Rules For Scientific Institutions Registered In The Register Of Scientific Institute Annual Public Report

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par zinātnisko institūciju reģistrā reģistrētā zinātniskā institūta gada publisko pārskatu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 397 in Riga, 16 May 2006 (pr. No 27. § 12) rules for scientific institutions registered in the register of Scientific Institute annual public report Issued in accordance with the law of scientific activity article 40 the second paragraph of rule 1 defines the scientific institution in the register (hereinafter register) established scientific Institute annual public report (hereinafter report) information. 2. national or local founded scientific institutes, which acts as a public agency, the report is provided under the laws of a State Agency and local government agency's annual public reports. 3. National University, the Latvian Academy of Sciences founded scientific institutes, the Institute, which is a founding member of the institution's departments, and other institutes (Institute) the report shall contain the following information: 3.1. long-term and medium-term objectives;
3.2. main functions and tasks;
3.3. legal status and structure;
3.4. details of the results of scientific activity in the reference year: 3.4.1 the implemented research projects and their results;
3.4.2. scientific publications;
3.4.3. participation in scientific conferences;
3.4.4. the contract work;
3.4.5. worker-led or thesis, master's and Bachelor's work;
3.4.6. other activities connected with scientific information (for example, get licenses, maintain patents, international prize winners);
3.4.7. other relevant information for the Institute;
3.5. review of funding received and the use made of it;
3.6. the accounting year of the major changes in the structure of the Institute. 4. the Institute review copies and other costs Appear free legal deposit number prescribed by law shall be submitted to the Latvian National Library and 15 copies of the report-Ministry of education and science. Institute annual public report on its or the Latvian Science Council website on the internet. 5. the Institute shall implement research results, scientific publications, scientific conferences, as well as entry paper authored by employees or driven thesis, master's and Bachelor's work after the author's written authorization shall be published in the Institute or the Latvian Science Council website on the internet. Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Rivž of B.