Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 28 July 1998, The Regulations No. 270 "average Insurance Contributions Wage Calculation And State Social Insurance Benefits, Cost Calculation And Order"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1998.gada 28.jūlija noteikumos Nr.270 "Vidējās apdrošināšanas iemaksu algas aprēķināšanas kārtība un valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas pabalstu piešķiršanas, aprēķināšanas un izmaksas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 343 in 2015 (30 June. Nr. 30) 23 amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 July 1998, the regulations No. 270 "average insurance contributions wage calculation and State social insurance benefits, cost calculation and order" Issued in accordance with the law "on maternity and sickness insurance" article 24 and article 31, third paragraph, 1. make the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 July 1998, the regulations No. 270 "average insurance contributions wage calculation and the State social insurance benefit award the cost of the calculation and procedure, "(Journal of Latvia, 1998, 223/224. no; 1999, 75-78, 348-350; 2001, 31 no no; 2005, 99. No; 2007, nr. 206.198., no; 2008; 2009, 81, no. 204; 182. no; the 2010, 2011, 2012, 82; No. 11, no. 185, 189, 250; 2013. no) the following amendments: 1. delete paragraph 7.1.1., the words" If the employer has received written proof of the absence of workers in work incapacity period "; 1.2. to supplement the provisions under point 7.3 as follows: "7.3. as an employed or self-employed in micro-spouse who voluntarily joined the national social insurance." 1.3. the deletion of paragraph 9, the words "in respect of maternity and paternity allowance"; 1.4. the deletion of paragraph 11; 1.5. to supplement the first sentence of paragraph 11.2 behind the words "paid sickness benefits" the words "or different parental leave or leave granted to the father of the child period"; 1.6. to supplement the provisions under paragraph 13.3. following: "micro-13.3. an employee who voluntarily joined the national social insurance if the insurance event occurs the day he's no longer a worker or self-employed, the spouse who voluntarily joined the national social insurance." 1.7. Add to paragraph 14 of interpretation of the formula "Dp" after the words "maternity leave calendar day" with the words "the calendar day on which paternity allowance"; 1.8. to supplement 16.3 point after the words "parental benefit for the next child-raising" with the words "stop the parental allowance is paid for a previous child"; 1.9. Express 19.2 point as follows: "foreign country issuing 19.2. proof of incapacity certified law on disability service page, in the order, if the disability occurred in a foreign country." 1.10. delete paragraph 21; 1.11. delete paragraph 2; 21.1 1.12. subparagraph 1.6 21.2 the express as follows: "the requested benefit 1.6 21.2 (parental allowance);"; 1.13. supplement with 21.2 1.9. subparagraph by the following: "1. period, 21.2 to one chosen to receive parental benefits;"
1.14 subparagraph 2 replace 21.2, the words "European economic area" with the words "of the European Union or the European economic area '; 1.15. replace 21.5 points, the word "care" with the word "custody"; 1.16. supplement with 21.7 21.8 points and by the following: "parental allowances cost 21.7 stop or report the amount according to the law" on maternity and sickness insurance "in the third paragraph of article 10.6 of the date of the circumstances that have occurred on the basis of the cost of benefits, suspension or the about the review. If the recipient of the allowance 21.8 parental benefit loses during the worker's or the self-employed status, parental allowances cost continues to the extent granted. '; 1.17. the deletion of 23.2 points; 1.18. supplement with 27.11 points as follows: "If the inability to page B 27.11 is issued electronically, but the law has been prepared in accordance with the procedure laid down in paper form, using the disability form, person page, together with the application of maternity or sickness benefits shall submit to any award of the State social insurance agency." 2. provisions applicable to the 1 July 2015. 3. This rule 1.10. subparagraph shall enter into force on July 1, 2016. The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of Welfare Minister Newsletters site – Minister of agriculture John Dūklav