Rules On Customs Service Fee

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par muitas iestāžu pakalpojumu valsts nodevu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 774 in 2005 in Riga on October 18 (Mon. No 60 5. §) rules for the Customs authorities Issued a public service duties in accordance with the customs law article 4, fourth paragraph 1. determine Government fees for customs services and pay you. 2. State fee rates for customs services (ls) are the following: 2.1 for each customs official working hours, the clearance of goods outside the Customs office location (not full working hours is considered full) or outside work, except for the customs clearance of goods, customs procedures, design, transit-20 lats;
2.2. for the temporary storage of goods approved by the Customs authorities of the places, over giving time limit established for the product to be assigned a customs-approved treatment or storage mode: 2.2.1. the first 15 States — 0.1% of the daily value of goods;
2.2.2. for the following 15 States: 0.3% of the daily value of goods;
2.2.3. in 30 countries — for each day the next day-2% of the value of the goods;
2.3. on the origin of the goods or the goods in compliance with the code of the combined nomenclature are used if the State revenue service's main customs administration, customs laboratory services — 50 lats. 3. A State fee for the services of the Customs authorities in charge before the service. 4. State fee for customs services, including State budget. 5. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 October 2004, Regulation No 868 "rules on customs service fee" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 168). Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš