Rules On Patent Fees Provided By The Services Of The Board Price List

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Patentu valdes sniegto maksas pakalpojumu cenrādi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 828 in 2005 (November 1. No 63 27. §) rules on Patent fees provided by the services of the Board price list Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management of the ninth article 5 part 1. determines the Patent Board supplied charge service price list.
2. the Management Board shall provide the Patent fees the services in accordance with the price list (annex).
Prime Minister a. Halloween Justice Minister s. Āboltiņ Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions to 5 November 2005.
Annex to the Cabinet on 1 November 2005, regulations no 828 Patent Board supplied charge service price list I. Patent Board (except the Patent technical library) paid service and charges no PO box
Charge type of service charges (including VAT), LVL 1.
Provision of information on the identical Word marks (marks identical search): 1.1.
from the national trademark database (one mark) 11.80 1.2.
from the national trademark database and international trademark database ROMARIN (per mark) 23.60 2.
Provision of information for identical and similar word marks in Latvia (identical or similar trademark search): 2.1.
from the national trademark database (one mark) 29.50 2.2.
from the national trademark database and international trademark database ROMARIN (per mark) 41.30 3.
Information about the person sought and the registered trademark in Latvia (the owner of quest) (for one person) 53.10 4.
Information on the patent applications and patents issued in Latvia (for one patent or patentpieteikum) 41.30 6.
The priority of the application identity document: 5.1.
preparation (for one application) 5.90 5.2.
preparing and sending to the world intellectual property organization's International Bureau (trade marks and designs) (per application) 11.80 6.
Statement from the Board of the national register of patents (for one application, patent or registration), which involves the preparation of documents in 1.18 7.
Copies of the Patent Office's possession in which the preparation is associated with the document selection: 7.1.
a single document (the first page) 1.18 7.2.
for each subsequent page 8 0.12.
Additions and amendments to the register of patent attorneys Professional (for one person) 1.18 9.
The Patent Board official Edition of "patents and trademarks": 9.1.
the Patent Board 5.31 issue 9.2.
send by mail 10.5.90
Of the international registration or renewal application to the preparation of the mark by the data submitted by the applicant (one mark) 47.20 11.
Preparation and sending of documents to the world intellectual property organization's International Bureau, if the documents are submitted to the Patent Board (per mark) 23.60 12.
Preparation of the documents of the national trade mark application (extraordinary) to speed up the investigation, which is expected to apply to the international registration (one mark) 53.10 13.
Preparation of documents for the transmission of the international application under the patent cooperation treaty for when the application has been filed with the Patent Office as a receiving Agency (per application) 47.20 14.
European Community trade mark or design application for the transfer of the Office for harmonisation in the internal market the Patent Board 11.80 II. Patent technical library services fees and charges no PO box
Charge type of Service Pricing (not taxed by VAT), LVL 1.
Document delivery, interlibrary loans (one request) 2.00 2.
User training for various information resources (about one hour) 3.00 3.
Internet use (user independent work): 3.1.
about 30 minutes 0.25 3.2.
about one hour 0.50 3.3.
about three hours 1.00 4.
Prints (on one page) 0.08 5.
Information: 5.1.
floppy disk (one formatted floppy disk) 0.50 5.2.
CD-ROM (CD-ROM) (disc one) 2.00 6.
Document and image scanning (on one page) 0.30 7.
Document copying: 7.1.
A4 size (about one page) 0.04 7.2.
A3 format (about one page) 0.08 7.3.
from microfilm and microfiche (about one page) 0.10 8.
The single reader card issuance or renewal (per card) 2.00 9.
One-time visit registration 0.30 10.
(Up to five), subscription (thematic journal selection for use outside the library for a certain period of time): 10.1.
one month 7.00 10.2.
20.00 per quarter to 10.3.
70.00 11 for one year.
Interlibrary loans: 11.1.
one month 7.00 11.2.
20.00 per quarter to 11.3.
70.00 for one year 12.
Send the document electronically to: 12.1.
printouts from databases (on one page) 0.10 12.2.
copies of other media (about one page) 0.15 13.
Library item copy sent by telefax on the territory of Latvia (about one page) 0.15 14.
Information on request (per request) 30.00 15.
Document supply international interlibrary loans (one document) the Minister of Justice's 20.00.-Āboltiņ