The Order In Which The Form Of Administrative Offence Report-Notification Of The Movement Of Vehicles In Violation Of The Terms Of The Road Outside The Baltic Sea And Gulf Of Riga Coastal Dunes, Coastal Zone Beach Or Specially Protected Nature

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā noformējams administratīvā pārkāpuma protokols - paziņojums par transportlīdzekļu pārvietošanās noteikumu pārkāpšanu ārpus autoceļiem Baltijas jūras un Rīgas jūras līča piekrastes krasta kāpu aizsargjoslā, pludmalē vai īpaši aizsargājamā dab

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 187, Riga, 7 March 2006 (pr. No 13, § 4) the order in which protocols administrative infringement form-notice of infringements of the provisions of the vehicle movement outside of the road in the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga coastal dunes, coastal zone beach or specially protected natural territory Issued in accordance with the law "on environmental protection" in article 44.2 13 i. General provisions 1 the questions determines: 1.1. procedures for officials dealing with administrative violations for the movement of vehicles, including stopping and parking , offences outside the road to the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga coastal dunes, coastal zone beach or specially protected natural territories (hereinafter referred to as the movement of the vehicle regulations violation), without the presence of the driver make up the administrative violations of the Protocol, a statement on stopping and parking of vehicles regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Protocol);
1.2. the form and content of the Protocol;
1.3. the order in which the vehicle owner sends the Protocol;
1.4. the fine collection and control procedures.
II. presentation of the Protocol this Protocol is mandatory, and it is numbered with a two of the commercial code and the 6-digit order number.
3. If the vehicle moving violations found without the presence of the driver, the officer draws up a Protocol (annex). The Protocol specifies the following information: the date the Protocol 3.1 dial;
3.2. the official title, name and surname, which imposed the fine and written Protocol;
3.3. the finding of the infringement, the date and time;
3.4. the infringement;
3.5. vehicle make and State registration number;
3.6. the protection zone violated the law article or specially protected natural territory protection and use in legislation regulating point;
3.7. the decision on the imposition of fines and the amount of the fine;
2.4. information for inquiries and complaints;
3.9. the date for payment of the fine;
3.10. the payment task properties and institutions that might pay the fine;
3.11. accepted for appeal;
3.12. the information of the consequences there, if the fine is not paid.
4. Evidence shall be drawn up in triplicate. The minutes shall be signed by the officer who made the decision on the imposition of the fine. One copy of the protocol attached to the windscreen of the vehicle on the driver's side or on a motorcycle, tricycle or quadricycle fuel tank so that it will not be lost or damaged due to bad weather and the driver should be easy to spot. The second Protocol shall keep a copy of the institution's officials made a decision on the imposition of the fine.
III. The fine collection and control procedures 5. the fine Imposed due to the Latvian Code of administrative offences the time limit specified.
6. the driver or vehicle owner (possessor, holder), to whose name a vehicle is registered, pay the fine specified in the bank in the municipal budget revenue account.
7. within 10 days after the capture of the alleged infringement by the institution, where officials imposed the fine, the vehicles and their drivers entered in the national register, the following information: 7.1. State of the vehicle registration number (a vehicle registered abroad, mark);
7.2. the institution which officials started fine, and originator of the Protocol, first and last name;
7.3. the infringement of the place, date and time;
7.4. protocol number;
7.5. the amount of the fine.
8. If the fine is not paid to the Latvian Code of administrative offences the time limit expires, the vehicle owner (holder, holder), to whose name a vehicle is registered, send the third copy of the Protocol drawn up. The third copy was sent to the Protocol provides national environmental service, specially protected natural areas in the administration or the Municipal Council (the Council) authorized institution (official).
9. If the fine imposed is not paid to the Latvian Code of administrative offences the time limit expires, and the driver of the vehicle in the national register of marks in question (hereinafter referred to as the ban on tag) and to pay the fine to the vehicle with which the offence was committed, prohibits: 9.1. carry out the technical inspection and record their vehicles and drivers in the national register;
9.2. to leave Latvia, where the vehicle is registered in a foreign country.
10. Prohibition of vehicle and driver mark in the national register on delete in the following order: 10.1 – automatically deletes after fine paid to the laws prescribed in the order;
10.2. delete officer who hears complaints about the application of administrative penalties, if it cancels the decision on the imposition of a fine;
10.3. deleting official handling the dispute about payment of the fine, the fine production of a payment card.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 24 March 2006.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 7 March 2006 the Regulation No 187 Minister of environment r. vējonis