Rules For The Latvian Air Space Structure And Its Change Agenda

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijas Republikas gaisa telpas struktūru un tās mainīšanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 213 Riga 2006 (21 March. 19. § 16) rules on the airspace of the Republic of Latvia and the changing structure of the order Issued in accordance with the law "on the air" 39. the second paragraph of article 1. determines the structure and its change agenda. 2. The elements of the structure are: 2.1. air traffic control areas and zones-determine the size of the parts that are provided to air traffic control and flight information service and emergency notification is provided;
2.2. air route-controlled air space or part of a corridor of the way in which the use of air navigation;
2.3. the danger zone-specific size of airspace where, in ongoing activities for specified periods of time is dangerous to aviation activities;
2.4. the restricted flight zone-determine the size of the part, which is to carry out the flights of specific conditions;
2.5. the forbidden zone-specific size of airspace in which the flight of aircraft is prohibited;
2.6. the reserved area-specific size of airspace in which the specified periods of time going on specific activities, but this does not preclude the use of airspace for other aircraft;
2.7. the demarcated area-specific size of airspace in which the specified periods of time occurs in specific activity during which the airspace for other aircraft use is prohibited. 3. Each airspace structure element defines the limits of the vertical and in the horizontal plane. In the vertical plane boundaries down the feet by the the average sea level. The horizontal plane boundaries determined geographical coordinates, corresponding to The World Geodetic System WGS-84. 4. for each element in granting the international civil aviation organization airspace classification according to the class of airspace. 5. structure of the airspace management according to national, between the tautiskaj and the European Community law, the national agency of Civil Aviation Agency "(hereinafter – Civil Aviation Agency). 6. the structure of the air space management is: 6.1 the structure element, change, and the introduction of the classification;
6.2. the periodic review of the structure and its elements of flexible implementation planning;
6.3. information about the airspace structure and its changes in preparation for the publication of regulatory document "aeronautical information publication (AIP). 7. change the structure aims to ensure equal use of airspace by all airspace users and to enhance flight safety and efficiency. 8. change the structure of the Civil Aviation Agency, on its own initiative or at the civil and military airspace users, or at the initiative of the Republic of Latvia, the use of airspace and air traffic organization of national commercial companies. 9. change the structure of the agent shall submit the application to the Civil Aviation Agency. The application specifies the following information: 9.1. name of applicant (name), a personal code (registration number) and address (legal address);
9.2. changing the required airspace structures;
9.3. the justification of the need for change;
9.4. the requested size of the element, or otherwise the prescribed limits;
9.5. the requested change of the air space the scheduled date of entry into force. 10. the application for a change in the structure of the air space shall be submitted at least 90 days prior to requested changes to the scheduled date of entry into force (except relating to airspace reservation or demarcation of military measures, security and order in the institution, the search and rescue measures and other emergencies). 11. Civil Aviation Agency before the change of the structure in consultation with the airspace of the Republic of Latvia and the organisation of air traffic in the country's commercial and relevant national and local authorities as well as with participating organizations and entities, organized by the proposed airspace change proposal for the structural elements of the study and, if necessary, conversion. 12. If after the provision in the proposal referred to in paragraph 11 of the study it is found that it does not comply with national, international or European Community law and it is not possible to transform in order to prevent conflict, this proposal is rejected. 13. the requested structural elements of the air space of the technical development of the changes made in the regulations and publication of the document "aeronautical information publication (AIP) provides the air space of the Republic of Latvia and the organisation of air traffic in the State company. 14. If necessary, change the structure of the agent in charge of the airspace structure element operating procedures development and submission of Civil Aviation Agency. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis