Angling Rules

Original Language Title: Makšķerēšanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 31 of 2006 in Riga in January (10. 2. § 33) fishing rules issued under the Fisheries Act, in article 13, first paragraph, point 3 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the natural persons of the Republic of Latvia may engage in recreational fishing — fishing, as well as underwater hunting, cancer, and other aquatic invertebrates (hereinafter fishing) with these rules allowed for fishing, underwater hunting and vēžošan tools.
2. To engage in fishing in the waters of the Republic of Latvia natural persons can (anglers), which is present at the time of fishing fishing card. Where certain licensed fishing, in addition to the fishing card is also required a license.
3. persons under the age of 16 years and older, about 15 people, as well as disabled people allowed to fish without a fishing cards. Such persons must be present the identity document or a certificate of disability.
4. Private Lakes and lakes, which is located in one of the owner's land and fishing rights that do not belong to the State, fishing rights belong to the owner of the Lake. The owner of the fishing rights may use or permit the use of other natural or legal persons in accordance with these rules and regulations on the use of fishing rights in private waters.
5. Bodies (including those referred to in chapter V of the rules) or water body parts where certain licensed fishing, the order in which the natural person engaged in fishing, certain fishery law article 10, second paragraph, these rules and regulations for licensed recreational fishing — fishing — the body of water, or by operating rules.
6. submarine hunting tool, as well as vēžošan tools and techniques allowed those bodies in cancer and fish production according to the specific laws and regulations on the licensed recreational fishing — fishing. In addition to underwater use traps at sea is allowed in the marine coastal waters, as well as private Lakes, with fishing rights do not belong to the State. Underwater hunting tools used, subject to the requirements of this regulation.
7. Fishing specially protected natural areas of the waters in accordance with these rules and the protection of the territory and the terms of use.
8. Fishing and underwater hunting competition rules should be coordinated with local authorities, the national environmental service and national fisheries administration, but especially protected natural areas, with their administration. If the competitions are held in rented bodies, racing regulations in addition to the body of water must be coordinated with the tenant.
9. the angler fishing the have the right to free use of the natural cordage bar: along the coast — 20 m, along the shores of private waters-4 m, along the shores of the other waters-10 m. 10. national fisheries authority under the Fisheries Act, articles 15 and 16, as well as in the light of scientific recommendations, after coordination with the Ministry of environment can define temporary measures regulating fishing. After the measure concerned the expiry of the provisions in force. National fisheries authority decision on regulating fishing activities before its entry into force shall be published in the newspaper "Latvian journal" and the district's newspaper, as well as communicate on television and radio.
II. the fishing tools and their use 11. At the same time allowed to use no more than two angling gear (rod, spinning, mušiņmakšķer) with no more than three hooks in any form with each tool, if the tool is used in fishing inland waters, and no more than four hooks of any type with each tool, if the tool is used in fishing offshore waters. Each vairākžubur hook is considered one hook.
12. the use of fishing gear are not allowed to use: 12.1. the strike by which fish hook with a hook behind the other parts of your body, not your mouth.
12.2. the natural bait are specially protected fish species use restricted — salmon, sea trout and grayling, as well as the brook trout fishing and visible hooks (gaf) this fish.
13. The bait fish allowed for the generation of grid, not more than 1.5 x 1.5 m, with a mesh size smaller than 10 mm. 14. Vēžošan in accordance with paragraph 6 of these rules allowed, with a maximum of five crayons, as well as catching by hand.
15. Using underwater hunting tools, comply with the following requirements: use only with muscle power rechargeable harpūnšauten, the width of the tip of the Harpoon which do not exceed 10 cm; 15.2. it shall be prohibited to use diving or other autonomous breathing apparatus; security during the underwater Hunter must be affixed to the bright colors to indicate the damage underwater Hunter's location in the water;
UR15.4.zem water traps are not allowed to use designated public rest areas and other places where many people congregate (bathing, water sports and cultural events);
UR15.5.zem water use traps without parents or adult supervisors are not allowed for children under the age of 16 years.
16. All species of fish and fishing vēžošan in any other way, and with the other tools in the waters of the Republic of Latvia is prohibited.
III. role of the size and the allowed minimum length of fish in Each of the 17 anglers caught fish are stored separately. At one time one of the anglers fishing the role allowed to store and to keep: 17.1. ālant, the turbot, rainbow trout, Pike, tench, cod, ASP (forest vimb), sapal, turbot, vimb, Zander, eel — five of each species;
17.2. sam, whitefish, Trout Creek, three from each species;
17.3. Grayling, one;
17.4. sea trout, salmon, which are caught in offshore waters as well as Buļļup, the dry and the Daugava in period from the Daugava flows into the sea up to the Riga HES – one of each species, but other internal waters, in accordance with the by-laws of the licensed fishing;
17.5. perch caught in inland waters, and flounder caught in offshore waters, five kilograms of each species;
10.9. perch and smelt caught in offshore waters, 10 kg of any species;
17.7. other species — the number and weight limit;
11.1. cancer (blue and šaurspīļ), in accordance with the by-laws of the licensed fishing, but not more than 50 pieces;
11.1. the larvae of chironomidae and sānpeld-100 grams.
