The Order In Which Local Authorities Conclude Contracts For Residential Home Or Living Space For Rent

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā pašvaldības slēdz līgumus par dzīvojamās mājas vai dzīvojamās telpas nomu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 655 in Riga in 2005 (30 august. No 49 21) the order in which local authorities conclude contracts for residential home or living space lease Issued in accordance with the law "on housing assistance in dealing with" the second paragraph of article 19.1 1. determines the order in which local authorities choose relevant Uptown owner or possessor (also with State Corporation) (hereinafter referred to as the owner) offers for proprietary or not in possession of a rented residential house or individual not rented residential premises (hereinafter property) leasing of local authorities as well as the order in which the lease agreement concluded with residential homeowners.
2. the relevant Authorities of the owner offers a choice of law "on procurement for State or local government needs" in the order, subject to the conditions laid down in these provisions.
3. Local Government organisation in the decision on the purchase of property (the property) for lease: 3.1 property need justification;
3.2. the procurement method;
3.3. the requirements to be met by applicants (including contractual conditions for local rights to use the leased estate housing assistance issues and izvirzāmo conditions for applicants concerning contractual obligations with local beneficiaries);
3.4. the required number of area property, number of rooms, facilities for the property;
3.5. the agenda and the way in which will be paid on property rental;
3.6. other contracts the provisions necessary to ensure that the law "on housing assistance issues" laid down in chapter III assistance.
4. the decision on the purchase of a property (property) * in recent years, the rental of the cognitive law "on procurement for State or local government needs".
5. in addition to the law "on procurement for State or local government needs" to the requirements of property lease contract shall contain the following information: 5.1 number of rental property, area, facilities, number of rooms, floors, where the property is located;
5.2. the term of the lease;
5.3. the rent amount and settlement arrangements;
5.4. the provisions for rental of premises for the purposes of local government assistance recipients (for example, rent contracts, rent and charges for services received by the tenant arrangements);
5.5. the authorities notified the person close the living space rental agreement and/or monitor the performance of the contract;
5.6. the provisions on strengthening the Treaty in the land;
5.7. property insurance;
5.8. the provisions on the expiry of the lease;
5.9. Agreement termination provisions and consequences that occurs, the municipality breaking the contract with the owner or the owner of breaking the contract with the local government.
6. the local government law "on procurement for State or local government needs" in order to provide information about the contract and the applicant's choices would be available to the public.
7. the national agency "housing agency" summarizes the information provided by the local information society for the leased property shall be submitted every six months and the regional development and local government Ministry.
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and Municipal Affairs Minister, Minister of finance Spurdziņš o. Editorial Note: rules come into effect with the 2005 September 2.