Rules For The Construction Of A Hydroelectric Waterworks Possessor Civil Liability Compulsory Insurance

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par hidroelektrostaciju hidrotehnisko būvju valdītāja civiltiesiskās atbildības obligāto apdrošināšanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 319 in Riga, 2006 April 25 (Mon. No 24 16) rules on hydroelectric waterworks structures possessor civil liability compulsory insurance Issued in accordance with the law "on the premises of a hydroelectric waterworks safety" article 4 of the seventh part i. General questions 1.  The rules determine the order in which the A and B class structures of hydroelectric Waterworks (waterworks in shipbuilding) the possessor of a compulsory insurance against civil liability in respect of third parties to the life and health of the damage caused by the loss of third party property and environmental damage, and determine the limits of liability of the insurer.
2. insurance the object is (A) and (B) the class of premises possessor waterworks civil liability for the acts or omissions of the damage suffered by third parties life and health, damage to property and third party damage to the environment, operation (using and staying) his possession of existing waterworks building.
II. conclusion of the insurance contract and the insurer's liability limit at 3. Waterworks structures possessor liability insurance agreement (hereinafter referred to as the insurance agreement) provides that the provisions referred to in paragraph 2.
4. the insurer's liability limit is the maximum amount of money to be paid direct to compensate for the loss of the respectively one insurance case and the entire contract period. The total limit of liability insurance contract period must be equal to the limit of liability insurance in case one or more of them.
5. (A) the class of premises possessor of waterworks on insurance against civil liability in respect of the minimum limit of liability of any claims and for all insurance cases in total during the year must not be less than LVL 500000.
6. (B) the class of premises possessor of waterworks on insurance against civil liability in respect of the minimum limit of liability of any claims and for all insurance cases in total during the year must not be less than 50000.
7. Hydro-cascade, which combines several waterworks in shipbuilding, which is one of the possessor, civil liability insurance, the minimum limit is set for all cascade structures in General. Insurance limits of liability specified in a contract for the construction of the waterworks one must be not less than the prescribed liability insurance in the minimum limit.
8. the cost of claims By the waterworks structures possessor is obliged to restore the civil liability compulsory insurance minimum limits.
III. assessment of Damages and claims 9. A third person who is eligible for insurance claims as soon as possible, immediately give written notice to the holder of the existing hydrotechnical constructions of the acts or omissions of any loss.
10. the Waterworks structures possessor shall immediately, as soon as possible, notify the insurer in writing of any possessor of the premises against the waterworks facing claims in court or submit a claim for reimbursement of losses provides an insurance contract, or events that would cause such a claim or a claim to the nomination.
11. insurance indemnity to a third party insurer, calculated taking into account third party for consequential damages and damage these rules 14 and 15 in paragraph.
12. the amount of the claims is determined by agreement between the parties. If the parties fail to agree, the insurance dispute settled law "on insurance contracts".
13. If, due to an accident, damage is caused to several persons and exceeds the level specified in the contract of insurance liability limit, the insurance indemnity is calculated for each applicant in proportion to the injury suffered by him to the extent that the total remuneration to be paid shall not exceed the one specified in the insurance contract the insurance case, the limits of liability.
14. If, due to an accident, damage to the environment, as well as damages to third parties and the total damage exceeds the limits of liability of the insurer, the insurer's liability to pay damages to the limit, the following breakdown of damages: damages for 14.1 environmental damage — 60% of the insurer's liability limit;
14.2. indemnification for third party damage or damage — 40% of the insurer's liability limit.
15. If this rule 14.1. in the case referred to in subparagraph loss is less than the amount of damages, provided that the distribution of compensation for damages in full, but the remaining amount is paid in proportion to each of the victim's damage. The other injury victims recovered from the waterworks structures in general civil associations in order.
IV. Decision on insurance claims, costs and time limits for 16 months from the day of receipt of the application for claims and supporting documents the extent of damage, the insurer shall decide on the costs of insurance claims or refusal to pay insurance claims. The decision taken for 10 days, the insurer shall inform the applicant of the insurance case.
17. insurance indemnity insurer paid 15 days after adoption of the decision on the costs of claims.
V. Waterworks structures possessor of insurance against civil liability in respect of Administration 18. conclusion of a contract of insurance or renewal public housing authorities within three working days written notice to the waterworks structures, but by means of an insurance contract termination, suspension or the insurer.
19. the Waterworks structures is the responsibility of the holder of a public building or public būvinspekcij in environmental service environment officer first request show waterworks structures possessor civil liability insurance policy.
Vi. Closing questions 20. Requirements of this regulation do not apply to insurance contracts concluded before the entry into force of the rules.
21. the regulations shall enter into force by June 1, 2006.
Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of Minister of Economics, Minister of education and science Rivž B Note: the wording of the entry into force of the provisions by June 1, 2006.