18. the role allowed to keep fish and crayfish that meets the following minimum permissible length: 18.1. salmon 60 cm; Pike, trout 18.2 and sam — 50 cm-45 cm zander 18.3 18.4 eel — 40; cm; 18.5-38 cm. cod; turbot, 18.6., ālant, Grayling trout (Brook and Rainbow), PIA, ASP (forest Vimbai), sapal, whitefish, Vimbai forkbeard — 30 cm and 18.7. tears, caught in coastal waters — 17 cm; 12.8. cancer (blue and šaurspīļ)-10 cm. 19. All species of fish length is determined by measuring the distance from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail fin.
20. the length of the Cancer by measuring the distance from the forehead dominated (axis wart before your eyes) to the tail end of the plates.
IV. General fishing bans in all 21 bodies prohibited to get: 21.1. lamprey — throughout the year. s and sea trout: 21.2.1. marine coastal waters, as well as Buļļup, the dry and the Daugava in period from the Daugava flows into the sea up to the Riga HES, from 1 October to 15 November;
21.2.2. other internal waters which are not mentioned in this provision in paragraph 21.2.1. — throughout the year, with the exception of licensed fishing regulations in the given places and times;
21.3. Pike, from 16 March to 30 April;
21.4. Zander, from 16 April to 31 May;
21.5. — 16 March from Grayling to May 15;
21.6. whitefish, trout and Morgan Creek (ripus): from 1 October to 30 November;
21.7. cancer (blue and šaurspīļ), from 1 October to 30 June, as well as cancer females with calves — visible all year.
22. it is prohibited to use bait this provision referred to in paragraph 18 species of fish, crayfish, as well as lamprey larvae (geezer).
23. The whole year prohibited any type of fishing (also with spinning): 23.1. sea ietekoš the river and estuary area channels: 23.1.1. marine coastal waters of Venta River district: 2000 m radius from the mouth of the river Daugava, Gauja, and the river Lielupe Salatsi, estuarine area of 1000 m radius from the mouth-but the rest of the river and the Canal flows into the region — radius of 200 m mouth, except for fishing from the pier in sea-side locations who is allowed access to the public; m upstream from the line joining the river and the opposite shore of the channel at the stated points further out to sea, but where the River estuary area and channels are built, moles, inside between the entire length of the pier;
23.2.100 m downstream of the dams, locks, waterfalls and other seabed aizsprostojoš of appliances;
23.3. of bridges and under bridges structures;
23.4.50 m from the marked commercial fishing gear, fish farming cages and fish the way structures;
14.6. the ship towards the harbour proper.
24.No 16 March to 30 April banned fishing with a spinning rod and fishing, using bait fish.
25.No 16 April to 31 May prohibited any type of fishing: boats and other floating vehicles in all water bodies, except for fishing in marine and coastal waters of the licensed fishing regulations in the given locations;
ālo and UR25.2.kan flow, connecting lakes with rivers, lakes and rivers to the Baltic Sea or the Gulf of Riga, as well as joining in the Lake.
26. it is prohibited to be in the water or in their immediate vicinity: fish and crawfish mining tools that use a given time and place is not allowed; species of fish, crawfish and other aquatic invertebrates, of which a given time and place is not allowed or quantity or weight exceeds the permitted role in these provisions.
27. it is prohibited to leave the water fishing gear unattended fishing gear away from the more than 50 metres.
28. Forbidden arbitrarily to: 28.1. move fish from one body of water in the other, the law of the fishery referred to in article 22;
28.2. to touch or damage the commercial fishing tools that labels corresponding to commercial fishing regulations;
17.6. create rivers and massed barrier.
V. Fishing bans in certain bodies 29. fishing prohibited all year: 29.1. Children: from Riga HES m downstream of the dam;
29.1.2. of the ķegums HES 1000 m downstream of the dam;
29.1.3. from the Meadow, the HES dam 1000 m downstream;
29.2. from Venta Kuldiga in the 500 m for hubs downstream and 200 m upstream;
29.3. throughout its length in Salatsi;
29.4. Engure Lake (mērsrags) channel;
29.5. the Aiviekste from Aiviekste HES dam 500 m downstream.
