National Probation Service Charter

Original Language Title: Valsts probācijas dienesta nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1010 Riga 2005 (December 27. 77 23. §) national probation service regulation Issued in accordance with the law of public administration facilities 16. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. National probation service (hereinafter service) is the Minister of Justice under the supervision of an existing direct regulatory authority. 2. the aim is to promote public safety by conducting criminal, forced labor, execution, providing postpenitenciār assistance for persons after the custodial sentence, as well as in the monitoring of the trial period, conditionally sentenced conditionally released before the term of the punishment of the person and the person against whom criminal proceedings are terminated, the conditional relief from criminal responsibility. II. the functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. Service implemented in the national probation service's statutory functions, as well as contribute to: 3.1 postpenitenciār assistance services;
3.2. the scientific research in the field of probation and ensure the effective use of research results. 4. in order to ensure the function execution, service national probation service's statutory tasks as well: 4.1 according to competency developed and disseminated information and methodological materials;
4.2. provide methodological assistance and training information to law enforcement officials;
4.3. participates in the further education of professionals in the probation training programme development and implementation;
4.4. provide proposals under the competence of the legislative drafting;
4.5. preparation of the national programme of investment and international applications, as well as to facilitate the implementation of the investment programme;
4.6. participates in the joint implementation of the national policy of reducing social exclusion. 5. Has the following rights: 5.1. to request and receive from State and local government institutions and individuals service tasks necessary information;
5.2. in accordance with the competency to represent national interests in international organisations and European institutions;
5.3. the laws and regulations in order to cooperate with State and local authorities and other institutions, as well as the appropriate competence to cooperate with the authorities of other countries and international organizations. III. outline of service 6. Service led Service Manager. The Service Manager is appointed and released from Office by the Minister of Justice. 7. Service Manager installation performing public administrative act direct authorities managerial functions. IV. Actions ensuring the rule of law and reporting 8. Service activities are the rule of law provides the Service Manager. The Service Manager is responsible for the internal control of the service and the service's decisions to the establishment and operation of the system. 9. the officers issued administrative provisions and actual action can be a challenge and appeal in accordance with the administrative procedure law in the following order: 9.1 the Department officials issued administrative acts or actual action may be challenged, by the application of the Service Manager. Head of service may appeal to the Court of Justice;
9.2. head of service regulations issued (except this rule 9.1. the decision referred to in point) or the actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry's decision may appeal to the Court. 10. the driver has the right to annul the decision of the officers or the internal regulations. 11. Service not less frequently than once a year, provide the Minister of justice review of the service's functions and the use of budget resources. V. concluding questions 12. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 7 October 2003 Regulation No 558 "country management regulations of the probation service" (Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 141). 13. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2006. Prime Minister a. Halloween S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ the