Requirements For Measuring Apparatus That Determines The Person's Alcohol Concentration Of Exhaled Air

Original Language Title: Prasības mēraparātiem, ar kuriem nosaka alkohola koncentrāciju personas izelpotajā gaisā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 977 2005 in Riga on December 20 (pr. No 76 65) requirements instruments that determine the concentration of alcohol in exhaled air of the person Issued pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act article 43.5 of the first part of the law "on conformity assessment" and article 7 of the law "on a uniformity of measurements" 6. the second paragraph of article 1 the rules lays down the requirements for the state metrological control of measuring the subject to local regulations establishing the person's alcohol concentration of exhaled air (hereinafter rely). 2. Rely, which legally produced or put into circulation in a Member State of the European Union or in Turkey, or lawfully manufactured in the countries of the European Free Trade Association, which is the agreement on the European economic area, the Contracting Parties have the right to offer, subject to the principle of mutual recognition. 3. Rely, produced in a country other than those referred to in paragraph 2 of this rule, is the right offer in Latvia pursuant to the requirements in these rules. 4. the determination of the concentration of alcohol in the air exhaled uses rely that performed: 4.1 meter type approval and initial verification in accordance with the laws of the state metrological control of measuring means are subject to metrological control procedures, and the type-approval certificate, type-approval mark and the first verification mark;
4.2. the verification in accordance with the laws of the state metrological control of measuring means are subject to metrological control arrangements, and is certified by the certificate of verification and verification sticker. 5. requirements that Rely on these provisions in the annex. 6. the metrological supervision Rely state metrological inspection. 7. which Rely to this provision into force put into circulation and placed in service pursuant to the laws and requirements of logical control, Metro used to determine the concentration of alcohol in exhaled air in the person of 2010 December 31. 8. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2006. Informative reference to European Union directives, the regulations include provisions resulting from: 1) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 June 1998, Directive 98/34/EC laying down a procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical standards and regulations;
2) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 July 1998 Directive 98/48/EC, amending Directive 98/34/EC laying down a procedure for the information of supply in the field of technical standards and regulations. Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister g. Smith of the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 20 December 2005, regulations no 977 1. Rely provides through the mouth for expired alveolar air analysis.
2. Rely provides measurement and reporting. Shows that rely it is ready or not ready to perform the measurement.
3. Rely provides continuity between the expiratory air sampling and the beginning and the end signal (shown), if izelpojam air flow ceases (temporarily or permanently).
4. Rely on signals the interfering effect of substances exceeding the maximum limit.
5. Rely determines the alcohol content expiration (unit: mg/l) and recalculate, determining the alcohol content (concentration) blood (1000 or part-per percentage point). Rely is microprocessor Kit, which provides the concentration of alcohol in the air exhaled recalculation in blood alcohol content per. The alcohol content in the blood to the alcohol content of exhaled air is 2200:1. the result is equivalent to the concentration of alcohol in the blood.
6. Rely on mērdiapazon is from 0.00 mg/l to mg/l at least 1.50. If the mass is 0.05 mg/l or less, the display may be 0.00 mg/l. 8. totalization indicating device must Rely: section 7.1 by value of 0.01 mg/l; 7.2. verification of the section with the value of 0.001 mg/l; 7.3 digital indicators display with resolution of 0.001 mg/l, which rely during operation rounded up to 0.01 mg/l. 8. Height of the digits or similar shiny fluorescent reģistrētājierīc to have at least 5 mm other devices-at least 10 mm. 9. Unit name or its symbol (letter-at least 3 mm in height) is located in the vicinity of the indicating the result.
10. the maximum permissible error Rely are: 10.1 ± 0.020 mg/l if the weight is less than 0.400 mg/l; 10.2.5% If the mass concentration of 0, 400 mg/l or more and 2, 000mg/l or less;
10.3.20% by mass of more than 2.000 mg/l. 11. Rely on the maximum permissible error in service is: ± 0, 032mg/11.1 l, if the weight is less than 0.400 mg/l; 11.2.8%, if the mass concentration of 0, 400 mg/l or more and 2, 000mg/l or less;
11.3.30%, if the mass is greater than 2.000 mg/l. 12. activities affecting Rely values: 12.1, which rely on the network connected to the mains supply, meet the metrological requirements, if the electricity supply is down fluctuations;
12.2. rely that powered from batteries, displays the voltage to fall below the minimum values, and in such circumstances continue to work correctly or is switched off automatically;
12.3. as soon as the subject rely, magnetic and other electromagnetic interference, it does not pose a significant failure, or they automatically turns off.
13. Rely is equipped with a compact printer that prints the following: 13.1 rely number;
13.2. the last verification date rely;
13.3. the inspection time (date);
13.4. the results of the self-monitoring; rely
13.5. the measurement result;
13.6. the field (column) of records in the inspection site;
8.5. the field (column) the examiner's signature;
13.8. the field (column) to the person;
13.9. units of measurement in which the symbols expressed in the result;
13.10. only measuring the end result.
14. The printed result may vary from display to display rely.
15. Prints are legible for at least a month (even if they remained in the light of day, or the equivalent of lighting).
16. Rely on security, defence and hygiene requirements: 16.1 rely provides you with disposable iemuš (tip), which is located in individual packages;
16.2. rely fits specific electrical safety standards;
16.3. technical support to rely to adjust its metrological parameters.
16.4. automatic zero assurance: 16.4.1. rely be equipped with an automatic zero setting device;
16.4.2. after the measurement is performed with a rely cleans up the gas that does not contain alcohol (such as with the surrounding air);
16.5. the correct actions rely controls include: 16.5.1. check whether all parameters rely work properly both before and after each measurement;
16.5.2. the inspection or measurement cycle is correctly reflected;
16.5.3. automatic signal, if the activities of the identified error rely or defect;
16.5.4. checking rely is correctly adjusted (with reference gas mixtures, where relative humidity is 90% and the temperature is 34 ° C ± 1 ° C).
17. the warm-up time: Rely 17.1. willingness to take rely reaches a charging time of measurement after power on;
17.2. the readiness to take rely reaches measurement within 5 minutes after placement in standby mode;
17.3. If the warm-up time exceeds this annex 17.1 and 17.2. time referred to, it must appear to rely.
18. the results of the measurements are Rely-on display rely at least 15 minutes after the measurement is made.
19. Rely that does not produce the maximum mass concentrations during expiration, the measurement shall be taken with the expiratory volume of not less than 1.5 l. 20. Rely works in the temperature range from 0 ° C to 40 ° c. Health Minister g. Smith