Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 March 2004, The Regulation No 125 "rules For Limiting The Sulphur Content Of Certain Liquid Fuel"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 2.marta noteikumos Nr.125 "Noteikumi par sēra satura ierobežošanu noteiktiem šķidrās degvielas veidiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 724 of 2005 in Riga, September 20 (pr. No 53 36) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 March 2004, the Regulation No 125 "rules for limiting the sulphur content of certain liquid fuel" Issued in accordance with the law "on environmental protection" paragraph 10 of article 9 and article 18, second paragraph, of the law "on pollution" article 11 paragraph 1 of the second paragraph and the law "on conformity assessment" article 7 do cabinet 2 March 2004-Regulation No 125 "rules for limiting the sulphur content of certain liquid fuel" (Latvian journal in 2004, 37, 68 no). the following amendments: 1. Replace the words "in the text of the provisions of the Latvian Environment Agency" (fold) with the words "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency" (fold).
2. Replace the text of the provisions and annex 2, the words "company (company)" (fold) with the word "businessman" (fold).
3. Add to subparagraph 2.1 behind the words "except diesel (gas oil)" with the words "and the fleet of diesel (gas oil)".
4. in point 6.1 replace the words and figures "LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025" General requirements for the operation of testing laboratories ' "with the words and figures" LVSENIS/IEC17025:2005 "the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements".
5. Make 11, 12 and 13 as follows: "11." these rules 4 and 8 compliance with the conditions of paragraph response shall be carried out by the operator, but the national environment service regional environmental administration. National Environment Service regional environmental governance up to the current year's April 1 submitted to the Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency information about previous years examinations and their results. The operator at least once every six months (twice a year) as a fuel oil, make it look gus analysis in accredited laboratories and the results forwarded to the respective national environment service regional environmental management.
12. fuel market surveillance by the State revenue service, not less than twice a year, providing diesel (gas oil) sampling for each merchant who distributes diesel (gas oil). The State revenue service up to the current year's April 1 submitted to the Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency information about: 12.1. last year sold (realised) diesel (gas oil);
12.2. the previous year diesel (gas oil) quality compliance check results in accordance with the provisions of annex 3.
13. For this rule 7. monitoring of compliance with requirements of the national environmental authorities responsible for marine and inland waters administration. The national environmental guard marine and inland waters administration shall submit each quarter the Latvian environment, geology and meteorology agency review of the fleet carried diesel (gas oil) tests, indicating that this provision provided for in annex 1 the fuel category belongs to the quality requirements an inappropriate fuel. "
6. Replace 14.1. and 14.2 in words and numbers "LVS EN ISO 8754:1995" determination of sulphur content in petroleum products, energy dispersive method rentgenfluorescenc "in" with the words and figures "LVSENIS" of 8754:2003 petroleum products-determination of sulphur content — energy dispersive method "rentgenfluorescenc" in.
7. Replace paragraph 17, the words "regional environmental administration" with the words "national environment service regional environmental governance".
8. Supplement with 17.1 and 17.2 points as follows: "17.1 specifying measures, are not allowed to extend the deadline for the transition to another type of fuel or energy efficiency improvement period, except if the operator shall implement the project with the co-financing of the European Union and delayed funding from the operator as a result of circumstances.
17.2 during the period in which to apply this provision of the equipment referred to in paragraph 17 of the exception to this rule, the requirements of paragraph 4, the operator does not need to do this the rule referred to in paragraph 11 and analysis of samples. "
9. Make the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 26 April 1999, Directive 1999/32/EC relating to a reduction in the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels and amending Directive 93/12/EEC."
10. Annex 1 Worded as follows: "1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 2 March 2004, regulations No 125 viscosity and density requirements fleet diesel fuels no PO box
Description Limit ISO – F DMA DMB DMC DMX category 1.
Density at 15 ° C, kg/m3, Max.
— 890.0 900.0 920.0 2.
Viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2/min s1.
1.40 1.50 — note.
11mm2/s = 1 CST. "
11. Annex 3 to express the following: "3. the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 March 2004, regulations No 125 diesel (gas oil) sulphur results 200 _____ no BC.
Merchant Special permissions (licenses) of the sample takes the form vieta1 diesel (gas oil) the analytical laboratory accreditation certificate number number company (nosa-kum) JURI drive address-reg. number trācij nosa Kuma tank quantity (tonnes) sulphur content (%)
Note 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.
1Norādī the sampling location (such as a tax warehouse, wholesale inventory (base), a gas station). "
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 24 September 2005.