Nutrition Council Charter

Original Language Title: Uztura padomes nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 229 in Riga 2006 (21 March. 16. § 54) Council regulation Issued pursuant to the public administration facilities article 13 of the law on the general issue of i. 1. Nutrition Council (hereinafter Council) is the coordinating and advisory body whose goal is to promote nutrition policy, analyzing the diet-related public health problems, and providing suggestions for solving this problem.
II. the Council functions, tasks and rights 2. Council functions: 2.1 coordinate activities related to nutrition policy development and implementation, as well as to provide advice in the appropriate field;
2.2. promoting nutrition development in Latvia.
3. the tasks of the Council are: 3.1 provide proposals on State policy priorities in the field of nutrition;
3.2. to give proposals to the policy planning document in the development and updating of information in the field;
3.3. assessment of existing laws and regulations in the field of nutrition and to identify new legislation;
3.4. to identify and assess the public health problems associated with nutrition as well as make suggestions for solving this problem;
3.5. to identify diet-related health risk factors and provide proposals for studies in the field of nutrition.
4. the Council's rights: 4.1 to propose necessary policy planning documents and draft legislation;
4.2. to request and receive, free of charge from public institutions and interested companies Council tasks the required information;
4.3. to invite to participate in the Board meetings in an advisory capacity to the industry experts and consultants;
4.4. preparation of the decision to involve the experts. 
III. structure of the Council in the composition of the Council is 5:5.1 the Minister of health (or his delegate) — the Chairman of the Council;
5.2. the children and Family Affairs (or his delegate) — Deputy Chairman of the Council;
5.3. a representative of the Ministry of the economy;
5.4. the family doctor Association representative;
5.5. the Ministry of education and science of the representative;
5.6. the diet doctors ' Association representative;
5.7. The Latvian Agricultural University representative;
5.8. the municipal representative of the Union;
5.9. The Latvian Federation of food enterprises representative;
5.10. the representative of the Association of traders;
5.11. the representative of the University of Latvia;
5.12. The food and veterinary service representative;
5.13. Riga City Council education, youth and Sports Department representative;
5.14. Riga stradiņš University representative;
5.15. Sports Medicine State agency representative;
5.16. the representative of the Ministry of health;
5.17. the national health promotion agency representative;
5.18. the representative of the Ministry of agriculture.
IV. Organization of the work of the Council and decision of the President of the Council 6:6.1 the plan and organise the work of the Council;
6.2. convene and chair the meetings of the Council;
6.3. approve the agenda of the Council;
6.4. minutes of meetings of the Council of the signature and other documents;
6.5. without express authorisation of the representative Council.
7. the President of the Council in the absence of the Council shall be headed by a Deputy Chairman of the Council.
8. The Council shall hold its meetings not less than once every quarter. Extraordinary meeting of the Council may be convened at the request of the President of the Council or at least one third of the members of the Council.
9. the Council meeting, and the agenda to all members of the Council shall notify not later than five working days before the Council meeting.
10. the Council meetings are open to the public, except where the Council members decide otherwise.
11. the Council is valid unless it participates in no fewer than nine members of the Governing Council. Each Council Member has one vote.
12. the Council shall adopt its decisions by the members of the Council present a simple majority, a vote. If the vote splits, like the President of the Council shall have a casting vote.
13. The decisions of the Council's recommendations.
14. The secretariat shall ensure the recording of meetings of the Council. Recorded in the agenda and decisions, as well as persons who have participated in the hearing, and persons who have reported on the matter.
15. The minutes shall be signed by all members of the Council who participated in the meeting.
16. If the Council does not agree with the decision of the Council, he has the right to make their views known in writing and ask them to add the minutes.
17. the Secretariat within five working days after the meeting of the Council shall be made by electronic means to all the minutes of the project to the members of the Council. The members of the Council within three working days after receipt of the draft Protocol inform by electronic means the Secretary of the Council on reconciliation or send comments. After the signing of the Protocol, a copy of it sent to all Council members.
18. the functions of the Secretariat of the Council to carry out the Ministry of health in the State budget for the current year for this purpose within the framework of the financial resources.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 1 April 2006.