The Rules Of Procedure Be Prepared For Execution, And The Content Of The Information To Be Contained Therein And The Amount Of

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par kārtību, kādā sagatavo izziņu par soda izpildes gaitu, un tajā iekļaujamās informācijas saturu un apjomu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 344 in 2015 (30 June. No 30 42. §) rules on procedures prepared for the implementation of the penalties, and the content of the information to be included and the amount Issued in accordance with the Penal Procedure Code of Latvia in the third paragraph of article 79.3 1. determines the order in which prepared the custodial authorities a certificate of execution (hereinafter referred to as the certificate), and the content of the information to be included and the amount. 2. the Certificate shall be prepared to send to the city (district) Court, which will consider the request in their convicted released from penal relatively early, including electronic monitoring. 3. the Certificate shall be drawn up in writing. Cognitive preparation used in the assessment of the results of resocializācij convicted in. 4. the Certificate shall contain general information on convicts and information on: 4.1 sentenced the previous convictions; 4.2. the sentenced execution progress of advanced system; 4.3. the sentenced behavior and resocializācij process; 4.4. the custodial authority (hereinafter officials) conclusions on the readiness of the society included convicted. 5. Cognitive section containing general information about the convicts, sentenced 5.1: name, surname, personal code (if no ID number, date of birth); 5.2. information on the name of the Court judgment, judgment date, criminal law article (article) a custodial sentence (years, months, days), date of entry into force of the judgment; 5.3. the penalty the beginning and end of the period (year, month, day); 5.4. a foreign country prison time (years, months, days); 5.5. when a convicted criminal enforcement of the corresponding regulatory laws occur right on conditional early release from parole (year, month, date); 5.6. when the sentenced criminal enforcement of the corresponding regulatory laws occur right on conditional early release from parole with electronic monitoring (year, month, date). 6. Inquiries under the previous criminal record of convicted: 6.1. previous convictions; 6.2. deleted (removed) the number of convictions; 6.3. custodial sites served the penalty; 6.4. conditional release before the term of the sentence; 6.5. conditional release before the term of parole with electronic monitoring discovery. 7. Inquiries under the direction of the sentenced penalty enforcement system: Advanced 7.1. information about when a decision on transfer of the sentenced penalty enforcement within frontier (year, month, date); 7.2. other decisions about parole mode softening or hardening (decision, year, month, date). 8. Inquiries section on convicted conduct and process of resocializācij: 8.1 repeating of the crime risk Dynamics sentenced execution time; 8.2. information on planned measures resocializācij sentenced execution time; 8.3. information about participation in the employment of the sentenced, education, psychological care, social work, leisure activities, social rehabilitation or social behavioral adjustment in penitentiary institution and the results achieved; 5.2. information on participation of the sentenced mental care activities; 8.5. the sentenced attitude to work if it was offered to the education opportunities, if any have been offered; 8.6. the sentenced treatment appropriate leisure activities; 8.7. the sentenced treatment work without pay is required for custodial institutions and the surrounding area, as well as utilities sentenced cultural life and development and improvement of housing; 8.8. in the treatment of other convicted convicts and prison administration, other State and local authorities, non-governmental organizations and individuals participating in the resocializācij of the convicted; 5.5. information on injunctions contains charges depending on the amount of funds available to the convicted and the means necessary to earn a custodial institution; 8.10. information about alcohol, narcotic, toxic or psychotropic substances use cases a custodial institution, based on the validity of the diagnosis if the custodial authority contains the following information, involvement in addiction and the mitigation measures; 8.11. other information that describes the behavior of the convicted in a custodial institution. 9. conclusion of the convicted officials ready to participate in the society include views of the convicted person's compliance with the enforcement of criminal laws regulating the conditions specified for conditional early release from parole. 10. The certificate shall be prepared in two copies. One copy of the sentenced person, the other sent to the Court under the penal enforcement regulatory laws. 11. a Certificate signed by any officer that it prepared and approved the Chief penitentiary authorities. 12. the methodology for the preparation of the certificate and the certificate of the form approved by the prison administration chief. 13. the rules shall enter into force on July 1, 2015. The Prime Minister is the Minister of Justice of Rashness Newsletters amber is Rasnač