Provisions For Civil Aviation Aircraft Registration Procedures And National Marks And Registration Marks The Deployment Order To The Latvian Civil Aviation Aircraft Registered Aircraft

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par civilās aviācijas gaisa kuģu reģistrācijas kārtību un nacionālās zīmes un reģistrācijas zīmes izvietošanas kārtību uz Latvijas Republikas Civilās aviācijas gaisa kuģu reģistrā reģistrētajiem gaisa kuģiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 200 in Riga, 14 March 2006 (pr. No 15 20) rules on civil aviation aircraft registration procedures and national marks and registration marks the deployment order to the Latvian Civil Aviation aircraft registered aircraft Issued in accordance with the law "on the air" in the second part of article 9 and article 11, second part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. aircraft registration procedures of the Republic of Latvia to the Civil aircraft register (hereinafter register);
1.2. national marks and registration marks the deployment order on the register of registered aircraft.
2. the register is a national information system and the national agency of Civil Aviation Agency "(hereinafter referred to as the Civil Aviation Agency).
II. registration of aircraft 3. to register the aircraft, the owner of the aircraft, the Civil Aviation Agency submitted the application, which indicates the following: 3.1 the aircraft manufacturer's country;
3.2. the aircraft manufacturer's address and name;
3.3. aircraft name and serial number;
3.4. aircraft type;
3.5. the aircraft maximum take-off mass;
3.6 engine the aircraft name and serial number;
3.7. the air navigation and communications equipment listing and brief description;
3.8. use of aircraft;
3.9. year of manufacture of the aircraft;
3.10. the aircraft owner's name (name), a personal code (registration number) and address (legal address);
3.11. the operator (if it is not an aircraft owner) name (name), a personal code (registration number) and address (legal address);
3.12 the renter or apakšnomniek (if any), or the other person, the aircraft is difficult (if any), names (nosa Kuma), personal code (registration numbers) and home address (legal address);
3.13. details of the burdens of the aircraft.
4. The application for the registration of the aircraft, accompanied by the following documents: 4.1 the merchant-a merchant copy of the certificate of registration, a natural person – passport copy;
4.2. the document certifying that the aircraft has been designed and built under the relevant provisions, which specify the validity of flight of the aircraft;
4.3. the aircraft purchase or lease a copy of the contract;
4.4. This provision is 3.12 people referred to the written consent of the aircraft;
4.5. acknowledgement of receipt of the relevant aircraft banned from foreign aircraft register, if it was previously registered in that register;
4.6. the document on the basis of which the ship is embarrassed;
4.7. in the receipt for the aircraft registration fees and the National Civil Aviation Agency charge a fee.
5. By submitting this provision referred to in paragraph 4, the copies of the documents to the applicant presented Kuma piet's Civil Aviation Agency, an officer of the originals or copies certified by the laws on the development and design of a document.
6. Civil Aviation Agency within 30 working days of receipt of all required documents the appearance of the date of registration and shall take a decision on the aircraft registration or refusal of registration.
7. If the registration particulars provided on the application does not meet the requirements of this regulation or is not accompanied by all required documents, the Civil Aviation Agency requires the applicant within ten days from the date of receipt of the request to clarify the information provided, or to submit the missing documents.
8. If the applicant 7. these provisions within the time limit referred to in paragraph 1 do not submit specified information or missing documents, the Civil Aviation Agency takes a decision on refusal of registration of the aircraft and shall inform in writing the applicant.
9. After the adoption of the decision on registration of the aircraft, the Civil Aviation Agency assigns national aircraft marking and registration mark, the registered aircraft register and issue a certificate of registration of the aircraft.
III. National marks and registration marks of the aircraft deployment 10. Air National mark consists of Latin alphabet "YLE". The aircraft registration mark consists of three Latin letters (if the aircraft is heavier than air) or of three Arabic digits (if the aircraft is lighter than air). Between air national mark and registration mark is the hyphen (for example, "YLE-JOKE" or "YLE-325").
11. All the letters and numbers that make up the national mark and registration mark, the ornaments and is without equal in size. Letters, numbers, and hyphens, width is 2/3 of the height of the letters and numbers (the exception is the "I" and the digit "1"). The spacing between the letters and numbers not less than 1/4 of the width of the letters and numbers. Letter or number of contour lines is 1/6 of their height.
12. national marks and registration marks of the aircraft deployment you can use a color or other features that ensure its contrast with the background colour of the aircraft and the good visibility of the operational life of the aircraft.
13. On the aircraft, which is heavier than air, national mark and registration mark placed in the following order: 13.1 to the airframe sign placed between plates on both sides and the height and direction of the stabilizer. Letters not less than 300 millimetres. If the site is located in the engine, the signs can be placed on the engine housing;
13.2. to plate the aircraft's lower surface on the left side of the sign placed in the direction of flight, equal distance from the plate front and rear edge. Letters not less than 500 millimetres.
14. If the aircraft is not mentioned in the design of the aircraft or the national mark and registration mark is not possible to deploy this rule in the order mentioned in paragraph 13, the placement of signs in addition to coordinate with the Civil Aviation Agency.
15. On the aircraft, which is lighter than air, national and registration marks on each side deploys the maximum cross section lines nearby so as to be easily visible from both sides and from the ground. Letters and numbers not less than 700 millimetres.
16. each aircraft displayed at the main entrance to affix identification plate made of refractory material and on which engraved air national mark and registration mark.
IV. final question 17 to this provision for the entry into force of the registered aircraft registration certificate is valid after the entry into force of these regulations.
Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 23 March 2006.