Procedures For Inspections Of The Cohesion Fund Implementation Projects Funded Site

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā veicamas pārbaudes no Kohēzijas fonda līdzekļiem finansēto projektu īstenošanas vietā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 694 in Riga in 2005 (13 September. No 51 5) procedures for inspections of the Cohesion Fund for the implementation of projects funded under the Issued instead a cabinet installation law article 14, first paragraph, point 3-1. establish procedures for inspections of the cohesion fund financed environmental and transport infrastructure projects, and with this implementing and managing project related technical assistance project (hereinafter the project) (hereinafter examination).
2. the intermediate body in accordance with the approved plan of inspections carried out inspections all financial memorandum with sausage or a decision of the European Commission in the implementation of extended projects. Projects whose implementation has already started, check at least once a year.
3. the managing authority and the paying authority has the right to choose the projects for which verification.
4. The managing authority shall have the right to carry out inspections in such institutions: 4.1 payment institution;
4.2. intermediate;
4.3. implementing authority.
5. the paying authority has the right to carry out inspections in such institutions: 5.1 managing body;
5.2. intermediate;
5.3. the implementation body.
6. If intermediate, introduction agencies and outsourcing to the beneficiary's institution shall at the same time, this body provides the internal allocation of functions to perform the inspection authority Department which does not participate in the decision making about the project's technical, administrative and financial management issues and does not provide the intermediate bodies and implementing authorities in the beneficiary's functions.
7. Intermediate to the 30 January of the year prepare and submit to the leading authority in the inspection plan for the current year (design). Updated plans of the checks submitted its leading body within two weeks after the plan supplement.
8. Managing Authority within five working days after the intermediate inspection plan and inspection s supplement receipt of the plan submitted to the payment authority the intermediate copy of inspection plans and inspection plans updated copy.
9. the managing authority shall inform the provision in paragraph 4 of that authority and payment authority informs that provision in paragraph 5 of the said plan Thai checks no later than a week before the test started.
10. the managing authority, payment authority and the intermediate body shall ensure the accounting of the checks carried out. The managing authority, paying authority and intermediate document checks, filling out detailed checks pages and preparation of reports. For each inspection carried out indicates the following: 10.1 the project name and code;
10.2. inspection time, place and person name and title;
10.3. checking the work or business, it;
10.4. If the sampling shall be carried out at random;
10.5 examination results and detailed information about the identified discrepancies or irregularities;
10.6. proposals for measures in the discrepancy or irregularity detected.
11. the managing authority, payment authority and the intermediate body shall use the results of the risk assessment as a basis for planning the cohesion fund management and control systems and audit the effectiveness of compliance and project expenditure random checks.
12. A report on the checks carried out during the quarter in the intermediary institution until the next quarter the first month the tenth date submitted to the managing body. The managing authority within five working days after receipt of that report, submit a copy of the payment institution.
13. If, during the tests have found significant discrepancies or irregularities, between niekinstitūcij and payment authority immediately, but not later than within three working days, inform the managing authority.
14. the managing authority within three working days, inform the authority in writing of intermediate payments or managing authorities identified substantive inconsistencies or irregularities and planned activities in the future.
15. the examination of the project, assess the following aspects: 15.1. introduction authority for execution of the project;
15.2. any work or unexpected deviations from the project or the financial memorandum of decision of the European Commission, as well as the procurement of appropriate validation and justification;
15.3. the work carried out under the project, supplies, services and payments to compliance with the memorandum or the European Commission's decision and the operation of the regulatory framework for the Cohesion Fund, the European Union and the Latvian legislation, budget and finance, transport, the environment, industry and services, including check that: 15.3.1. the project for the jobs and the delivery is not made and the service is not provided before or after the due date;
15.3.2. jobs and the delivery is carried out and the services are performed in accordance with the contracts concluded;
15.3.3. payments are made in accordance with the works, supplies and services and can justify the source document;
15.4. a project document for the preparation and implementation of storage according to the procedures laid down in the legislation, including checks for the application project: 15.4.1 and any application of the project related correspondence;
15.4.2. the procurement documentation, the project agreements and any contracts relating to the purchase and correspondence;
15.4.3. the work carried out, the supply and service of documents (acceptance and surrender, the Bill of lading-Bill), and requested payment (expenditure declarations, invoices, payment orders, bank statements for transactions and other source document);
15.5. the information and publicity requirements, including checking: UR15.5.1.tie AI visible large format Billboard placement project sites during works;
15.5.2. large format billboards with the plates change the project places no later than six months after the completion of the project;
15.5.3. clarification of the role of the European Union ("this project will help to reduce economic and social disparities in the European Union citizens") and the flag of the European Union (plus the text "___% of the total cost of the project funded by the European Union") included in this rule referred to in paragraph 15.5.1. large format billboards and 15.5.2. these provisions in the information referred to in the bottom plate.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 16 September 2005.