The Provisions For The Direct Administration Of The Membership Of The European Union-Funded Institution-Building In The Implementation Of The Programme

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par tiešās pārvaldes iestādes dalību Eiropas Savienības finansēto institūciju stiprināšanas programmu īstenošanā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 819 in Riga in 2005 (November 1. No 63 13. §) rules on direct regulatory authority membership of the European Union-funded institution-building programmes Issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 14 of the law on equipment the first paragraph of article 3, paragraph 1. determines the order in which direct regulatory authority (hereinafter the authority) shall participate in the European Union-funded institution-building programmes in the implementation of the national administrations (Twinning) twinning and twinning of small scale (Twinning Light) projects (hereinafter the project).
2. project coordination ensure national coordinator twinning (Twinning) projects (Coordinator).
3. the authority shall participate in the implementation of a twinning project (Twinning) Guide and in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions.
4.No other countries or the European Commission received information about the possibility to participate in the implementation of projects in the contest coordinator within three working days after the receipt of such information puts the Finance Ministry's website, inter State and inform the institution which is competent to meet the project's application.
5. The Coordinator shall provide the necessary information to the authorities about the possibility to participate in the tender for the implementation of projects, as well as in providing advice in the preparation of tenders, projects for the approval of contracts and the implementation of the project.
6. the head of the institution shall take a decision on the offer of participation in the preparation of project implementation in the competition and ensure its submission in writing and electronically to the Coordinator within the time limit specified.
7. the Coordinator shall send the submitted project proposal the project the applicant countries and the European Commission.
8. the Coordinator shall inform the authority of the submitted bid evaluation results.
9. after the authority has received from the Coordinator of the information about the results of the evaluation of the tender, it supports project signing and implementation of the agreement.
10. signature of the contract for the project manager and the project authority specified in the contract, the project manager.
11. the Authority plans to project funding to the law on the State budget for the current year or, if necessary, amendments to the law referred to a revenue of paid services rendered.
12. the authority provides a statement of revenue and expenditure of the project planning and records laws on the revenue and expenditure of the budget classification and twinning (Twinning) the requirements set out in the manual.
13. project financial flows of funds of the Authority opens the account budget the Treasury.
14. All project related costs (salary, the compulsory social insurance contributions and taxes, daily allowance, travel expenses and other costs under the contract of the project) to be covered from the funds received for the implementation of the project in the project expenditure limits laid down in the Treaty.
15. If necessary, authority to the apr priācij the revenue and expenditure of the project for the approval of the law on the State budget for the current year and the advance payment of the draft budget of the authority for the transfer to the account of the costs associated with the project preparation and implementation, of the institution's activities, if the budgetary resources to the end of the year will be spent restoring the State budget.
16. in order to ensure the implementation of the project, on the project the applicant country by the head of the Authority's order sent to the employee or official. Employees or officials in the absence of the body keeps its job, but the wages paid during that period of the project.
17. in order to ensure that the staff of the institution or an official's participation in the project and the technical and project administration, project manager the authority to an employee or officer of the company closed a contract for performance of the employment concerned.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 5 November 2005.