The Provisions Of The Outbreaks Of Avian Influenza Prevention Measures

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par putnu gripas uzliesmojuma draudu novēršanas pasākumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 171 in Riga in 2006 (February 28. 52. § 12) the rules on the threat of an outbreak of avian influenza prevention measures Issued in accordance with article 26 of the law on veterinary medicine in the first part of rule 1 defines the threat of an outbreak of avian influenza prevention measures to be taken in the poultry yards.
2. the animal owner (holder) or any other person who has contact with poultry or wild birds, immediately notify the food and veterinary service officer (hereinafter Inspector) or the food and veterinary service territorial unit (hereinafter territorial unit) if poultry is suspected or confirmed in wild birds for avian influenza.
3. the accommodation owner (holder) shall immediately inform the inspector or territorial unit if the poultry shed where poultry is grown foodstuffs of animal origin and for distribution or reproduction and distribution of poultry, found the following: 3.1 the feed or water consumption of poultry decreased by more than 20%;
3.2. more than two days of egg production decreased by 5% or more;
3.3. the mortality of poultry within one week more than 3%.
4. monitoring of compliance with these provisions, and shall be carried out by the food and veterinary service.
5. animal owner (holder) prevent the direct or indirect contact of poultry with wild birds, particularly water birds.
6. animal owner (holder) for poultry, excluding this provision, paragraph 7, case, there only in a closed room where: 6.1. prevent wild birds have access to the feed, intended for the feeding of poultry;
6.2. prevent poultry fill with water from open water bodies, in wild birds.
7. If the keeping of poultry in a closed room is not possible, the animal owner (holder) ensure the keeping of poultry in a delimited territory that is not available in wild birds and in addition to the provisions in paragraph 6 above requirements prevent get wild bird excrement.
8. Before starting the keeping of poultry in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 7, the owner of the animal (holder) inform the inspector or territorial unit. The Inspector checks the poultry housing and, if necessary, shall determine the measures to be adopted to ensure that the requirements referred to in paragraph 7.
9. Market (including offsite), exhibitions, shows, fairs, competitions and other events, with poultry or wild birds, are only allowed in closed rooms and subject to the laws and regulations on animal competitions, markets, auctions, fairs and other events.
10. the provisions in force until 31 May 2006.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 9 March 2006.