Procedure Of The Republic Of Latvia Temporarily Leave The National Archives Documents

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā no Latvijas Republikas uz laiku izved valsts arhīvu fonda dokumentus

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 192 in Riga, 14 March 2006 (pr. No 15 13) procedures of the Republic of Latvia temporarily leave the national archives documents Issued in accordance with the law "on the archives" 17. the first paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the procedure of the Republic of Latvia temporarily leave the national archives documents that have no cultural monuments (hereinafter documents). 2. the decision on the export of a document adopted the State Archives Directorate (hereinafter DG). The authorising Directorate-General of the national archives documents for export from the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter licence). II. the procedure for authorisation of the 3, the natural or legal person or authorised person (hereinafter applicant) shall submit an application for authorisation in the Directorate. 4. the application shall state the following particulars: 4.1 the applicant's first name, last name, ID number and address (physical person) or the name, registration number and registered office (legal person). If the application is lodged by the representative of the applicant, the application shall be accompanied by a mandate or other document certifying the authorisation of the representative to submit the application;
4.2. Description of the document (title, date, number, keep fucking site, Fund, description and file number, page number, number of pages, size, format, materials, design features, a special type of ņojum and other material to document the physical condition of the representative signs);
4.3. the country to which the document to be exported (specifies the exact location of the address where the document will bring);
4.4. the period for which the document to be exported, and the date on which the document is to be brought back;
4.5. the purpose of the removal of the document (the document that attests);
4.6. the expected document mode of transportation;
4.7. the estimated value of the document and the sum insured. 5. If the applicant is not the creator of national archives, the application shall be accompanied by the following: 5.1 the written consent for removal of the document that is issued by the national archives or the State or municipal institution, in which the document is stored in a (hereinafter referred to as the Librarian of the document);
5.2. the stockholder written consent document submission document specified in the value and the sum insured;
5.3. the document custodian's written information as to whether the document is a copy of the document security. 6. the Directorate-General within 15 days of receipt of the application, shall take a decision to allow or prohibit the export of a document. If the decision requires the view of a document or additional research or get the opinion of an expert, Directorate-General may extend the time limit for taking a decision and 30 days and shall inform the applicant in writing. 7. the costs of document instances, additional research or expert opinion shall be borne by the applicant. 8. the export document prohibits the Directorate in the following cases: 8.1 the information referred to in the application is false;
8.2. the applicant has violated the requirements laid down in these provisions;
8.3. the document's physical condition is not satisfactory;
8.4. the librarian document reasonably disagree voucher for export. 9. the decision of the Directorate, the applicant is entitled to challenge the cultural Ministry regulations. 10. If a decision to allow the export of a document, DG vo permission sagat (annex) in duplicate. One copy of the application is stored, and the other shall be issued by the Directorate-General for the applicant for presentation to the Customs authorities. 11. If at one time exported several documents, the Directorate's decision on each document to determine whether the export was to be served one common permission or the permission of each individual document. 12. The Directorate shall issue permits after applicants: 12.1 is borne by the rule referred to in paragraph 7;
12.2. the document is provided in the insurance policy;
12.3. document security has provided a copy of the attestation of manufacture and, if in accordance with this rule 5.3. the information referred to in such copies. 13. If the applicant does not make use of the authorisation, within the time limit set it shall lapse, and the applicant within three working days, inform the Directorate-General. III. The document back into the Republic of Latvia 14. Document import back in the Republic of Latvia, the applicant registered the Directorate within seven days after the document export permit expires. 15. the document into the Register, the applicant shall submit a written statement of the Librarian of a document that is checked in the same document, which was exported from the Republic of Latvia. Prime Minister a. Halloween Culture Minister h. demakova annex Cabinet of 14 March 2006, the Regulation No 192 permissions model for national archives documents for export from the Republic of Latvia's cultural Minister h. demakova