The Export Customs Procedure — — The Application Of Agricultural Products Qualifying For Export Refunds

Original Language Title: Muitas procedūras — izvešana — piemērošanas kārtība lauksaimniecības produktiem, kuri pretendē uz eksporta kompensācijām

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 98 in 2006 (January 31. 6. § 51) the export Customs procedure — — the application of agricultural products qualifying for export refunds are Issued in accordance with the Customs Act 4 the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the agricultural products qualifying for export refunds (hereinafter referred to as the products), placed under a customs procedure, removal.
2. The export refund system products applied in accordance with the Council of the European Union of 15 April 1999, Regulation (EC) No 800/1999 laying down common detailed rules for the application of the system of export refunds on agricultural products (hereinafter Regulation No 800/1999).
3. products under a customs procedure, removal of these rules only apply: 1. the Customs Office referred to in the annex.
4. If a customs procedure — removal — packaged products exported to the European economic area country, or they cross the territory of one or more of the areas of those countries, products in addition to a customs procedure, removal, under the external transit procedure shall apply.
II. The order in which products introduces a customs procedure, removal of the products applied for 5 To a customs procedure, removal, in accordance with Regulation No 800/1999, article 5, paragraph 7 (b) shall be submitted (or sent by fax) the customs authority prior notification about product reporting customs official (hereinafter referred to as the previous statement).
6. Previous notice submit free-form. The previous notification: 6.1. document number and date;
6.2. the name of the exporter;
6.3. the rules referred to in paragraph 7 of the licence number if the products are to be produced on the premises of the exporter;
6.4. the location and the estimated time of start and finish of the products are loaded;
6.5. a contact telephone number.
7. the products presented To a customs officer at the premises of the exporter, the exporter does not need the State revenue service territorial customs authority (hereinafter supervisory Customs Office) authorised Customs officer to present at the premises of exporting agricultural products qualifying for export refunds (hereinafter permit) (annex 2).
8. in order to receive the permit, the exporter shall provide the customs authority the supervision of the application and the food and veterinary service certificate or merchant certificate of recognition on the premises a copy of the compliance with certain product storage requirements.
9. the Supervisory Authority authorisation for Customs shall be prepared in two copies. One copy receives a second kept exporting supervision by the Customs authorities. Exporting signed permission.
10. Monitoring the Customs Office shall withdraw the authorization if it finds that: 10.1 violated the conditions referred to in the authorization;
10.2. is not provided a space to meet certain requirements of product storage.
11. Customs Supervision Authority checks the conformity of the premises of the exporter of the conditions referred to at least once every two years.
12. where the products are presented to the customs officials at the premises of the exporter, the customs official of the vehicle that contains the products, imposes customs guarantees.
13. the vehicle that contains the product and that is security, customs supervision customs authorities does not show.
14. If the exporter does not meet the previous conditions referred to in the notice, the customs authority refused the exporter-export Customs procedures.
15. After the previous statement said conditions, the exporter shall present the export Customs procedure:.
16. If the exporter by the Customs authorities are monitoring the local clearance authorisation issued, the procedures laid down in these provisions shall apply, subject to the regulations of the local clearance procedure.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 24 February 2006.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers on 31 January 2006, regulations No 98 of the Customs authorities that are empowered to design — export Customs procedures — agricultural products qualifying for export refunds the State revenue service 1 Riga customs regional offices: 1.1 the joint customs control point 0206;
1.2. Customs control of Stabling point 0207;
1.3. Riga free port customs control point 0210;
1.4. Fishing port customs control point 0211;
1.5. the joint customs control point 0215;
1.6. the joint customs control point 0229;
1.7. Brody of customs control point 0232;
1.1. Airport Customs control point 0240;
1.9. Sarkandaugava customs control point 0264;
1.10. the joint customs control point 2.0265 State revenue service Latgale regional authorities the Customs Administration: Grebņev 2.1 customs control point 0721;
2.2. Terehov customs control point 0722;
2.3. Pāterniek customs control point 0731;
2.4. Customs control of Rezekne II point 0742;
2.5. Customs control of Rezekne point 0743;
2.6. Daugavpils customs control point 0810;
2.7. The silent in the customs control point 0814;
2.8. Daugavpils trade station of customs control point 0816.3. public revenue service Kurzeme regional customs administration authorities: 3.1 Ventspils commercial port customs control point 0311;
3.2. Ventspils customs control point 0313;
3.3. Customs control of Tulsa point 0314;
3.4. Rojas customs control point 0319;
3.5. Mērsrags customs control point 0320;
3.6. Liepaja port customs control point 0411;
3.7. Sweet customs control point 0422.4. State revenue service Vidzeme regional authorities the Customs Administration: 4.1 Valmiera customs control point 0626;
4.2. the Gulbene customs control point 0714;
4.3. port of Salacgriva customs control point 0910.5. State revenue service Zemgale regional authorities the Customs Administration: 5.1 Jelgava customs control point 0512;
5.2. Jēkabpils customs control point 0823. Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.