The Rules On The Reimbursement Procedures For Criminal Proceedings And

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par kriminālprocesuālo izdevumu atlīdzināšanas kārtību un apmēru

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 754 in 2005 (October 4. No 56 38. §) rules on the reimbursement of the criminal justice procedure and Issued in accordance with the law of criminal procedure 367. the second paragraph of article 1. determine: 1. the order in which a witness, victim, expert, specialist, interpreter, auditors and other persons involved in criminal proceedings the State budget funds to pay the procedural expenses in criminal proceedings (costs);
1.2. procedure at the request of the person concerned to pay the evidence storage and handling expenses, and other expenses incurred in criminal proceedings;
1.3. This provision 1.1. and 1.2. expenses referred to. 2. These provisions do not regulate reimbursement expert, Auditor, the specialist, and the interpreter, if they take part in criminal proceedings, the execution of their duties. 3. the expenses of the investigation authority, prok ratūr, the Court or authority that administers the budget of the Court, from the State budget funds for this purpose, based on the process of personal submissions approved by the promoters and the accompanying supporting documents, the expenditure if these set of MOS otherwise. 4. If you receive a full or partial refusal to pay the costs, it can appeal to the administrative procedure law. 5. Expenses associated with the arrival of procedural actions in place and return, as well as stranger charges for accommodation shall be borne by the following order: 5.1 and expenses for driving public vehicles (except taxi) — according to driving the respective tariff TRANS portlīdzekl. If the person is asked to pay the travel expenses before returning home, the expenses for travel in both directions according to the relevant tariffs of driving the vehicle. If the person has not kept a document showing the driving expenses shall be borne by the relevant minimum fare price (rates) on the route concerned;
5.2. expenditure on personal use of the vehicle — according to fuel consumption, taking into account the trip route and mileage, as well as the fuel consumption of the vehicle;
5.3. the expenditure on accommodation (hotels): use no more than 30 dollars per night in Riga and 20 dollars for day other prefectures, where the invited person on the same day, it is not possible to return to their place of residence and are not likely to appear during the process of transforming a specific place and time. 6. the amounts payable to the victim or a witness as the average wages for the period during which the due to participation in a procedural person performs his work, be paid in accordance with the laws and regulations on the procedures for the authorities of the country of the employer to pay the employee be paid average earnings. 7. Expert, Auditor, or the interpreter specialist pay for the process of task force work. The amount of payment determined by the investigative body, Prosecutor's Office, the Court or authority that administers the budget of the Court, taking into account expert, Auditor, or the interpreter's professional qualifications and on the basis of the process reference guide (annex). 8. Expenses incurred in carrying out the inspection, shall be reimbursed at actual cost. 9. If the expenditure on legal aid from public funds, shall be borne by the lawyer for the work done, pay in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the payment of Attorney's valstsnodrošināt provision of legal aid in criminal proceedings and payment arrangements. 10. Evidence storage and transfer costs in accordance with the laws and regulations on the treatment of items of evidence and property seized. 11. Other expenses incurred in criminal proceedings, it shall be reimbursed at actual cost, on the basis of the decisions taken by the promoters of the process. 12. Expenses associated with the implementation of these provisions, reimburse the law on State budget for the current year the Government allocated budget. Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of the Minister of Justice, Minister with special responsibility for electronic Government Affairs j. Rare attachment Cabinet 4 October 2005 a Regulation No 754 in the place of the Minister of Justice, Minister with special responsibility for electronic Government Affairs j. Rare in