The Rules Of The European Union Present In Latvia Priority Species And Habitats List

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijā sastopamo Eiropas Savienības prioritāro sugu un biotopu sarakstu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 153 in Riga 2006 (21 February. 11. § 28) the rules on the common in Latvia European Union priority species and habitats list issued according to species and Habitat Protection Act article 4, point 7 of the regulations determines the occurs in Latvia European Union priority species and habitats list (annex). Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 21 May 1992 Directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. Prime Minister-Minister of health l. Smith, Minister for the environment r. vējonis annex Cabinet of 21 February 2006, the Regulation No 153 occurring in Latvia European Union priority species and habitats list 1. species: lidvāver/Pteromy to 1.1 volan;
1.2. the brown bear/Ursus arctos;
1.3. praulgrauz, leaf/Osmoderm the eremit;
1.4. ēnvabol dzeltenkrūš/Phryganophil,-ruficollis;
1.5. the OWL, strix of dark/Xylomoi.
2. the habitats 2.1. Lagoon (1150);
2.2 the Jurmala meadows (1630);
2.3. with herbs lined grey dunes (2130);
2.4. the grey dunes with sīkkrūm groves (2140);
2.5. the pioniersabiedrīb of plants calcareous soils (6110);
2.6. calcareous meadows of the Earth (6120);
2.7. dry calcareous soils of the Meadow (important orchid lookup) (6210);
2.8. species-rich meadows vilkakūl sandy soils (6230);
2.9. species-rich meadows set-aside (6270);
2.10. parkveid meadows (6530 *);
2.11. intact the high bog (7110);
2.12. calcareous FENS with Herb noble aslap (7210);
2.13. sources that form the avotkaļķ (7220);
2.14. boreal forests (9010 *);
2.15. mixed broadleaf forests (9020 *);
2.16. melnalkšņ-staignāj (9080 *);
2.17. the hillsides and gullies forests (9180 *);
2.18. marshy forests (91D *);
2.19. pārmitr broadleaf forests (a 91E).
Note the.
The significance of nature conservation area network Natura 2000 habitats. Minister for the environment r. vējonis