The Procedure Is Administered And Monitored By National And European Union Aid For Agriculture And Rural Development

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā administrē un uzrauga valsts un Eiropas Savienības atbalstu lauksaimniecībai un lauku attīstībai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 406, Riga, 16 May 2006 (pr. No 27 45) the procedures for administering and monitoring State and European Union aid for agriculture and rural development have been issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5 seventh and ninth part i. General questions 1. determines the order in which it is administered and monitored by national and European Union aid for agriculture and rural development from the European agricultural guidance and guarantee fund guarantee section, as well as the arrangements , which publishes information on national and European Union agricultural aid beneficiaries and the amount of aid received.
2. the following provisions shall apply to the payment of aid: 2.1 national and European Union aid for agriculture: the single area payment 2.1.1;
2.1.2. additional national direct payments for arable crops and forage area;
2.2. national and European Union aid for rural development measures: 2.2.1. support for less favoured regions and areas with environmental restrictions;
2.2.2. support for agri-environment sub-measures: for the development of organic farming; for maintaining biodiversity tend; installation of the watercourse.
3. the rural support service: 3.1 provides a single administrative system maintenance and operation;
3.2. improve the required joint administration system;
3.3. inform farmers about the receipt of payment of the aid arrangements;
3.4. the area payment shall be issued to an applicant of his agricultural land;
3.5. adopt and register the farmers ' applications for support payments (hereinafter application);
3.6. in the application of control and inspection on site farm;
3.7. maintaining payment and reporting system to ensure the support payments and accounts;
3.8. provide support payments to farmers whose divorce applications meet the conditions for receiving the aid;
3.9. prepares and sends to European Union authorities statements of support payments and controls;
3.10. within three months after the final decision on the granting of aid shall be published in the official website on the internet for information about the national and European agricultural aid beneficiaries and for the current month, the payment of the aid to the final settlement. Every year at the end of the year publishes the final payment of the aid accounts for an entire year.
4. the State Agency "agricultural data centre" provides a single administrative system in association with the herd and animal holdings records to administer submissions relating to livestock and milk quotas.
II. Joint administration system in the single administration 5 system consists of a field of the record, the client registry, data processing systems, payment and reporting systems.
6. single administration system provides: a single application 6.1. accounting, registration and control arrangements;
6.2. single aid payment tracking, registration and control arrangements;
6.3. uniform access to data on applications and payment of aid, as well as the application and payment of the aid;
6.4. payment of the aid to farmers in the submissions satisfy the conditions for receipt of the aid;
6.5. the accumulation of data about the application of declared agricultural land areas.
7. The single administration system data is the basis for determining support payments.
8. The single administrative information system for farmers is limited availability information.
III. register 9. Field field registry is geographic information system, which collects information on agricultural land, in order to ensure uniform access to data, as well as the farmers ' application and payment of the aid.
10. Field in the registry contains a field unit (continuous agricultural land bounded by stable, littering identifiable objects) database with interrelated 3D cartographic data and those of the downstream attribute information — geographic, identification numbers and information on the area. Field block maps printed in the scale of 1:5000 or 1:10,000 11. To maintain and develop the Field, the State land service free of charge provide the field support necessary information.
12. the rural support service provided free of charge to the State land Department data on updated field block boundaries.
IV. Customer register and payment and reporting system 13. Customer register is an information system that records and accumulates data on farmers.
14. payment and reporting system is an information system that provides support payments and reporting.
V. Application of the data processing system 15. Application data processing system is an information system that provides support for application tracking, data entry, as well as in the relevant registers the application control.
16. the application of the data processing system ensures the payment of aid to the applicant, the calculation if the application complies with the conditions for receipt of the aid.
Vi. Administration of the payment of aid 17. This provision referred to in paragraph 2, payment of the aid provided by the field administration support service, using a single administration system.
18. in order to ensure that the farmers referred to in the application data consistency rules 2.2. aid referred to in the conditions of payment of obligations, and the field support service you can check the farmer's property, legal possession and flock (animals) location.
19. paragraph 18 of these rules check referred to above does not apply.
20. the rural support service officer, making this the rule referred to in paragraph 18, shall be entitled to demand control of the farmer the necessary documents.
21. the rural support service officer 18. these provisions referred to in paragraph 1, the inspection may be conducted without the presence of the farmer.
22. for each of these rules check referred to in paragraph 18 of the rural support service officer prepares the control message. The report indicates the validated submission type, the methods used, the persons who participated in the test, check the legal possession of the property, and, if so, the herd (animals).
23. the rural support service officers prepare the control message is the Foundation of this rule 2.2. payment of the aid referred to in the calculation of the reduction of the aid or not.
VII. final question

24. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 September 2005 rules no 707 "procedure is administered and monitored by national and European Union aid for agriculture and rural development" (Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 147).
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 24 May 2006.