Rules On Annual Public Report Content And Preparation Procedures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par gada publisko pārskatu saturu un to sagatavošanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 44 in Riga in 2006 (17 January. 3. § 8) rules on annual public report content and preparation of the order Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management 14. the third paragraph of article 1. establishes the annual public report content and the order in which the ministries and other central public authorities, all of the subordinated institutions financed from the budget (hereinafter the authority) as well as local authorities prepare annual public reports (hereinafter report). 2. the report provides the authorities actually results in comparison with the Government's Declaration of the Authority's operation strategy and plans of action set out directions and tasks. 3. the report contains the following substantive sections: 3.1 background information;
3.2. results of the activities of the authority;
3.3. budgetary information;
3.4 personnel;
3.5. communication with the public;
3.6. the plans for the following year. 4. In the "basic information" indicates the following information: 4.1. legal status and year of creation;
4.2. policies and activities for which the authority is responsible;
4.3. changes in the activities of the Authority during the year;
4.4. subordinated bodies. 5. under "performance" indicates the following: 5.1 the review on key priorities and information on their implementation;
5.2. budget programme and sub-programme indicators of the analysis and execution of public spending efficiency assessment in accordance with the laws and regulations of ministries and other central public authorities of the programme and sub-programme performance indicators;
5.3. information on services: 5.3.1. types of services provided (e.g. Services, national authorities, local authorities, public services to private individuals, free of charge, service, services, addressed to the person, people, society as a whole);
5.3.2. improvements in the availability and quality of services;
5.4. information on the reporting year implemented new policy initiatives, indicating the assigned State budget about its implementation;
5.5. review of management and performance improvement systems function efficiently (for example, internal control, quality management, internal audit, risk management, potential corruption). 6. under "budget" specifies the following information: 6.1 the State budget financing and utilization (annex);
6.2. the national investment programme under the national budget funds (including the charge) usage for the project implementation, as well as the use of the loan, for which the country is guaranteed. The information shall include the following: 6.2.1 government investment program, project and the results of their implementation;
6.2.2. authority and ordered studies and the main results;
6.3. the cooperation partner program and financed by foreign investment projects in the context of the results achieved and the means used. 7. The authorities of the State budget are financed partially, also indicate other sources of financial resources, and the use of revenue. 8. in the "staff" Section provide information on the number of posts and the actual average number of employees and officials in the reporting year, staff training, employee turnover, number, by age and sex groups. 9. in the Section "communication with the society" indicates the following: 9.1. measures taken in the public information and education;
9.2. measures public satisfaction with cross-cultural public institutions the quality of work and the results (if the following measures are taken);
9.3. cooperation with the non-governmental sector;
9.4. the results of the activities of the Council (if there is such a Council). 10. Under ' plans for the following year "specifies the following information: 10.1 priority next year;
10.2. the Authority's financial liabilities: 10.2.1. authorities tracked the long-term financial commitments;
10.2.2. the credit institution;
10.3. international projects;
10.4. the planned study. 11. the authority whose main activity associated with legislative monitoring and control reports in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 3, the information shall include the following information: 11.1. the number of inspections carried out and the results thereof;
11.2. the institutions activities prevent the violations of the laws and their types;
11.3. the customer information and consultation activities related to the rule of law content advocacy;
11.4. the factors that affected the observance of the laws and adjustable in the environment;
11.5. the legislation violations of sanctions imposed, in cases of administrative infringements, fines imposed and appeal against decisions;
11.6. the Authority's projections of adjustable environment development dynamics. 12. If approved, the strategy of the institution, this provision 4.2, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 information be referred to the appropriate authorities in the strategy activities. 13. local public annual report certain information to be included in the law "On local governments" in article 72. 14. the information to be included in the report are based on measurable, reliable (tested) and test performance. Indicators included in the text of the report and used to support a statement that describes the amount of work done, results, effectiveness or impact. 15. If the graphical representation of indicators used by the other institutions in the data collected, identify the source of information. 16. the report approved by the head of the public authority, the Municipal Council (the Council) or District Council. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister O. Spurdziņš attachment Cabinet of 17 January 2006, Regulation No. 44 the State budget funding and utilization (in lats) No. p.k. financial resources in the previous year (actual performance) in the financial year confirmed the law enforcement actually 1. financial resources to cover the expenses (total) 1.1. grant 1.2. paid services and other revenues 1.3. foreign financial assistance 2. expenditure (total) 2.1. maintenance expenses (total) 2.1.1. grants and grants including contributions to international organisations 2.1.2. other maintenance expenditure expenditure capital expenditure 2.2 Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš