The Provisions Of The Certificate Of Registration Of The Design Model

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par dizainparauga reģistrācijas apliecības paraugu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 702 in Riga in 2005 (13 September. No 51 20) rules on the certificate of registration of the design issued by the sample under design law article 25 the fourth part 1. determines the design of the registration certificate (hereinafter certificate) (annex). 2. the certificate consists of covers, cover pages, one or more of the design sample image pages and pages of annexes. 3. Certificates of size A4 sheet. 4. the certificate covers made from white, strong commercial paper. 5. On the cover of the certificate (annex 1) deployed to the following elements: 5.1. background: networking;
5.2. — at the top of the great Latvian National coat-of-arms image below: the inscriptions "the Republic of Latvia" and "a design registration certificate";
5.3. the Middle — the text "Latvian Patent Board certifies that this design is contained in the licence include the national design register with no D00000" (number shall be printed according to the specific case);
5.4. under the text, left: Ribbon image Latvian national flag colors and the Patent Board's seal embossed footprint;
5.5., bottom left: date (date stamps corresponding to display with the particular case) and place of issue;
5.6. in the bottom right hand side – signature properties (title "Patent Office Director", the Patent Board Director's signature and the signature of the transcript). 6. the cover page of the certificate, the representation of the design page and page of the annex shall be made by computer printed on white paper, printing on one side. 7. title page of the certificate (annex 2) located under properties: 7.1 the Patent Board's explanatory text about the design provisions of the Act relating to the entry into force of the design right, the design of the registration and renewal of registration, as well as the obligation of the owner of the design shall notify the Patent Office concerning amendments in the news relating to the registration of the design;
7.2. National Design register shall include the particulars pertaining to the registration. 8. The representation of the design sheet (attachment 3) deploys the image or images of the design. Use the required number of images of the design page. Images number divpozīcij number, indicating the number of the particular design and the image sequence number for the design (for example, the first third of the design image: 1.03; the sixth design in the second picture: 6.02). 9. Annex (annex 4) includes an explanation of the Latvian and English World Intellectual Property Organization standard St. 80 "recommendations for the design of bibliographic data" for the codes used to identify the bibliographic data of the design. 10. Certificate cauršuj and certified with a stamp of the Patent Office. Prime Minister a. Halloween S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ annex a Cabinet of 13 September 2005, regulations No 702 S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ the