Rules For Small Shipping Drivers ' Certification And Training

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par mazizmēra kuģošanas līdzekļu vadītāju sertificēšanu un apmācību

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Specified, the Latvian journal 16.05.2006. Nr. 75 (3443) Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 994 in Riga 2005 20 December (pr. No 76 58. §) rules on undersized shipping drivers ' certification and training Issued in accordance with the maritime administration and the Maritime Security Act article 26, fourth paragraph 1. determines the order in which the certified and trained small vessels (watercraft, as well as a speedboat and boat with a length of less than 12 metres).
2. Small vessels managers certified, as well as the manager shall establish and maintain a register of the State joint stock company "road traffic safety Directorate (CSDD hereinafter).
3. Small vessels to the driver the necessary knowledge, skills, and skills a person can acquire the self-paced.
4. Undersized shipping drivers licence (hereinafter certificate) is a credit card size document (annex), which is made of a special material with built in security features, and that person shall be issued on the basis of personal CSDD acquired rights to drive the small vessels in inland waters and sea coast of Latvia no further than 10 km from the coast.
5. the period of validity of the certificate is 10.
6. before the receipt of the certificate, as well as before the qualification exam the person presented identity documents. Identity documents may not be produced for a person who has not reached 15 years of age, if it is presented to the birth certificate, as well as the person who wants to Exchange or renew this provision corresponding to annex certificate.
7. Can get a person permanently residing in Latvia or having the right to reside in Latvia for more than three months.
8. the licence may be obtained by persons who have reached the age of the following: 8.1.14 years of age, to control the boat and watercraft;
8.2.16 years of age to drive motor boats and watercraft, boats.
9. in order to receive the certificate, the person organizing the shipping driver Qualification exam. Examination in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of March 1, 2005, regulations No 158 "rules for vessels traffic in inland waters" and other maritime industry regulatory laws in so far as they relate to vessel traffic in inland waters are included in the following: 9.1 the use of recreational craft;
9.2. vessels safe speed;
9.3. shipping below the bridge and their vicinity;
9.4. vessels, signs and signals;
9.5. collision prevention;
9.6. the action of the water traffic accident;
9.7. the rest of navigators;
9.8. the navigation signs, lights and their installation, as well as other traffic inland waters related issues.
10. The shipping driver Qualification exam ticket issues in accordance with paragraph 9 of these regulations determine the Transport Ministers.
11. The certificate shall be issued to the person who passed the CSDD shipping driver Qualification exam.
12. Undersized shipping driver Qualification exam in the computer. If an applicant does not pass the exam, you may sort it again after seven days.
13. The Person to whom the other recreational craft (or yachts motor yachts) driver qualification card, the certificate shall be issued without examination to sort.
14. A Person wishing to receive or renew the licence, submit a medical certificate for the CSDD general health or medical certificate of the driver, but the person who wants to exchange the licence, certificate, exchangeable.
15. The Person up to the date of entry into force of the provisions has been granted a national fire and rescue service, maritime technical centre, State environmental inspection of shipping issued driving licence and jahtklub and sailing section in the Commission issued driving licences for motor yachts, the certificate shall be issued without examination to sort.
16. The bodies up to the date of entry into force of the provisions has issued shipping drivers licence, provide information about the CSDD individuals who have received the relevant certificate (name and number of the licence issued).
Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 30 December 2005.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 December 2005, the Regulation No 994 small vessels the driving licence model traffic Minister a. shlesers