Pirmsmuitošan Action Rules

Original Language Title: Pirmsmuitošanas darbību noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 370 of 2006 in Riga on May 9 (Mon. No 26 32) Pirmsmuitošan action rules Issued in accordance with the customs law article 4, third paragraph i. General questions 1. pirmsmuitošan document defines the sample form and fill the agenda, as well as the procedures for the granting of temporary storage of goods and accounting of goods in temporary storage of the goods.
2. the goods to pirmsmuitošan log on customs control areas (hereinafter referred to as the customs authority control): 2.1 goods in port for sea transport;
2.2. If the goods at the airport for air transport;
2.3. a border inspection post where products are led by road;
2.4. rail transfer and acceptance of goods, if the goods station for rail transport;
2.5. the control of the Customs authorities in the territory, which is presented for customs clearance of the goods, if the control is not in the Customs Office referred to in place of this provision 2.1., 2.2., 2.3 or 2.4.
3. pirmsmuitošan document pirmsmuitošan document may use the form (attachment) or Council of 12 October 1992 Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 establishing the Community Customs Code (hereinafter referred to as the regulation) article 44 in the first part of certain documents (e.g., goods declaration manifest, rail waybill, air transport document, International Bill of lading (CMR)).
4. If article 44 of the regulation laid down in the first paragraph of the document does not contain all the required log pirmsmuitošan messages, and control of the customs authority, the person filling out the form of the document pirmsmuitošan in duplicate and submit it to the Customs authorities for control.
5. If the pirmsmuitošan the log items which are subject to the food and veterinary service control, document pirmsmuitošan should bear mark of that control.
6. Pirmsmuitošan the second copy of the document or article 44 of the regulation laid down in the first subparagraph of the copy of the document by the Customs authorities for control marks for registration shall be issued to the person.
II. Requirements for temporary storage of the goods and the determination of the status of goods in temporary storage 7 the site is fenced off. If the customs authority of supervision can provide temporary storage of the goods at the place of storage of the goods to customs control area may not be delimited. Temporary storage of goods by the holder of trademark provides a temporary storage location security.
8. the temporary storage site provides the ability to perform all the necessary customs and food and veterinary service control measures in respect of goods in temporary storage.
9. If the temporary storage of goods intended for use in areas of the site (including buildings and structures), which is not managed by the Customs Office, requires the State revenue service's main customs administration (hereinafter referred to as the main customs administration) permission for temporary commodities storage space for holding (hereinafter licence). If the product is intended for temporary storage in a customs warehouse, the authorization is not necessary.
10. the decision on authorisation, amendment and cancellation of the adopted the main customs administration.
11. in order to receive a permit, a person shall submit an application in the main customs administration. The application shall be accompanied by the following documents: 11.1. company registration certificate and a copy of the statutes;
11.2. documents certifying that the temporary storage location is on the property of the person requesting the permission or on the area's rental rights registered in the land registry;
11.3. the temporary storage of goods;
11.4. the State fire and rescue service a copy of the temporary storage of goods in compliance with the legislation on fire safety requirements;
11.5. the relevant regional environmental administration a copy of the opinion for the temporary storage of goods in compliance with the laws and regulations on environmental protection requirements;
11.6. the opinion of the public health agency for a copy of the temporary storage of goods in compliance with the requirements set out in the legislation on hygiene requirements.
12. the main customs administration, the authorization shall be issued, followed by temporary storage of the goods the site plan, which highlighted and clearly identifiable goods in temporary storage sites, its address, the outer limits, the total area and total tanks and pipeline system capacity.
13. the main customs administration permission shall not be issued if: 13.1. these provisions are not complied with paragraph 11 of those requirements;
13.2. the applicant has tax arrears or relevant payment deadlines are not extended in the order laid down in the law on taxes and duties, and are not filled with the country's debt obligations.
14. Amendments to the permit issued to the holder of the main Customs Administration submitted the application, the information about the necessary amendments. The application shall be accompanied by documents certifying the need for amendments. The relevant information must be easily identifiable and clearly attributable to the temporary storage of goods used for the site in General.
15. the main customs administration the licence shall be cancelled if: 15.1 the holder of the authorisation has been given by the deliberately incomplete or false information, which has played a role in deciding on the issue of a permit or permit amendment;
15.2. the holder of the authorization does not comply with the procedures set out in these regulations and other related customs clearance of goods regulations;
15.3. within 90 days after the date of notification of the decision granting permission for the temporary storage of goods goods not made instead of pirmsmuitošan;
15.4. the holder of the authorisation submits a request for withdrawal of permission.
16. If the goods due to the physical properties of the law is intended to increase the natural loss or provision, goods in temporary storage shall apply the relevant provisions.
III. inventories of goods in temporary storage location 17. Temporary storage location in the item list to provide temporary storage of goods under customs control and identification of requirements. Accounting for goods which are in temporary storage, specify: 17.1. date of placing of goods;
17.2. the possessor;
17.3. the description of the goods, the quantity (weight), the number of packages;
17.4. all forms of conventional treatment operations that are made to the goods;
17.5. the appropriate customs regime or customs procedure for temporary storage.
18. the temporary storage of goods accounted for temporary storage of the holder or his authorised representative.

19. following coordination with the monitoring of goods allowed to be counted electronically. Take the electronic records indicate the need for identification of the goods news and provides personal data processing systems.
IV. final question 20. Licences issued before the entry into force of these rules the day, is valid for six months after the entry into force of these regulations. This condition does not apply to permits to hold a customs warehouse by authorized temporary storage of goods.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 13 May 2006.
Annex to the Cabinet on May 9, 2006, regulations No 370 Pirmsmuitošan document form and fill the order (I). Pirmsmuitošan document form a document Pirmsmuitošan II. filling order form 1 with numbers marked fields fill the responsible person.
2. With the designated columns fill the control.
3. in box 1 "Person" is the person responsible for the identification of the necessary information (name, surname, personal code, passport data or company name, registration number, address) and, if necessary, details of the documents attesting the right to use the item (such as a treaty, the powers of the number).
4. under "temporary storage of the goods ' shall mean goods in temporary storage location.
5. under "security" specifies the identification of the required guarantee (certificate or policy number, expiration date).
6. in column 4 "vehicle" indicates the particulars needed to identify the trans portlīdzekl, by which the goods were imported into the customs territory of the Republic of Latvia or in which they are located, log on to pirmsmuitošan.
7. the column "item No. BC" indicate the number of the goods pirmsmuitošan piesakām in a row.
8.6. column "document name and number" indicates the name and number of the document (or other necessary for the identification of items) on the basis of which the customs clearance of the goods before the piesakām was brought into the customs territory of the Republic of Latvia.
9. the box "description of goods" refers to goods pirmsmuitošan piesakām simplified description or combined nomenclature code.
10. in box 8 "goods" refers to piesakām pirmsmuitošan in the quantity of units (numbers, weight).
11.9. the column "comments" indicate, if necessary, additional information relating to the pirmsmuitošan of piesakāmaj goods.
10.12. column "confirmed information" person who puts goods in temporary storage in the confirmation record.
13. If the pirmsmuitošan the piesakām a number of goods and the customs-approved treatment or use applied for at the same time (on the document), 5, 7 and 8 box you can fill out a simplified, including: 13.1.  5. the column "1";
13.2.7. box-"different";
13.3. in box 8-common with specific document before customs clearance piesakām the quantity of units according to the accompanying documents.
Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.