Construction Procedure Of Building Space Design Has Been Awarded The Status Of A State Secret

Original Language Title: Būvniecības kārtība būvēm, kuru telpu plānojumam ir piešķirts valsts noslēpuma statuss

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 227 in Riga in 2006 (21 March. No 16 48) construction order structures where space is assigned to the planning State secret status Issued in accordance with article 6 of the law on construction of the first paragraph of point 8 i. General questions 1. Special arrangements for the construction of the buildings where space is assigned to the planning State secret status.
2. before the construction of the premises where the space is assigned to the planning State secret status, the construction of public consultation does not hold.
3. Construction of the design space is assigned a status of a State secret, the principal function of the appropriate Ministry or the national security agency, which is located in building spaces that programming has been awarded the status of a State secret.
4. The Subscriber with respect to the construction, which has been awarded the design space of the State secret status, shall inform the administrative area of būvvald construction intentions, reasons, deadlines, and members of the construction process (the main Designer, main contractor and būvuzraug).
II. initiation of construction and public works started to propose the construction of 5 and start the works, the contractor shall submit the following documents: būvvald 5.1. receipt card (annex);
5.2. the explanatory memorandum;
5.3. According to the construction plans for the documentation of unclassified materials project (site master plan with the technical indicators and structures, as well as premises explication facade solutions);
5.4. buildings and groups unfolding technical inventory file copy. If the buildings and groups unfolding counting thing is classified information, shall be submitted to the construction plan of the territory;
5.5. the ownership or use rights certificate copy;
5.6. inženiertīkl transmission scheme;
5.7. the responsible certified public works Director and certified būvuzraug related articles;
5.8. a copy of the contract for the autoruzraudzīb and autoruzraudzīb journal;
5.9. public works journal;
5.10. the contractor's insurer issued compulsory civil liability insurance policy copy.
6. the Būvvald of construction intentions in looking within five working days after its registration, the būvvald, and shall decide on the acceptance of the construction plans, or refusal to accept the construction. If you have not received a refusal to accept the construction of būvvald's intention, the Subscriber shall be entitled, after the expiry of that time-start works.
7. If the site is in a cultural monument or the protection zone, the principal intention to coordinate with the construction of the national cultural monuments protection inspection.
III. Subscriber rights and obligations 8. Subscriber is entitled to consult the local authorities planning, building regulations or detailed plan, as well as five working days to get būvvald of relevant documents and information on the requirements and restrictions that apply to the customer's property or possession of the land of the existing building.
IV. State and local institutions of rights and obligations is the responsibility of the Būvvald 9 this provision 6. the time limit referred to in paragraph to record the receipt card 18 a decision on acceptance of the construction plans, or to give the client a written reasoned refusal.
10. Būvvald is entitled to request additional information from the customer, in so far as it does not contain State secrets. Additional information request can not be a reason to not accept the decision.
11. national and local government bodies, as well as the utilities owners have five working days to issue a customer or būvvald of the documents requested, the technical regulations and other information, relating to the construction of the map or on the land.
V. Civil Design Projects 12 Manager is responsible for the coordination of design work, the individual parts of a project, cross-compliance and the content of the overall construction plan, as well as the conformity of the construction the construction of the regulatory laws.
13. the Construction of the Subscriber and national security authority according to the law "on State secrets" provided for in article 10 competencies. The designer prepares the unclassified project materials and, together with the receipt card submitted būvvald to accept the administrative territory of the intended construction.
14. If a construction for the exercise by the shipbuilding, separate technical būvkompleks project, if the entire site is in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions a coherent sketch project.
15. in order to assess the conformity of the construction regulations and technical regulations, as well as in the event of a dispute, the client has the right to organize, or part of a construction expertise.
16. the inspection of the construction plan, which is an independent practice rights in the area in question, in accordance with article 8 of the law on construction and which has been issued according to the category of special permit for access to State secrets.
Vi. Construction 17. Subscriber in accordance with article 27 of the law on construction and the Cabinet of Ministers of February 10, 2004, regulations No 75 "rules for the Latvian et seq of the LBN 303-03" Superintendence "call būvuzraug" construction quality control.
18. The Subscriber in accordance with article 26 of the law on construction and the Cabinet of Ministers of 26 June 2003 No. 342 the provisions of the "rules for the Latvian et seq of the LBN 304-03" the works "autoruzraudzīb" upon a construction of the author autoruzraudzīb.
19. The construction of State control under the building Act to article 29 and 30 and regulations made by the competent national būvinspekcij of designated representative who has received the appropriate category of special permission for access to State secrets.
20. Construction adopted into service a Subscriber created the Commission. The Commission is made up of principals, national security authorities and representatives of the national būvinspekcij, which has received proper category special permission for access to State secrets.
21. On acceptance of the construction service of the Subscriber shall inform the administrative area of būvvald.
VII. Closing questions 22. provisions shall enter into force on the 30 March 2006.
23. the provisions in force until 31 May 2007.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Protection Minister l. Mūrniec is the Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 30 March 2006.
Annex to the Cabinet of Ministers of 21 March 2006, regulations No 227 protection Minister l.-Mūrniec