Hydroelectric Waterworks Structures Safety Certificate Issuance And Cancellation Procedures

Original Language Title: Hidroelektrostaciju hidrotehnisko būvju drošuma sertifikātu izsniegšanas un anulēšanas kārtība

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/136245

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 424 Riga, 30 May 2006 (pr. No 30 62) hydroelectric waterworks structures safety certificate issuance and revocation order Issued under the law "on the premises of a hydroelectric waterworks safety" article 8, first subparagraph 1. determines the procedure and conditions under which the national construction Inspectorate shall issue and revoke the hydroelectric waterworks structures safety certificates (hereinafter referred to as the safety certificate).
2. the national būvinspekcij safety certificate shall be issued by the power structures of the holder rotehnisk hide (hereinafter possessor), based on the application of the possessor of the hydroelectric power station, where hydroelectric power construction of waterworks construction corresponds to those in approved constituted station waterworks structures safety program (hereinafter referred to as the safety Pro gramm) and if the safety program is run. The national būvinspekcij safety certificate is issued to: 2.1.  (A) safety class structures – for 10 years;
2.2. (B) and (C) safety class structures – for five years.
3. In the month following receipt of the application by the holder of the safety certificate of the award of the national stem būvinspekcij assesses the safety program, the hydro power plant construction of the waterworks structures and water use permit hydroelectric waterworks structures, surveyed hydroelectric waterworks and their safety monitoring system and safety certificate shall be issued or adopted a decision on the refusal to issue a safety certificate, setting a deadline for correcting the deficiencies found.
4. To receive the certificate of safety, three months before the safety certificate expires, submit it to the national būvinspekcij of the possessor.
5. In the month following receipt of the application the possessor State būvinspek tion shall take a decision on the issue of safety certificate or a repeated refusal to issue a safety certificate. Based on hydroelectric waterworks structures inspection results and hydroelectric waterworks structures safety information contained in the Declaration of refusal shall indicate the identified deficiencies, as well as the requirements and deadlines for repeated safety certificate.
6. If the possessor of this provision in paragraph 3 and 5 of the said decision to the KUMU to issue safety pillars certificate specified deficiencies are not eliminated by the deadline set in the decision, the national būvinspekcij safety certificate shall be issued.
7. the safety certificate shall be signed by the Chief of the national būvinspekcij. Safe ma certificate shall include the following information: name of the hydroelectric power station 7.1;
7.2. conformity of a hydroelectric power station safety class concerned;
7.3. the location of the hydroelectric power station at the administrative territory;
7.4. location of the hydro-hydrographic network;
7.5. the safety certificate, date of issue and date of expiry;
7.6. the safety certificate, the registry number of hydroelectric waterworks structures safety certificate in the register;
7.7. the safety certificate, the recipient (name of legal entity or physical person's name).
8. the national nutrition būvinspekcij hydroelectric waterworks structures safety certificate. Safety certificate within five working days after the assignment is recorded in the register. The register indicates the following: 8.1. safety certificate registration number;
8.2. the safety certificate, the date of issue and date of expiry;
8.3. safety program (A) (passport);
5.2. information on the safety certificate annulment — State of būvinspekcij date, number of the decision and reasons.
9. National būvinspekcij provides public access to the registry by publishing this rule 8 the information referred to in paragraph būvinspekcij of the public website on the internet. Information about the registration of the certificate of reliability or repeated citation issued shall be published within seven working days, but information about the cancellation of the certificate of safety, three working days after the decision was adopted, subject to the freedom of information and data protection laws and regulatory requirements.
10. the national būvinspekcij shall decide on the revocation of the certificate of reliability if: 10.1. possessor State būvinspekcij the time limits do not resolve violations that threaten the safety of the hydroelectric waterworks structures;
10.2. place of hydroelectric waterworks structures break down, which have Hydro was interrupted;
10.3. the safety programs of part D in paragraph 2, the measures planned within the time limits are not complied with.
11. In the case of the hydroelectric structures of emergency rotehnisk hide, which is interrupted by a hydroelectric operation and public safety būvinspekcij has withdrawn the certificate after the hydroelectric waterworks structures reconstruction and emergency relief by means of changes in the development of the safety program and submit to the State būvinspekcij. National būvinspekcij month examine the changes in safety and issued new safety certificate or a written denial.
12. the withdrawal of the certificate of safety būvinspekcij of the country's three working days in writing inform the possessor and the management of electricity or the distribution system operator, indicating the grounds for revocation of the certificate of safety and order in which may appeal against a decision of a safety certificate.
Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of Minister of Economics-Health Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by June 1, 2006.