The Rules On Environmental Expertise Professional Qualifications Requirements And Registration Procedures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par vides ekspertu profesionālās kvalifikācijas prasībām un reģistrācijas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 683 of 2005 in Riga on September 6 (pr. No 50 28. §) rules on environmental expertise professional qualifications requirements and procedures of registration Issued in accordance with the law "on environmental protection" in article 9 paragraph 1 17. Rules provide environmental expertise professional qualifications requirements and registration procedures.
2. Environmental experts register (hereinafter register) is electronically collect information about environmental experts in the Republic of Latvia. The registry creates, maintains and updates the Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency (hereinafter the Agency).
3. the register shall include the following information: 3.1 environmental expert's name and surname, as well as other information about the expert for expert has consented to the disclosure;
3.2. environmental expert experience in key areas of environmental protection, appropriate (annex 1);
3.3. environmental experts experience: 3.3.1. opinions;
3.3.2. legislation, policy planning document or other document preparation;
3.3.3. project preparation, management or supervision;
3.3.4. participation in expert working groups;
3.3.5. academic work;
3.4. the publications, developed training programs in the field of environmental protection and other experience;
3.5. information about the person's registration in the other environmental experts associated registers in the Republic of Latvia, the European Union, the United Nations institutions or in other countries and in international organisations.
4. the information contained in the register is publicly available on the Agency's website.
5. minimum requirements for professional qualifications for inclusion in the register of the person are the following: 5.1. Bachelor's degree or second level professional higher education;
5.2. five years experience in the preparation of the opinion on the State of the environment or operational impact on the environment (including the nature and biodiversity), another environmental protection document or project preparation, management or supervision, as well as experience in key areas of environmental protection, in which the person wishes to register on environmental expert (according to the rules set out in annex 1 of the environment protection key).
6. To register in the register, a person (hereinafter applicant) shall submit to the Agency an application for inclusion in register (annex 2) and the following documents: 6.1. a copy of the identity document;
6.2. Description of professional experience (annex 3), confirming this rule 5.2. experience referred to — in paper form and electronically. If an applicant wants to register in the key areas of environmental protection, with a particular specialization, experience details in the description of the experience in the relevant area of specialisation;
6.3. feedback on the work (if any).
7. the Agency submissions and related documents registered and submitted to the environmental evaluation Committee of experts (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) opinion. Opinion of the Commission is not required, if the Latvian Science Council candidates are approved by an expert in the field "environmental science" sector.
8. the Commission's personnel approved by the Minister of the environment. Panelists include: representatives of the Ministry of the environment short;
8.2. two representatives of the Agency;
8.3. National Environment services representative;
8.4. one environmental monitoring national Office representative;
8.5. one Government representative of nature protection.
9. the agency organizes the meetings of the Commission, provides for amending the meetings of the Commission would, with the evaluation of environmental experts in related record keeping and documentation of the sort.
10. the documentation submitted by the applicant to the Agency and the Commission call on consultants, professional associations, industry associations, establish you, public administrations, educational institutions, representatives or independent experts.
11. by paragraph 6 of these rules the receipt referred to in the Commission assesses the applicant's educational and professional qualifications in compliance with this provision in paragraph 5 of these requirements and provide an opinion to the Agency. In its opinion the Commission recommends applicants to register or refuse the registration.
12. If the documents submitted information is incomplete or the decision requires further information, the Agency shall inform the applicant in writing and be required to provide the desired information or perform the tutorials for more information.
13. After receipt of the opinion of the Agency, the Commission shall take a decision to register or refuse the registration of the applicant. The Agency shall issue to the applicant a certificate of registration environmental experts (annex 4) or written notice of refusal of registration, if: the applicant does not comply with 13.1. these regulations referred to in paragraph 5;
13.2. the applicant within the time limit set by the Agency has not provided the requested additional information necessary for decision making;
13.3. the applicant has provided false information.
14. in order to maintain the status of environmental experts, environmental experts every five years until the November 1 provide the Agency: 14.1. a copy of the document if, after the registration in the register of environmental experts won additional education;
14.2. in the last five years of the work carried out and a short description (up to 3600 characters) including prepare opinions on the State of the environment or operational impact on the environment, other documents or of environmental protection projects in the preparation, control or supervision of the environmental experts attended (according to the registration area).
15. at the request of the Agency, the Commission, the Agency shall issue an opinion on the environmental status of the expert retention or deletion from the register.
16. the Agency shall decide on the exclusion of environmental experts from the register if: this provision 16.1. time limit specified in paragraph 14 of the environmental experts does not submit the information referred to in paragraph 14.2.; taken of environmental experts written application for removal from the registry;
16.3. after registration you receive a reasonable information that the environmental expert activity occurred or could occur damage to the environment;
16.4. the environmental expert for the last five years has not participated in the preparation of the opinion on the State of the environment or operational impact on the environment, another environmental protection document or project preparation, management or supervision (according to the key established).
17. the Agency's decision on the applicant's registration, refusal of registration or conservation status of environmental experts shall be taken within one month of the submission of the applicant, and the receipt of the document. If according to this provision, paragraph 12 of the decision, the Agency requires additional information or Consul tation! and the decision on the registration of the applicant, it is not possible to take a month, the Agency extended the time limit for the examination of the application of the administrative procedure law.
18. A Person can challenge the Agency's decision in administrative procedure law.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 14 September 2005.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 6 September 2005, regulations no 683 core environmental protection 1 protection of air quality and climate change 3 2. Water quality and protection of the subsoils of protection and sustainable use of waste management 5 6. Contaminated sites remediation research and biodiversity 7 8. protection against ionising radiation 9. Environmental noise 10. chemicals and products chemical noloģij of teh genetically modified organisms 11. Soil quality and protection 12. Integrated pollution control 13. Hydrology Hidroģeoloģij Hidrobioloģij 14 15 16 17 landscape protection the coast protection 18. Geochemistry 19.20 Water environmental engineering environmental law 21.22. environment and industry (including the industrial accident risk assessment) 23. environment and energy 24. environment and transport 25. environment, housing and construction (including waterworks construction) 26. environment and public protection 27. Environment and agriculture environment and forestry 28 29 30 environment and fisheries. Environment and tourism 31 environmental management 32. environment and health 33. environmental information and public participation 34. Environmental education and science 35. environment and Economics 36. environment and territory planning (regional development) 37. environment and cultural heritage Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 6 September 2005, regulations no 683 Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 3 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 6 September 2005, regulations no 683 Minister of environment r. vējonis annex 4 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 6 September 2005, regulations no 683 environmental Minister r. vējonis