Rules For The Benefit Of The Refugee And The Person Assigned The Alternative Status

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par pabalstu bēglim un personai, kurai piešķirts alternatīvais statuss

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 721 in Riga 2005 (September 20. No 53 32 §) rules on benefit refugee and person assigned alternate status Issued in accordance with the law of Asylum and article 39 28 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the refugee is granted and paid benefits to cover subsistence costs and national language learning necessary cost sas, and the order in which the person assigned to the alternative granting status and make this allowance covering maintenance costs, as well as the benefits. 2. the type and amount of benefit: 2.1 a person granted subsidiary status and refugee (hereinafter person) the cost of the allowance to cover the costs of residence in the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter referred to as the subsistence allowance). The allowance shall be fixed: minor person 2.1.1: the national minimum wage;
2.1.2. a minor person, 30% of the national minimum salary in the drop;
2.2. the refugee from the age of seven years of benefits granted to national language learning. The allowance shall be fixed, which shall be borne by the State language training actual costs, but not more than 35 Lats per month. II. procedures for the award of benefits, 3. In order to receive a pension, a person of citizenship and Migration Affairs Board (hereinafter the Board) presented identity documents and submit the following documents: 3.1 for subsistence allowance of: 3.1.1. applications;
3.1.2. means of subsistence of the Declaration (annex);
3.2. in order to receive the benefits of language learning, the country — application. 4. it is the responsibility of the Person within five working days to inform the Administration about the changes in people's livelihood in the news given in the Declaration. 5. Board decision on the granting of benefits or the refusal to grant an allowance, if the person has other livelihood sources (hereinafter the decision), takes two weeks after this provision in paragraph 3 of the documents referred to in the receipt. 6. the Person has the right to challenge the Board's decision to the Ministry of the Interior within one month from the date of its entry into force. 7. A Person has the right to appeal against the decision of the Court of Justice of the Ministry of the Interior within one month from the date of its entry into force. III. arrangements for paying the allowance 8. residence allowance Administration once a month until the tenth date transferred to persons specified in the application to the credit institution's account. 9. the subsistence allowance of the minor person transferred to credit the account the application specified by one of the parents. 10. Part of the subsistence allowances paid to the authority of the administration or on information that provides no person with the living room or give her utilities, saving the State the person guaranteed subsistence minimum. 11. the Government paid subsistence allowance ceases if the person: 11.1 died or declared dead by a court;
11.2. employment contracts concluded for an indefinite period or a contract for more than two months, started commercial activities or receive other income that is not less than the national minimum wage;
11.3. a criminal convicted of committing a robbed and imprisoned;
11.4. livelihood Declaration stated false information;
11.5. lost the status of refugee or subsidiary. 12. If this rule 11.2 or 11.4. terms referred to you, the person managing account contributions wrongly received benefits. 13. The Ministry of Justice shall inform the Government in writing for this rule 11.3 below. referred to in condition. 14. the Benefits of national language learning administration, on the basis of an invoice for the supply of a service, even those authorities or bodies account refugee learn the national language and providing the official language training for licensed programs. 15. the Benefits of language learning of the country stopped to pay if a refugee: 15.1 learned the national language in the first State language skills level and received their identity document;
15.2. without justified reason not visited at least half the class for which the Administration transferred benefits;
15.3. the lost refugee status;
15.4. dead or had been declared dead by a court. IV. final question 16. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 10 September 2002, Regulation No 417 "rules for the benefit of the refugee and the person assigned the alternative status" (Latvian journal, 2002, no. 131; 2004, nr. 36). Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister er Johnson annex a Cabinet of 20 September 2005, the Regulation No. 721 Interior Minister er ivry