State Agencies ' National Botanical Garden ' Charter

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "Nacionālais botāniskais dārzs" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 116 in Riga in 2006 (7 February. 7. § 52) State agencies ' National Botanical Garden "Regulations Issued under the public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. State Agency ' National Botanical Garden" (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) under the supervision of the Minister of the environment has an existing national regulatory authority. Environment Minister ras on the monitoring agent is implemented by the Ministry of environment.
2. the objective of the Agency is to participate in the national biological diversity in the implementation of the programme, provide a living collection of plants and plant gene banks of Latvia.
II. Agency functions, tasks and rights 3. the Agency shall have the following functions: 3.1 carry out scientific operations in Botany, dendroloģij plant physiology, plant biotechnology, greenery, plant breeding ecology and introductions;
3.2. to build and maintain a living plant collections, build plant exposure as scientific research, conservation, education, tourism and rekreāc nary objects;
3.3. in accordance with the competency to create and maintain Latvia's crops and wild plant genes, to develop the theoretical and methodological basis of rare and endangered, as well as commercial species of wild plants and crops of the local origin and propagation;
3.4. the Latvian conditions suitable to the economically important crops and ornamental plants, plant breeding;
3.5. to participate in the international system of sēklapmaiņ in the carrying on activities provide among the world's Botanical Gardens.
4. in order to ensure the performance of Agency functions: 4.1 maintain, maintain and complements the living plant collections, scientific as well as its study and scientific documentation;
4.2. create and maintain regular and seasonal exposure;
4.3. create and maintain the Agency's collection of scientific databases, the Latvian dendroloģisk object database and herbarium;
4.4. create and maintain a special literature library;
4.5. organise and participate in scientific expeditions to study them and saved baht biodiversity;
4.6. informs and educates the public about biodiversity preserves the horse;
4.7. perform scientific research and publish the results thereof;
4.8. organized thematic excursions for visitors of the Agency;
4.9. organise exhibitions, fairs and other events in the territory of the Agency;
4.10. information materials issued by the Agency and for the biological in many recent years.
4.11. the provision of advice on the conservation of biological diversity;
4.12. dendroloģisk object of scientific expertise;
4.13. participates in fairs, exhibitions and other information activities outside the Botanical Garden;
4.14. cooperate with world and European botanical gardens and their associations (including the provision of the international sēklapmaiņ system) responses to Community legislation on the conservation of biological diversity;
4.15. pursuant to Cabinet of Ministers of 6 April 1999, regulations No 133 "order in which international trade is provided by the endangered species of wild fauna and flora specimens" provides the Washington Convention "on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora" annexes confiscated live plants for the storage of specimens;
4.16. the activities necessary for the management of the territory, buildings, and roads and maintain the Agency's property.
5. the Agency shall have the following rights: 5.1. to request and receive from legal and physical persons of the tasks a tour agent necessary information;
5.2. to provide information to the media on the Agency's competence issues;
5.3. the procurement according to the law "on procurement for State or * in recent years, needs";
5.4. in accordance with the competency to enter into contracts with State and local institūc in the end, non-governmental organizations, natural and legal persons, as well as foreign institutions;
5.5. to realize the surplus plant material, which are not necessary to replenish the collection and exposure;
5.6. charge a fee for providing public services tions; to take donations, donations and foreign financial assistance to participate in the tender of projects financial resources attraction.
III. Agency governance 6. The activities of the Agency supports the Agency's Director.
7. The Director of the Agency made public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions and public agency law, as well as the Agency's management contract and labour contract. The Agency's Director after the approval of the Cabinet nomination of recruiting and dismissal of the Minister of the environment.
8. the Director of the Agency can be alternates. Deputy Director of the Agency shall be adopted by the employment and dismissal, as well as their powers and responsibilities determined by the Director of the Agency.
9. The scientific operation of the Agency scientists to the general meeting for a period exceeding five years, to be the Agency's Scientific Council.
10. the Agency's Scientific Council shall have competence: 10.1 the Agency's determination of the scientific activities according to the key functions of the Agency;
10.2. the election of the scientists in academic positions;
10.3. the Agency carried out scientific research results.
IV. Agency Advisory Council 11. To encourage cross-sectoral cooperation in biodiversity programs implementation method Nacio, Environment Minister creates Advisory Council of the Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Board).
12. the Advisory Board shall operate in accordance with the regulations approved by the Minister of the environment.
13. the Advisory Board has the following tasks: 13.1. to promote the activities of the Agency in the national biological diversity in the implementation of the programme;
UR13.2.izv ērtē the Agency is complying with the national biodiversity program;
13.3. to promote the biodiversity of the national implementation of the programme of cooperation between relevant institutions.
(V). the Agency's financial resources and assets 14. The Agency's financial resources shall consist of: 14.1. Government grants from the general revenue; s revenue, also project competitions and for the performance of work under contract, the assigned funds;
14.3. donations, gifts and foreign financial assistance.
15. the Agency with the permission of the Minister of finance is entitled to the law on budget and financial management in order to take the loans and commitments. Prior authorization of the Minister of finance transactions that the documentation prepared by the Agency with the Ministry of environment.
16. the Agency with its possession passed to the Act public law agency in article 16.
Vi. Activities of the Agency in ensuring the rule of law and reporting 17. Agency staff decisions and actual action may be challenged, the stuffy nose or the relevant application to the Agency Director. The Director of the Agency's decision may appeal to the Court of the administrative process of regulatory legislation.
18. The Director of the Agency to succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the administrative process, the Ministry of the environment-regulating laws. The Ministry of the environment's decision can be appealed in court.
19. the Agency's management contract and within the time limit set in the order presented in the statement of the Ministry of the Environment Agency's functions and the use of financial resources.
Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and Science (I). Druviet is the Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 22 February 2006.