The Order In Which The Municipalities Prepare Local Merger Project

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā pašvaldības sagatavo pašvaldību apvienošanās projektu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 326 in Riga, 2006 April 25 (Mon. No 24 31) order in which municipalities prepare local merger project Issued in accordance with the administrative and territorial reform of article 8 of the law on the first part of rule 1 defines the order in which the administrative and territorial reform of local government in the framework of the merger of the municipalities prepare project (project).
2. the project prepares the local group: 2.1. If the relevant authorities have taken a decision on project design;
2.2. If one of the constituent local authorities within the group is responsible for the preparation of the draft local government.
3. For the preparation of the draft of the responsible authorities (hereinafter referred to as the responsible municipality) is a municipality: 3.1. which other local municipalities in the group to prepare a draft decision, asked;
3.2. by decision which determined to prepare the draft;
3.3. which has been granted a national mērķdotācij project.
4. the project, subject to the requirements laid down in these provisions, shall be drawn up for the Group of local administrative boundaries coincide with the local territorial breakdown of project (hereinafter referred to as the territorial division of the project) set out the administrative borders of the municipality after the territorial breakdown of Cabinet approval of the project.
5. the competent authorities shall draw up the draft in accordance with the administrative and territorial reform Council approved methodology (methodology), and these terms and ensure public consultation of the project.
6. Regional development and Municipal Affairs (hereinafter the Ministry) in the project guide.
7. in order to ensure that the public consultation of the project, the responsible authorities: 7.1. organizing public participation in the development process of the project;
7.2 inform (including space and time limits) for all local authorities in the Group of citizens an opportunity to become familiar with the project and to submit written proposals and objections;
7.3. collection and evaluated in relation to project proposals and objections submitted and, if necessary, include them in the project;
7.4. proposal and the opposition informed of the proposal and the opposition, and the results of the assessments.
8. Any natural and legal person has the right to get acquainted with the project, to participate in the public consultation, to express and defend their views, as well as submit proposals and objections.
9. the competent authorities responsible for the project, the information provided in compliance with these rules, and the methodology requirements and for submission to the Ministry of the project deadline.
10. project developed by the municipal authorities in the Group of the Council (Council) meeting.
11. the competent authorities shall submit a draft of the Ministry, adding all local municipalities in the group decision on project approval. The Ministry received projects collects and stores.
12. The Ministry within one month of receipt of the project to evaluate and give an opinion on the project's compliance with these rules and methodologies. Opinion sent to the responsible local authority.
13. If in the opinion of the Ministry to clarify the objective of the project, the responsible authorities within one month of receipt of the opinion of the project and specify the resubmit it to the Ministry pursuant to this provision the requirements in paragraph 10.
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 29 April 2006.