Rules For The Monthly Premium To The Old-Age Pension

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par ikmēneša piemaksu pie vecuma pensijas

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 891 in Riga 2005 22 November (pr. No. 68, § 44) the rules on the monthly premium to the old-age pension in accordance with the law Issued "on State pensions" transitional provisions 41 i. General questions 1. determine the amount of the monthly premium to the old-age pension for insurance indemnity (hereinafter benefit), as well as premium and costs.
2. the premium is dependent on: 2.1. In Latvia, the State granted (recalculated) old-age pension;
2.2. the pension granted by the institution or part of the claims;
UR2.3.kop the insurance indemnity that Latvia will take into account in determining the entitlement to old-age pension;
2.4. insurance indemnity (in full years), accrued to December 31, 1995 and on which Latvia has calculated retirement pension;
2.5. European Union and European economic area Member States and countries with which the concluded international agreements on social security, a pension granted of all or part of the claims.
3. If the old-age pension invalidity pension is fixed or retirement pension, then, in determining the right to benefits, taking account of the disability pension or retirement pension.
4. the premium is not part of the old-age pension, and not about the report, with the exception of those provisions referred to in paragraph 6.
II. determination of the amount of the premium and the premium for 5 Bonus for one year of insurance indemnity is 19 cent. The amount of the premium on a specific retirement age determined by multiplying that amount by this provision 2.4. insurance indemnity referred to.
6. If the insurance indemnity that accrued to December 31, 1995, after the grant of the premium shall be added to and adjusted accordingly, and the old-age pension after recalculating the amount does not exceed 105 lats, the conversion also.
7. The award shall state social insurance agency (hereinafter the Agency), on the basis of this provision of the information referred to in paragraph 2.
8. the premium shall be granted to the day when encountered eligibility (old-age pension (conversion) day), but not earlier than the date of entry into force of these regulations. The premium shall be granted for life, except in the following cases, when you lose the premium rights: 8.1. old age pensions if the beneficiary leaves the Latvian permanent life abroad;
8.2. If the received information, or part of the pension, which affect the right to benefit and granted by the authorities of Latvia, European Union or the European economic area or countries with which Latvia has concluded international agreements on social security.
9. the decision granting the premium, the Agency adopted a month after the decision on the award of old-age pensions (recalculation).
10. the adoption of the decision granting the premium for the following cases: limits 10.1. old-age pension is paid if the loan according to the law "on State pensions", article 33 — until the day when the decision is taken on the old-age pension;
10.2. If the Agency has not received all the provisions referred to in paragraph 2 of information — until the day after the Agency receives the necessary information, but no longer on the Administrative Procedure Act, article 64 of the second part of the administrative law issue.
11. the institutions that granted retirement pensions, as part of the retirement pension shall notify to the Agency the amount within 10 days after receipt of the certificate for the age pension. Field support service, which granted pension, early on they shall notify to the Agency the amount within 10 days from the date of the grant of the pension.
12. the decision granting the premium (translation), the cost of restoration or suspension or refusal to grant a premium old-age pension beneficiary is entitled to challenge and appeal to the law "on State pensions" in article 29.
III. 13. Premiums the premium is paid at the old-age pension law "on State pensions" article 32 in the first and second subparagraphs.
14. the premium shall not be paid if, after the end of the period of disability for disabled persons establish and restore an old-age pension invalidity pension, to which no benefit is granted. If a person without a disability is determined, she loses the right to old-age pension invalidity pensions and allowances paid to the day when you return the cost of old-age pensions.
15. These rules 8 and 14 cases referred to in paragraph end with the cost of the premium next month, following the month in which the Agency has become aware of information that discontinuing premiums.
16. where the premium is fixed at the early old-age pensions granted: 16.1. paying out benefits, apply the law "on State pensions" transitional rules 30 and 31;
16.2. the recipient of the premium in respect of the premium is subject to the same obligations as set out in the law "on State pensions" in article 34.
17. If the provisions of paragraph 16 in the case of an overpayment, the premium deduction from the premium shall be made to the law "on State pensions" article 36, first paragraph, point 3. If the premiums are paid by premium overpayment is deducted from the pension.
18. If the recipient died, the premium for premium shall apply the law "on State pensions" article 37.
IV. Closing questions 19. Persons with January 1, 2006, are entitled to the premium shall be granted to that date, but the cost in conjunction with the February 2006 supplement.
20. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2006.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister in place of children and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on January 1, 2006.