of the seventh subparagraph 1. approve rural area ground lease for a model contract and determines the land lease and the material terms of the closure order, as well as the rent calculation procedures.
2. Rural area ground lease agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ground lease) for land permanent user of all check may conclude a permanent use of the former land or on part of this land through the land lease, which the former claimed the land granted to the user in accordance with the State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 25 of the law the second part.
3. The particulars of the persons who have acquired the land lease, the lessor prior land obtains the State land service of the regional chapter.
4. land lease contract concluded according to the model contract (annex).
5. To conclude land leases, land a regular user relevant national institution or municipality where the legal possession of the property or land is located shall submit the following documents: 5.1. physical person – application, which contains the earth permanent user name, last name, social security number, home address or other address where the person is reachable, the stalls were deserted land area and land use purpose;
5.2. legal person-a submission that contains the person's registered address, the stalls were deserted land area and land use, as well as a certificate of registration;
5.3. the boundary of land rental plan that the tenant has the right to manufacture to order at the local or national authority written consent;
5.4. If the rental unit is located in the land of the building (construction) documents proving the ownership of respective buildings (structures).
6. Two weeks after this provision in paragraph 5 that the application and all these rules referred to in paragraph 5, for the conclusion of the contract you receive the necessary documentation the lessor shall prepare the ground for signing the lease and by sending a registered letter to invite the tenant to sign a contract. The letter indicates the place of signature of the Treaty and that the tenant 14dien, counting from the date of dispatch of the letter, to arrive to sign a contract. If the time limit specified by the tenant is unable to attend, he shall be obliged to inform the lessor of land in writing about the reasons of absence and to propose, agree on a different, mutually agreed, the date of signature of the Treaty.
7. Real estate tax paid by the lessee of the land. Land lease on land annual rent to be 0.5% of the cadastral value of the land. The ground lessor is entitled land rental fee be reduced to 50%, by issuing binding rules, which provide incentives for individual categories of the lessee. The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to the State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 9 of the law referred to in the seventh.
8. The rent calculation period is one quarter, and rents payable no later than the first quarter to the end of the month. About lease payments specified in the absence of the ground lessor calculates the penalty of 0.01% of the delayed payment amount for each day of delay.
9. land lease agreement stating: 9.1. land cadastre and land registry signs the partition number (if the land is in the land);
9.2. the lessor and the lessee, indicating the personally identifiable data: 9.2.1. natural persons – first name, last name, ID number and address;
9.2.2. legal persons-name, the registration date and number, the address;
9.3. the acquisition of the lease, the term of the agreement and land use objectives;
9.4. rental fees and billing arrangements, as well as the rent review procedure;
9.5. the lessee's liability for delay of payment, as well as the obligation of the lessee to pay the ongoing real estate tax;
9.6. the lessor and tenant rights and obligations, as well as the lessee's obligation to comply with ground units in specific use rights aprobežojum, if the lease at the time of conclusion of the contract they are not recorded in the land registry;
9.7. the lessee's right to carry out construction on the stalls were deserted;
9.8. the amendment of the contract and settlement of disputes;
9.9. termination procedure.
10. land lease contract is registered in the relevant local Council.
11. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 September 2005.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister s. Āboltiņ Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions by 1 September 2005.
Annex a Cabinet of 30 august 2005 of Regulation No 644 Minister of Justice Āboltiņ of S.