30. Fishing prohibited: 30.1. Daugava basin: 30.1.1. Dry, from the Daugava 1 September to 30 November;
30.1.2. from Aiviekste Veset (new bed) River upstream to the dam from Aiviekste HES 16 March to 31 May;
30.1.3. Aiviekste and Lake lubāna 100 m on either side of the locks, from 16 March to 15 may;
30.1.4. Lubāna Lake dam in the northern part of the adjacent 1400 m along the coast and 600 m from the shore of the Lake (from Rēzekne River to the dam of the turn), from 1 September to 30 April;
30.1.5. Rēzekne River from River (near Lake lubāna) upstream to the bridge at the locality "Žogot" — from 1 September to 30 April;
30.1.6. Daugava from the mole and from its mouth in the Gulf of Riga 6.5 km upstream to the high voltage transmission to Riga City area, as well as Buļļup, the pilot channel and Sarkandaugava, from 1 May to 31 May;
30.2. The River Lielupe basin, from 1 April to 31 May: from the Staļģen of the river Lielupe 30.2.1. bridge upstream to the confluence of Memel and downstream of Bauska Citadel;
30.2.2. Mēmel from the estuary to the pedestrian bridge in Portland;
30.2.3. of Our estuaries to the bridge at Motorsport complex;
30.2.4. Slocen (Pulkain) between the Moist and Kaņier Lake, Vecslocen Lake and Slocen between the Lake and the river Lielupe Slokas;
30.3. the Gauja basin, from 1 April to 31 May: 30.3.1. Gauja of the estuary to the Tallinn highway bridge, from the mouth to the Post līgatne River and Lakewood boating route;
30.3.2. Ford of the River to the dam of nursery grounds.
31.No 1 October to 30 November banned fishing with a spinning rod and mušiņmakšķer: 31.1. Gauja basin: 31.1.1. Post from estuaries to the highway bridge at skujene;
31.1.2. Ford of the River to the dam of nursery grounds;
31.1.3. the Gauja river from the highway bridge to Strenčo;
31.1.4. Christmas from estuaries to the mill dam;
31.2. the Venta River basin: 31.2.1. from estuaries to the Abava hub;
31.2.2. Vents from the highway bridge at Zlēk to Latvian-Lithuanian border;
31.3. Holders/sales, Bart, Durbe, Gramzd, Inč River, Ķīšup, Lāčup, Irb, Melnsilup, Pilsup, Liepupe, Pēterup, Rīv, Roja, Say, in the affluent, Salatsi be limited covert advertising, Svētup, Užav, Vārtāj Tebr, Vitrup and Zaķup.
Vi. Anglers 32. duties and responsibilities the duties of Anglers are: phishing site UR32.1.mak show control fishing cards, licenses, and other documents in accordance with these provisions, as well as fishing gear and catch.
32.2. using all necessary AIDS and techniques to gently catch and fish from the hook and release the water fish and crayfish that are not allowed to acquire and keep. If it is not possible to hook the need to remove from the sa fish mouth, cut fishing tool cords;
UR32.3.nos ail the memo highlighted national agency "Latvian fish resource agency" (Riga, Brody Street 8);
UR32.4.lom like to keep fish kill immediately after catching it, unless the fish is stored in water environment alive and flying position. In this case the killing immediately after the completion of the fishing;
32.5. gently treat nature, does not pollute watersheds and coastal zone.
33. This provision offenders called to administrative responsibility or criminal liability legislation. This responsibility does not exempt the offender from the obligation to pay damages of fish resources in accordance with the laws and regulations on industrial fishing in the territorial waters and economic zone waters and on industrial fishing in inland waters down a taxi. To fully compensate for the loss of fish resources, said laws apply in certain pamattaks of the triple for fishing without fishing maps and fishing licences for fishing in prohibited at the time and place for fishing, overstaying role size and minimum length of fish, as well as using illegal fishing gear and ways.
VII. compliance with the provisions of Fishing control 34. Fishing control of compliance with the provisions of the national environmental service and specially protected natural areas of the State environment inspectorate, as well as national environmental service authorised person in the territory of Latvia and the local government authorized person the municipal administrative territory. According to the competency of the fishing regulations control participates in the national police, municipal police, the National Guard, the body of water resources and the fish master fishing rights user (also a tenant).
35. the right to inspect the catch and fishing gear used in composing the Protocol for this rule and licensed angling regulations, as well as the laws and regulations in order to remove illegal fish and their abstraction used fishing, underwater hunting vēžošan or tools and features is a national environmental services, specially protected natural areas, the administrative organ of the State police or municipal police officers, State Department of environment and local government authorised person authorised person.
VIII. Closing question 36. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 February 2001, Regulation No 67 "fishing regulations" (Latvian journal, 2001, nr. 27; 2003, 66 no; 2004, nr. 175).
Prime Minister, Minister of economy of Agriculture Minister A.r. Kariņš m. rose Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 19 January 2006.