The Order In Which The Form Of Administrative Offence Report-Communication On Stopping And Parking Of Vehicles In Violation Of The Terms

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā noformējams administratīvā pārkāpuma protokols-paziņojums par transportlīdzekļu apstāšanās un stāvēšanas noteikumu pārkāpšanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 182 in Riga, 7 March 2006 (pr. No. 13) order in which a form of administrative offence report-communication on stopping and parking of vehicles regulations Issued under the Road Traffic Act 43.2 eighth article i. General provisions 1 the question determines: 1.1. procedures for officials dealing with administrative violations for vehicles stopping and parking offences, without driving the trans portlīdzekļ presented the administrative violation the presence Protocol-a communication (hereinafter referred to as Protocol-communication);
1.2. the Protocol-the model communication form (annex 1);
1.3. the order in which the vehicle owner (holder, holder) sends information about unpaid fines;
1.4. the fine collection and control procedures. II. Protocol-communication manufacturing, use, and procedure 2. Protocol-communication is a mandatory document, and it is in the tipogr State numbered fisk company "road traffic safety Directorate (CSDD hereinafter) established a two-digit number, 6-digit serial number and a check digit for the seventh count. 3. organizes and supports CSDD-centralized notification form. 4. Protocol-a communication uses am a persons entitled to draw up a Protocol on administrative violation and impose a fine if infringed TRANS portlīdzekļ stopping or parking rules and the driver is not in the place of infringement. 5. Protocol-a statement drawn up in two copies (the second is a copy of the NCR paper). Protocol-a communication sign the officer made a decision on the imposition of the fine. One copy of the notice of the protocol attached to the vehicle's front windshield driver side or on a motorcycle, tricycle or quadricycle fuel tank so that it will not be lost or damaged due to bad weather and the driver should be easy to spot. The second Protocol-shall keep a copy of the notification of the institution where officials made a decision on the imposition of the fine. 6. Protocol-message populates conspicuously, legibly, without erasures, deletions and amendments not specified. 7. Cancelling Protocol-a communication protocol-dialer on it shall be marked "void" indicates the reasons for cancellation and confirm it with a signature. III. The fine collection and control procedures 8. a driver or vehicle owner (possessor or holder) on which the vehicle is registered in the name of, the fine contributions in the Protocol-specified in the notice in the municipal budget, bank account, or the corresponding section of the CSDD. The funds, obtained upon receipt of payment of the fine imposed on it, within three working days of the CSDD contributions specified in the bank account of the municipality budget, not including them in your billing account. 9. Charging a fine person to issue a document, which contains information about the vehicle with which the offence was committed (the vehicle owner's name, surname and the country of vehicle registration number), and the person (name, surname and personal code), as well as Protocol-notice number, the amount of the fine paid, and the date of payment of the fine. 10. Within three working days after the breach concerned no information on the capture of that officer imposed a fine, enter the vehicle and their managers in the national register, the following information: 10.1 national registration number of the vehicle, a vehicle registered abroad-also make;
10.2. the institution that officials started fine, and originator of the Protocol, first and last name;
10.3. the place of the offence (for example, the city and the street, or other locality name), date and time;
10.4. the protocol number;
10.5. the amount of the fine. 11. to vehicles and their drivers entered in the national register, this provision of the information referred to in paragraph 10, the municipality that authorised institutions (officials) to control the stopping and parking of vehicles in compliance with the provisions, as well as other institutions, which officials are entitled to draw up the Protocol-a communication and to impose a fine for stopping and parking regulations, concluded a cooperation agreement with the CSDD. The cooperation agreement is a necessary condition for the application of these provisions, and it provides for the rights and duties of the parties to the enforcement mechanisms for implementation (for example, on the issue of the exchange of information, the provision of the Protocol-a communication, notice of unpaid fines, dispatch, control the payment of fines). 12. The Highway Traffic Act in the fourth paragraph of article 43.2 of this notice for unpaid fines send the vehicle owner (holder, holder) provides according to this provision the CSDD in paragraph 11 that the cooperation agreement. 13. the notice of unpaid fines (annex 2) is prepared electronically and valid without the signature of the official. 14. Road Traffic Act article 43.2 prohibitions referred to in the fifth subparagraph, the mark of the vehicle and the driver of the national registry deletes: 14.1. automatically-after a fine paid to the institution empowered to levy fines;
14.2. the officer handling the complaint against administrative penalties applied,-in the case of cancelling a decision imposing fines;
14.3. the officials dealing with disputes about pay, fine-if presented for payment of the fine card. 15. If you pay the fine, you make a mistake or if the payment of the fine by the decision on the application of the fine has been cancelled, the amount of the fine paid shall be reimbursed from the municipal budget. To recover this amount, the person in the institution, which the officer applied the administrative fine shall be submitted to the relevant application accompanied by payment of the fine card. 16. information on the vehicle registered outstanding fines are publicly available. IV. final question 17. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 May 2004, Regulation No 486 "procedures for administrative infringement form Pro tokol-statement on stopping and parking of vehicles in violation of the terms" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 81). Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 2006, regulations No 182 traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 2 Cabinet-7 March 2006, regulations No 182 traffic Minister a. shlesers